Will there never be a counterattack?

The midterm elections? Clearly Donald Trump, a genuine Hoover for detailed data, knew by the time he was scheduling his fall mid-term campaign swings that the Republican House was toast.

40-some GOP congresscritters were retiring, either ahead of the expected “Blue Wave” or else opting to take the money and run, aware at least at some subliminal level that this business about “Draining of the Swamp” probably meant them.

It’s become almost commonplace to report that Paul Ryan and the rest of the leaders of the Country-Club GOP then proceeded to lose the House majority pretty much on purpose, by the simple expedient of neither recruiting high-powered candidates, nor adequately funding and supporting the candidates they DID have, in some 39 contested races, particularly in “blue” states like California.

Is that counterintuitive — that the GOP leadership would WANT to lose the majority? Not at all.

The ongoing stunt of these one-trick ponies for 30 years now is to win election by vowing to “secure the border,” clean up vote fraud (Did you know surplus Massachusetts Democrats can vote in swing-state New Hampshire — where they have a far better chance of shifting some electoral votes — by simply driving across the state line and saying “I plan to move up here next year”?); halt illegal immigration, repeal socialized medicine (“Obamacare”) and replace it with a free-market system providing better incentives for doctors and other “health care providers,” etc.

Then they get to Washington and say “Of COURSE we’d like to deliver on those promises, but the darned Democrats won’t LET us.”

This works if you’re in the minority, or at least if you don‘t control the House, the Senate, AND the presidency.

Look at how they responded to Donald Trump’s (thoroughly unexpected) election. Wild celebrations in the streets? Just the opposite. They were stunned. They knew darned well those “Drain the Swamp” chants meant them, and that they now stood as naked as that fairy-tale king in “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

Suddenly, there were no Democrats to blame! Trump said, “Bring me the bill repealing ObamaCare and replacing it with a better free-market system, I’ll sign it tomorrow” and they started looking around like a hooky-playing schoolboy asked for his homework.

“Like . . . you thought we were SERIOUS? You want to see our BILL DRAFT? We don’t have no stinking BILL DRAFTS!”

They’d never even held hearings to figure out what a more free-market alternative to Obamacare would look like, or how to get there from here.

Heck, it was considered a miracle that a REPUBLICAN MAJORITY Senate managed (just barely) to confirm Boy Scout Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court! And his lying accuser STILL hasn’t been charged for her obvious perjury, after EVERY ONE of her supposed corroborating witnesses said they had no idea what the heck she was talking about. And what exactly was the charge — an underage teenager trying to cop a feel through a shirt and a bathing suit? The United States Senate will hold televised hearings on that charge, now, 30 years after the fact — without letting the accused confront his accuser? Where does the line form?


The GOP Congress had two full years to fully fund the border wall; enact legislation making it clear that the 14th Amendment doesn’t grant “birthright citizenship” to the families of trespassing illegal aliens (any more than it granted citizenship to American Indians BORN IN THE UNITED STATES -– the Supreme Court ruled in Elk v. Wilkins, 112 U.S. 94 (1884) that a later, separate act was required to do that. The 14th Amendment was exclusively about confirming citizenship for FORMER AMERICAN SLAVES and THEIR children.)

The GOP Congress had two full years to instruct the executive branch to round up and deport every illegal alien, as Eisenhower did 60 years ago in “Operation Wetback” (and who today calls Dwight D. Eisenhower a “racist”?); to remove the legislative clauses that give “standing” to wacko environmental groups to sue the government about anything and everything even when they can’t show they will suffer any financial damages from the proposed law or regulation.

For that matter, if the Congress can daily threaten to impeach the president should he talk to his own attorney general, why weren’t partisan California and Hawaii judges who frivolously blocked the president’s common-sense, perfectly legal immigration initiatives, over and over again, themselves impeached? It appears no “high crime or misdemeanor” is any longer required.

When exactly were they planning to show us the step-by-step plan to restore free-market medical care?

They could have held Rod Rodentstein and all the rats over at DOJ and the FBI -– a gang who literally conspired to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States -– in criminal contempt. Outlaw all “redacting,” for heaven’s sake. Once they redacted the price of Andy McCabe’s $70,000 desk, they lost any presumption of legitimacy. Heck, the GOP Congress could have zeroed out the budgets of the FBI and the corrupt domestic-spying “FIS Court” entirely, CLOSED THEM DOWN, rented out their buildings as a giant downtown D.C. Goodwill thrift shop. Think that wouldn’t have gotten someone’s ATTENTION?

Instead, they stood around shrieking like girls afraid a mouse had just run up their petticoats. And Mitch McConnell told Donald Trump he could NOT have a replacement for his puzzlingly gelded non-Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

Listen to a fired-up Joe DiGenova explain how and why Republicans lost the House:


As Jim Jordan of Ohio, leader of the House Freedom Caucus, so sensibly asks (pardon me if I paraphrase), “What did the GOP do for the American people that would make the American people want to re-elect us? What promises did we keep?”

(See https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/politics/rep-jim-jordan-says-gop-failed-to-keep-its-promises/95-614424273 , . . . or an impressive post-election Mark Levin/Jim Jordan video analysis at . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_Q0YAVIBEY .)

So Trump, being a pragmatist, concentrated his autumn campaign rallies on trying to boost the GOP majority in the Senate, and helping out a few GOP gubernatorial candidates.

And –- against the historical midterm odds –- Trump succeeded. Not quite as well as we might have hoped -– in large part because of the curiously “blue” votes of a few urban areas in Nevada and Arizona, now heavily infiltrated with escaping Californians and illegals. Nonetheless, solid gains.

So let us not despair. Trump is still president, and shows no sign of having given up the fight. (Like, say, Arnold Schwarzenegger, for whom I had high hopes. Like Trump, Schwarzenegger was not a doctrinaire Libertarian or arch-conservative zealot, but a pragmatist and poster boy for how well someone with some drive could do in America’s free-market meritocracy — even with a funny accent. Elected governor of California, he quickly saw what the obstacles were to free-market reform, and proposed a series of ballot initiatives which he needed voters to OK in order to break the monopoly power of the government-employee unions and other entrenched forces of Marxist Reaction. California Voters turned down EVERY SINGLE PROPOSAL. So, Arnold basically threw up his hands, said, “OK, I told you what I needed to save your state as a Land of Opportunity, and you said no to EVERY SINGLE THING that needed to be done. I will now complete my term as your ceremonial, ribbon-cutting governor. Don’t blame ME.”

And I don’t.

Trump retains a Republican Senate, and the happiest -– even if it’s partially accidental -– result of the partial GOP debacle in 2018 is that most of the Republicans who are now gone –- led by Jeff Flake, Little Bobby Corker, and Paul Ryan -– were worthless, Never-Trump, Country Club Republicans, anyway. If Trump can survive and triumph in 2020 –- and I believe he can, if he gets any continuing support from his base, at all –- the Republican Party of 2021 will be a much more TRUMPIAN party.

The stronger GOP Senate can and should mean Trump can continue to replace dogmatic Marxist judges with Constitutionalists, and get enough of his own appointments through to finally gain control of the levers of power in the executive branch –- something Deep State agents Rod Rodentstein and his former DOJ boss Bob “Mulehead” Mueller (conflict, anyone?) have been put in place to block for two full years.

Mind you, he does this against tremendous odds. He is opposed not merely by Democrats who vow to nip at his heels, setting out to waterboard his DAUGHTER over her completely innocuous use of a private email account (a schoolboy stunt obviously intended to imply a false equivalency with Hillary’s using a private server to hide TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF PAY-FOR-PLAY BRIBES in the State Department, communicating on an UNSECURE CELL PHONE while in Russia and China, faxing “Top Secret” documents to be printed out by her Mexican maid Marina at home, and then ERASING 30,000 EMAILS WHICH WERE UNDER SUBPOENA.)

(“Mop Secret”: https://nypost.com/2016/11/06/clinton-directed-her-maid-to-print-out-classified-materials/ .)

No, he’s also opposed and resisted by the Country Club branch of the GOP (“He’s such a boor. Why does he have to do all this ‘tweeting’?”) . . . and also the ENTIRETY of the so-called news media, along with the Masters of Silicon Valley Social Media, all drumming into the popular consciousness, 24-7, that Trump is (no evidence required) a racist, a sexist, a crook, what have you.

(Victor Davis Hanson laid it all out to Mark Levin on Levin’s show on Nov. 18: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nezJKTc4bnA . . . . Strongly recommended.)


Victor Davis Hanson is right; this is a culture war. The average American is surrounded 24/7 by the anti-Trump, anti-American, pro-Marxist-Globalist propaganda from the “Mainstream Media,” from the union-dominated youth propaganda “public schools,” from Hollywood –- an unholy alliance that’s helped create what Professor Hanson calls an “arrogant and ignorant cadre of youth.”

Heck, all it used to take was 10-day camping trip (“See, you catch the rabbit in this snare and skin it with this knife. Or else you eat pine cones”) to convince most young people that a free-market culture that produced hot showers, flush toilets, and canned Dinty Moore beef stew was probably worth preserving. Yet this urban generation is apparently ready to fight in the streets to tear down the very engine of capitalism that has left them so privileged and well-fed that they can’t conceive of the kind of REAL oppression through which the socialists murdered millions in the 20th century ( https://www.conservapedia.com/Mass_murder ; . . . or . . . http://jpfo.org/filegen-a-m/deathgc.htm ) — all in the guise of pursuing the fantasy of government-mandated equality of RESULT, not merely of opportunity.

As Professor Hanson says, “They’d prefer everybody making $20,000 a year over the poor making 50 and someone else making a million.”

Trump is an “oppressor” because he talks back to his assigned tutor in Political Correctness, CNN’s Jim Acosta? Oh, the horror! See Mark Levin on “The Great Emancipator” Abraham Lincoln locking up newspaper editors without trial: https://dailycaller.com/2018/11/02/mark-levin-trump-presidency-media/ But Trump “is Hitler”?

What’s dispiriting about the 2018 midterm election is that –- voting by district for the House of Representatives -– a slim majority of Americans voted AGAINST the soaring job numbers, the increasing wages, the restoration of the steel and aluminum and auto industries and the rest of our proud industrial manufacturing base in the process of being restored by the Trump trade miracle (which PROVES the globalists and their house negro, B. Hussein Obama, were lying through their teeth when they said this was impossible, that it would “take a magic wand.”)

Instead, that slim majority of mostly urban “blue” voters clearly, unambiguously voted FOR what today’s Democrat party openly stands for: open borders; “sanctuary cities” with sidewalks full of discarded syringes and human feces; illegal aliens (few of whom understand or embrace our constitutional system of limited government) raping and murdering at will (see Kate Steinle’s murderer, just for starters), said illegals now in the process of being fully normalized, issued drivers’ licenses and allowed to vote . . .

. . . and let’s not forget the destruction of the traditional heterosexual American family, its mandatory replacement being “gender fluidity,” in which cross-dressing male rapists and child abusers are literally encouraged to use the little girls’ bathrooms, to fraudulently dominate women’s sports, even to be sent to women’s prisons when convicted for their crimes, based merely on the assertion that “When I woke up this morning and scratched my balls, I decided I wanted to wear a dress and call myself ‘Nicole.'”

You need even more? Here in Nevada, the slim Democrat majority — virtually all refugee Californians and Chicagoans and illegal aliens registered to vote by the Culinary Union in the blue island of urban Las Vegas — also enacted an economically suicidal mandate that will likely triple our electric bills — a requirement that “at least half our power” must come from vastly inefficient bird-chopping windmills, bird-roasting solar arrays, and gerbils on treadmills . . . all to combat wholly mythical “catastrophic man-made global warming.”

(The polar bears, which were supposed to be extinct by now, are enjoying a population explosion. Those Pacific Island nations that were supposed to “disappear beneath the waves”? Never happened. Meantime, the Northeastern United States looked like the inside of an Eskimo’s icebox this year not for New Year’s, but for THANKSGIVING. Next year: snow tires for Halloween? See https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2018/11/25/experts-climate-change-assessment-every-conclusion-latest-government-report-false/ .)

Oh, and of course, how could I forget that old Democrat standby, total civilian victim disarmament, with only the government’s police and soldiers retaining the arms they need to keep us in line?

Worked for Stalin! Worked for Hitler!

Why on earth would anyone vote for all that — and against renewed American pride and prosperity? As Victor Davis Hanson articulates so well, they are surrounded, 24/7, by the droning, shrill and shrieking mass media banging the drum that Trump and all he stands for is/are “racist, sexist, homophobic, the whole basket of deplorables.”

Didn’t we troop to the polls and reject and overrule that absurd and totally unsubstantiated charge, in 2016? If they refuse to accept the results of that election, what do they think our next step will be? Accepting the results of elections, after all, is the consensus way we have agreed to avoid settling our disputes through force of arms. Right?

To survive, pending that test of arms, Trump needs SOME kind of counteroffensive to re-energize his dispirited base. Yes, I know he wants to concentrate on arm-wrestling the Chinese into giving us a better trade deal. I get that. But he can’t let himself be seen as a powerless buffoon, assaulted without consequence from all sides on the domestic front, nibbled to death by weasels and ferrets. We need a counterattack. We need several.

Fortunately, Mr. Whitaker at the Dept. of Justice has a target-rich environment. In the new year, the Trump administration need not counterattack in ALL these areas. Of course they need to choose and prioritize their targets. But they need to counterattack SOMEWHERE:


1) Spygate. Listen to former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino lay it all out succinctly and in brief. (He’s even capable of making it funny): https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/11/23/dan-bongino-presentation-of-spygate/

Round them up. Indict them for fraud on the federal “Foreign” Intelligence Surveillance Court (which grants blanket authorization to wiretap AMERICANS without so much as a hearing); for conspiracy to deprive Donald Trump (and others) of their civil rights under color of law, and for something called “sedition.” Or did you want to watch them start doing it all over again, only better, come 2025 or 2029?

2) Vote fraud:

When states including California and Nevada are now issuing drivers licenses to illegals, and AUTOMATICALLY REGISTERING THEM TO VOTE when they apply for those licenses, we need sting operations and massive busts not just of the illegal voters, but of the Department of Motor Vehicle employees who are illegally registering them. Otherwise, once millions of illegal aliens are registered and able to happily “match signatures,” how does any party but the Democrats expect to win in 2020, 2022, or 2024?

What’s that? It would be “vindictive overkill” to arrest, prosecute and imprison Brenda Snipes in Broward County for purposely rigging election results for years “because she’s already resigned, and is now going to have to eat cold cereal for supper every night as she ekes out her living on a six-figure tax-paid government union pension. What more do you want?”

Really? Would that work for me? If I heard the cops were on their way to my house to bust me for credit card fraud, or some other “white-collar” felony, and I quickly drafted and faxed a letter of resignation to my boss at the newspaper, would that work? Greeted at my front door by Vin holding up a copy of my resignation letter, would the sergeant in charge of the SWAT team say, “Aw, shucks. Never mind, boys. Holster your weapons. Vin has resigned his day job, and as you all know, giving up your job is a MUCH worse punishment than being arrested, put on trial, and sent to jail. Nope, no prosecutor is going to take this case now that Vin resigned. Back into your patrol cars and let’s all go get pizza for lunch. Pretty smart, there, Vin, pulling that ‘I’ve resigned’ gambit.”

So how come it always seems to work for anyone in a “public office”?

Vote Fraud Enforcer Kris Kobach appears to be available. No job with law enforcement powers available for him in the Trump cabinet? The kind of job where his guys show up with warrants and axes?


. . . mostly based in Silicon Valley in Commiefornia, don’t even seem to CARE that we all know they’ve started censoring conservative voices on the Internet while allowing those who gleefully call for Trump’s assassination, who call Ivanka a “cunt” and Barron Trump “retarded,” urging that said blameless youth be “locked up in a cell with a male rapist named Bubba” are allowed to keep gleefully churning out their hate.

While these pencil-necked geeks seem to be almost pleading to hjave their empires broken up under the Anti-Trust act, a simpler solution (at least for starters) would be to strip them of their statutory legal exemption from being sued for suppressing free speech. Turn them into “common carriers.”

Imagine the outrage if AT&T started turning off people’s telephones because “We were listening in to that phone call where you said some stuff that we found very Politically Incorrect. Violated our made-up ‘community standards,” you know. Referring to our Hispanic guest workers as ‘illegals’ and calling transgender youths ‘fairies’ in a private phone call isn’t allowed any more, so your phone is now dead. Good luck calling 9-1-1 if your house catches fire now, you deplorable a-hole.”

So why shouldn’t we be just as outraged when popular conservative commentators and candidates and bloggers get their accounts suspended for posting absolutely truthful information and photos of the crimes Communists and “liberals” and illegal aliens commit, or when Google “changes their algorithms” so when we search for “Hillary’s crimes” the first dozen hits are articles at the Snopes far-left propaganda site with headlines like “Notion that Hillary committed crimes has now been debunked”?

4) The Media

Furthermore, the FCC (and FTC and SEC, if necessary) could be instructed to specifically ENCOURAGE AND FACILITATE mergers which would tend to create conservative alternative news networks with greater reach, rather than blocking them, until the percentage of conservative, Trump-endorsing networks reaches 40 percent. (See the recent Ajit Pai ruling blocking a merger to expand the reach of conservative Sinclair Broadcasting, an intrusion into the free market loudly lamented by President Trump.)

The federal government could also mandate that at least 40 percent of producers and on-air personalities at NPR and PBS must have been registered Republican (and 1 percent Libertarian) for at least the past 10 years, in keeping with the national statistical party breakdown. After all, Republican and Libertarian taxes pay for that government propaganda channel, too. Why should they be forced to fund all-internationalist-Marxist commentary, all the time?

And the economic lifeline which sees CNN and MSNBC — now drawing fewer willing viewers than “The Animal Channel” or re-runs of Huckleberry Hound –- continue to draw funding from the cable fees of Americans who wouldn’t watch such shrieking far-left propaganda on a dare, must be severed. You can help. Cut the cord.

5) The Border

The President has Constitutional power to send the U.S. military to the border to protect this nation from invasion; no further act of Congress needed. And no, I’m not talking about just sending a Construction Battalion to lay some concertina wire. I’m talking about land mines, machine guns, and Howitzers.

If I hear one more politicians vow to “secure the border,” I warn you, I may snap. Ask any commissioned Army officer what it would take to “secure the border” so that fewer than 50 –- as opposed to the current 50,000 -– people could cross illegally in a month. They might talk about the number of divisions they’d need permanently stationed there (fewer than we sent ashore on D-Day), the amount of fencing to be erected and concrete to be poured, etc. But given a little time, they’d eventually stop and say “We could do it, but you won’t LET us do it. Because in the end, we need a pair of fences 50 yards apart, with warning signs on the fences in several languages, and minefields in between, backed up by machine guns. In the first couple of days, a couple hundred people would be lying wounded in those minefields, with their legs blown off. They’d be crying for water and medical aid.

“That’s when I’d invite in the television crews to film those people out there, crying and moaning and dying in the sun. All in all, that would amount to fewer casualties than they now suffer in any given month or two, dying from thirst or exposure in the desert, or at the hands of the so-called ‘coyotes,’ the human traffickers. At that point, they’d stop coming; all you’d need would be an occasional reminder that the minefields and the machine guns are still there.

“But you won’t let us do it, because some of the people that the assholes on the other side would send through first would be women and children, so this can’t be done in any country where women (and a lot of oh-so-delicate pansies) who have never seen what war is really like — the kind of wars WE have to fight so that THEY can stay safe and stupid — are allowed to vote. I mean, for heaven’s sake, they shriek and wail when we use TEAR GAS. OK? can I go now?”

Furthermore, Mr. Trump’s army does’t even have to stay on this side of the border. Look up “Black Jack Pershing’s Punitive Expedition, 1916-1917.”

6) The traitors

Former Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Iran to advise our enemies on how to avoid or circumvent President Trump’s anti-nuclear embargo. Various Wall Street traitors are now flying back and forth to China, similarly advising the Red Chinese on how to best defeat, avoid, or overcome the trade embargoes President Trump is using to get them to change their unfair, illegal, and hurtful trade practices (per national Trade Adviser Peter Navarro.)

Those actions are illegal. Those people should be in prison. I’m talking about breaking down their doors at dawn, as their paid agent Mulehead Mueller likes to do.

7) Has anyone at the IRS even looked to see if the Clinton Foundation has violated the terms and restrictions of its tax-exempt, nonprofit charter?

Has no U.S. attorney ever read Peter Schweizer’s “Clinton Cash”? (
https://www.amazon.com/Clinton-Cash-Foreign-Governments-Businesses/dp/0062369288 ) Have they never read any of the emails in which Huma Abedin agreed to make appointments with the Secretary of State only after those big foreign and corporate donors “chipped in”? . . . ( https://www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/press-releases/new-abedin-emails-reveal-hillary-clinton-state-department-gave-special-access-top-clinton-foundation-donors/ )

More? Of course there are more. It’s a target rich environment. Additional suggestions welcome.

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    Best column on our current sad state of affairs I have read all year, and November is almost done. I am blasting this out everywhere. Thanks, Vin.

  6. Eric Oppen Says:

    My brother lives in California and remembers the Schwarzenegger years. He said that when Arnie put his proposals up in front of the public, the public-sector workers’ “unions” mounted massive counterattacks, spamming the airwaves with ads saying that the evil Governator was going to throw Granny off the cliff. He also said that Schwarzenegger just sat there like a dummy and didn’t counter any of the enemy offensive. In the Governator’s shoes, my brother said that he’d have gone on TV on every channel, basically saying “You elected me as your governor to get these things done, and I want to do them, but these overpaid civil-service vultures don’t want me to. Do you rule, or do they rule?” or something like that.