‘That’ll screw up all our arrangements’

And so the wailing begins, the mainstream media claiming they’re worried that China has duped the Trump team, that the Chinese will never follow through on the promises they made at that now-famous Dec. 1 dinner in Argentina (sirloin steak, in case you were wondering, salad with basil mayonnaise, caramel rolled pancakes) . . .

. . . when what they really mean is that they’re afraid Trump WILL pull off the deal, bringing back jobs and factories to America, a stroke that would “screw up all our arrangements” (Sal Tessio — https://vn-my.com/watchvideo/the-godfather-i-tessio-is-taken-away-to-be-killed-hd-RIJIXMX2zw8.html ) to manufacture cheap junk in China and import it back to a factory-free America (“a service economy,” you understand, where steel workers are now free to get high-paying jobs as Wal-Mart “greeters,” nothing to be done about it, “What’s he got, a magic wand?”)

( https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/12/04/white-house-trade-adviser-peter-navarro-discusses-g20-dinner-between-u-s-and-china/ .)

Yes. The traditional Asian waiting game is to tell the Western adversary what he wants to hear, exchanging Asian promises for actual Western tariff reductions, the end to an embargo, withdrawal of armed forces, tons of military supplies flown “over the hump” at great expense “which we’ll use to fight the Japanese invader real soon, not hoard for our war against Mao a decade from now, honest” . . . whatever the Westerner wants to hear.

Promise much; do nothing. If challenged, throw up the hands and shriek “I TOLD that head man to honor our agreement. I’ll cut off his head!” . . . and promptly go back to total inaction; rinse and repeat.

If the Chinese now actually do more than give us empty “assurances,” it means they realize they’re finally confronting in DJT an adversary who’s wise to that game. (Note that’s a big caveat — trying to actually STOP them from bribing American politicians and corporate executives to sell our proprietary technology would mean actually putting some of the sellers in prison. The photo of which jaw-droppingly corrupt American politician appears on the cover of Ed Timperlake’s “Year of the Rat”? What are the odds he’ll ever see the inside of a jail cell?)

But yes, the Chinese Plan B is indeed just a new waiting game, operating on a slightly longer time scale.

In American politics, “planning for the long term” means looking ahead as much as five or even waaayyy out there at eight or nine years. The Chinese know Donald Trump won’t be in power for more than another six years, and even if a hand-picked successor gets elected to a “Trump’s third term,” other bright, shiny objects will crop up to attract our grandchildren’s attention. It seems pretty safe to assume our Corrupticrats will be free to go back to “business as usual” within a decade.

To the Chinese, that’s the blink of an eye. Making whatever compromises are necessary in order to retain access to the American market for the next decade? A mere hiccup in their 100-year plan. I mean, they’re still trying to correct a slight mistake the Hongle Emperor made when he cut off foreign trade in 1430, right?

( https://www.thoughtco.com/why-did-the-treasure-fleet-stop-195223 , or https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/500-years-ago-china-destroyed-its-world-dominating-navy-because-its-political-elite-was-afraid-of-a7612276.html .)

None of which is Trump’s fault. He’ll fight the Corrupticrats to give us a good decade, a breathing space, to show us it can be done.

Will we respond by truly hosing out the stables in Washington, or will our urban masses — supplemented by new floods of illegals — go back to voting for whoever promises them the most free stuff, spiced up with the added excitement of ethnic and gender diversity?

(“It’s TIME for a lesbian Pacific islander. It’s their TURN.”)

Will we finally crush the totalitarian dream of Horace Mann and John Dewey, the public-employee-union dominated socialist youth propaganda camps (“public schools”) that have created those dumbed-down urban masses, . . . or just give them more money to fund their new “Boys Wear Dresses on Thursdays to Promote Gender Sensitivity” scheme?

(See . . . http://4brevard.com/choice/Public_Education.htm , . . . or . . . https://www.lewrockwell.com/2010/09/john-taylor-gatto/the-prussian-connection/ .)

Sufficient unto the day is the labor thereof.

3 Comments to “‘That’ll screw up all our arrangements’”

  1. Kingsnake Says:

    Boys wear dresses, I am afraid. It’s mass hysteria, just like the suicide clusters that occur in schools …

  2. V Says:

    The Country, I was born in , in the early 60,s southern calif ,is completely Gone ! in my 2nd grade yr, my teacher was a fresh from college hippy chick – full of the “new” teaching methods, i remember my dad being very upset with what teacher was teaching to impressionable little kids , He considered her worse then clueless, more like dangerously mis-informed and UN-informed on most subjects a teacher should know. He warned, way back then , that this was going to destroy the educational system in California, He was right, He also said , way back then , where goes calif, goes the nation , the other states are 5 to 7 years behind calif, he used to say, and it seems like he was right about that to, Then.
    I really hope that trend has been broken, Now
    because if not,
    California is the future We (and by that i mean my children) have to look forward too
    its not a pretty picture for the 2nd gen of a legal immigrant of European decent,
    We are by nature of our ancestry, considered members of some supposed privileged group ? , My dads family didnt get here until the 1925 era, getting here shortly before the depression, and they struggled, as did everyone then ,without any help from the government,, it was all family or church that that was the support system, they didnt get to rely on Uncle Sugar/Sam,
    Oh Lord What Have We Allowed To Happen To Our Country While We Were Distracted By TV/ Bread And Circuses

  3. model_1066 Says:

    If it’s any comfort, the Chinese can’t really defeat us in any sense…they are just giving us the rope to hang our brainwashed, decadent selves. I can’t think of one thing they have invented or discovered since gunpowder, nor can anybody I ask. They steal technology that they are unable to produce themselves. All of their supposed tech and military advantages were given to them by us (thanks, Clinton) or stolen from us. They have their own debt and demographic problems looming, and they know that without us they are back to third world status within a generation.