And who will we see standing, as the smoke clears? . . .

Join with me now as we journey forward in time a mere 10 months.

It’s December, 2019. Christmas approaches in rural New England. Yesterday a light snowfall dusted the town green and adjacent pines in white, the young folk went house to house in the early evening, the holiday house lights already twinkling as they laughed, sang carols, were rewarded with offers of hot mulled cider and fresh-baked cookies. This morning you stop by your favorite diner, sharing a booth with a couple of your buddies. Ramona the waitress doesn’t really need to ask what you want, it’s “the regular” all ‘round. Orange juice and hot tea or coffee, here come those eggs and hash browns, and . . . what the hell?

A hubbub at the door, which stands open now, the little silver bell ringing and jingling, admitting cold gusts of wind as a gaggle of bulky New Yorkers wielding wind-filtered microphones long enough to scare a brood mare and bulky shoulder-mounted television cameras crowd inside, surrounding some strange figure wearing television makeup, brightly colored clothing, and the kind of footgear your daughter would wear to a dance recital. And jeez, here she comes, pressing right up to your table!

“He, fellows! I’m Kamala Harris/Beto O’Rourke/Liz Warren, and I’m running for President! I just happened to be passing through on my way from Berkeley to a fund-raiser at Rockefeller Plaza and I thought I’d stop by and introduce myself! I’m in favor of Open Borders, just as I’m sure you fellows are, allowing a hundred million more illegal aliens who don’t know about flush toilets to squat in our parks, force our doctors to brush up on treating typhoid fever and all kinds of Third World parasites, bankrupt our public schools and hospital emergency rooms, register to vote down at the DMV and then vote straight Democrat for brand new congressgals who hate Jews and promise to ‘Impeach that Motherfucker’ because, as I’m sure you know, the Constitution guarantees them a ‘right to migrate’!

“I believe one problem you have here in New England is not enough immigrant Somali Muslim police officers. I also believe we need to ban the ownership of firearms by the dangerous, non-compliant lower classes who don’t even have so much as an Ivy League degree, though of course we’ll do it gradually by banning private gun sales and then five-round clips and ‘assault rifles’ like that ugly AR-15 machine gun. And we also need to start a big race war in this country — buses and storefronts burning in the night — because Jussy Smollett was beat up by a couple of those Trump supporters in red MAGA hats who we all know wander the streets of Chicago with manila hemp nooses at 2 a.m. when it’s below zero, looking for crying black sissies to harass.

“I also know you’ll agree that we definitely need a 70 percent income tax rate, we need to ban all fossil fuels which means making the rednecks give up their nasty trucks and airplanes, and we also need to ban plastic straws, extra-large soda pops, the smoking of tobacco outdoors as well as indoors, and of course wood-burning fireplaces and outdoor barbecues, to fight global warming.

“And that all elementary school boys should have to wear dresses on Thursdays and sit in the laps of the Drag Queens during ‘Story Hour’ to make them more sensitive to the homophobia of their White Oppressors. I know you boys agree with me on all this, right? So can I count on the support of each of you in the New Hampshire Democrat primary come March?”


In fact, the heavyweights usually wait a few more months before entering the presidential marathon. Other than Kamala Harris — a do-nothing senator from Cloud-Cuckooland whose main qualifications are her skin tone and her lack of a penis, who started her career by spreading her legs for the married Mayor of San Francisco (and Willie Brown had young children, no less) in exchange for appointed jobs worth tens of thousands of dollars, which at least makes her an EXPENSIVE whatever-she-is — most of the names currently being bandied about will be gone within a year.

But the point here is: The Greeks used to say that those whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad. And while we used to believe change in major institutions had to come gradually, Chaos Theory argues otherwise, and Chaos appears to have arrived.

In a mere couple of years, the complete psychotic breakdown known as “Trump Derangement Syndrome” has just about completely destroyed the remaining faith of the American people in institutions once considered as monolithic and untouchable as the National “News” Media (NBC, CBS, CNN, that paper in New York that refused to give back the Pulitzer Prize they won for covering up Stalin’s mass starvation of millions of Ukrainians) and the Hollywood Culture of Celebrity, not to mention the credibility of the laughing stocks once known as the FBI, the IRS, the U.S. “Department of Justice,” and the Democrat Party.

These arrogant scum don’t even PRETEND to be working any longer in the interest of (or to care about the opinions of) anyone between the Hudson River and Sacramento. One set of rules for the insiders in the club, another set of rules for the rest of us.

You broke the law and misused your position of high government access and privilege to try and overthrow a duly elected president of the United States, because you find it embarrassing that he’s friends with that McMahon guy from professional wrestling and you don’t like his hairstyle and he once had that TV show where he got to say “You’re Fired!” but mostly because you’ve taken millions in bribes (“donations”?) from Wall Street moguls who don’t like the fact he’s going to screw up their schemes to move all America’s factories to China to get rich off the cheap labor while able-bodied Middle Americans face a future as hopeless welfare bums? Congratulations! You win a six-figure lifetime pension for having put in four days a week in a nice air-conditioned office for 29 years, and — as a special bonus — you get your own million-dollar book tour!

(A Communist, a traitor, and a Muslim walk into a bar. The barkeep asks “What’ll you have, Mr. Brennan?” . . .)

It’s not a question of these folks “making a few mistakes” as they struggle to find and report the truth. Seemingly overnight, they’re become batshit crazy shrieking clown shows with seltzer bottles, preaching the wonders of the borderless totalitarian vision that gave us the mass murders of Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot, the very same clueless, pie-in-the-sky “policies” that gave us the modern economic wonderlands known as Cuba and Venezuela!

Marxism, as Thomas Sowell has demonstrated, isn’t even economics. It is quite literally nonsense:

“The disjuncture between vision and experience was nowhere better illustrated than in the traumatic post-revolutionary experience of Lenin, as he applied the Marxist vision and watched a whole nation sink into economic chaos and starvation by the millions,” Mr. Sowell summarized in his 1986 book, “Marxism.”

“Despite the massive intellectual feat that Marx’s ‘Capital’ represents, the Marxian contribution to economics can be readily summarized as virtually zero. Professional economics as it exists today reflects no indication that Karl Marx ever existed,” Mr. Sowell continues. “What is said and done in its name is said and done largely by people who have never read through it, much less followed its labyrinthine reasoning from its arbitrary postulates to its empirically false conclusions.” In brief, the depraved attempt to follow Marx’s postulates in the East led to “wholesale slaughter,” Mr. Sowell reminds us, while leaving the former breadbasket of Europe “dependent on grain imports from the West.”

Meantime, how have this gang of howling lunatics fared with their shrill, ululating, “Russia Russia Russia,” throw-everything-and-see-what-sticks attempt to remove a duly elected Donald J. Trump from the White House by jumping up on chairs and shrieking . . . despite Miss Hillary’s little lecture during the third debate in 2016 that for 240 years “We’ve had free and fair elections and we’ve accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them and that is what must be expected. . . “?

Trump’s approval ratings – despite 93 percent outright, scurrilous, lying, utterly negative coverage that libels him daily as some kind of racist Klansman (like, you know, Hillary’s beloved Senate mentor, real-life Grand Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd) — are now . . . UP!: (see .)


Trump’s firm and courageous stand, his temperate, good-humored response even as he’s refused to take this stuff lying down, has reminded me more than once of a passage in David Hackett Fischer’s book “Washington’s Crossing.” (I think it first came to mind, actually, because of the sheer lack of physical courage displayed by slimy legislative backstabbers Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, obviously uncomfortable — despite decades supposedly in the public eye — when they were caught without staff members whispering in their ears or any prepared scripts when Trump invited them to debate the need for a border wall and insisted on leaving the TV cameras rolling in the Oval Office back on Dec. 11.

Their best chance ever to expostulate their positions on national TV, and did you see them SQUIRM?

With nothing to hide behind, it looked to me like they lacked actual, physical courage.

And Trump does not.

First Washington had defeated Col. Johann Rall and his Hessian rapists (yes, really; by rape and looting alone the Hessians turned Loyalist New Jersey into a land full of roaming rebel gangs who’d pick off any German mercenary sent out to steal food or fodder), then he defeated Cornwallis and his elite British regulars in the second battle of Trenton (yes, there were two — Dec. 26, 1776 and a second, on the banks of Assunpink Creek, on Jan. 2, 1777.) Then, not content, Washington, the supposed amateur, slipped his entire army around the British left wing in the night (which is just what Lee should have done at Gettysburg, as Longstreet told him, by the way), marched 15 miles into the British rear on icy roads, and as day broke ran into Lt. Col. Charles Mawhood’s British support column starting south out of Princeton.

In the orchard of William Clark’s farm, the two forces stood slugging it out with rifle, musket, and cannon, so close together — inside 100 yards — that the Americans couldn’t depress their cannon far enough and some of their shells flew right over the heads of the British grenadiers.

Some of John Cadwalader’s Philadelphia Associators — not Continental regulars but amateur militia – started to break and run, as usual. Then, for the first time, on Jan. 3, 1777, something different happened. Still under heavy fire, the Philadelphia militia stopped and re-formed their line.

“It was an extraordinary feat for these untrained soldiers to rally under heavy fire,” Fischer writes. “John Cadwalader gave them strong leadership. But it was the men themselves who decided to stand and fight, Philadelphia artisans, merchants, laborers side by side. In that critical moment Washington arrived on the field and took control of the battle. He rode among Cadwalader’s Associators and shouted, ‘Parade with us, my brave fellows! There is but a handful of the enemy, and we will have them directly.’ Washington led his men straight into the center of the battle, within thirty paces of the British line. He was mounted on a white horse, an easy mark for any British soldier. . . .”

Thirty PACES.

Willard Sterne Randall recounts the same moment in his biography of Washington. As a few New England troops and the remains of Hugh Mercer’s force came up (Gen. Mercer moments before had been unhorsed and bayonetted to death by British regulars who apparently mistook him for Washington), Washington led the small force, “riding ahead, his hat in his hand, waving them onward. Forcing the British to shift to the left, he edged closer to their murderous fire with an ever-lengthening American line. Washington told the Americans to hold their fire until he gave the signal. Then he screamed his order: ‘Halt! . . . Fire!’ Two thundering volleys followed, one from each side, and when the acrid blue smoke rose, Washington’s aides were amazed to see the American commander still on his horse and still waving his troops forward.”

Most Americans know about the first Battle of Trenton. Too few remember the Battle of Princeton, often dismissed as “small,” based on the casualty figures. Some of England’s finest troops bolted, eventually taking shelter in Nassau Hall at the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University.) It was the largest building in America, solidly built of stone. It should have been defensible. But Captain Joseph Moulder of Philadelphia and Lieutenant Alexander Hamilton of New York promptly rolled up their 6-pound field pieces and blew in the front door. Local legend insists one of their balls decapitated a portrait of an earlier King George, inside. The arrogant Redcoats promptly laid down their arms, surrendering to a force they’d been told was “a barefoot rabble.”

So shocked were the British commanders — who had thought Washington and his small band of starving stragglers completely defeated by Christmas, but had now lost three battles to his army of 4,500 men and 35 guns in a single week — that they withdrew to Perth Amboy on the Jersey shore and never again tried to control a piece of American real estate as large as New Jersey.

The smoke of the three-year attempt by the corrupt American Media, the evil and unconstitutional FBI, and Rob Rodentstein’s thoroughly corrupt Department of “Justice” to unseat and personally destroy Donald Trump now begins to clear. From crying Chrissie Blasey-Ford (“It’s indelibly etched in my memory because it ruined my life but, no, I can’t remember where the house was, I can’t remember what month it was, I can’t remember what year it was, I didn’t really remember it at all until he got nominated to the high court . . .”) to crying Jussie Smollett to the whole “Muh Russia” conspiracy, it’s all now revealed to have been Fake News, start to finish. The Democrat Party has largely shot its wad, and now devolves into he-said-she-said backbiting among the on-the-run conspirators.

(Former FBI Officials React to Andrew McCabe’s Soft Coup Admissions: .)

(Oh, wait: they’re going to subpoena Donald Trump’s confidential tax returns and then “impeach” him for getting rich without benefit of any of the millions in thinly disguised bribes THEY’VE been collecting from Tom Donohue, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Tom Steyer — the gang of Wall Street plutocrats who’ve been getting rich by buying up American factories and moving them lock, stock and barrel to China and Indonesia? Don’t giggle, now — as Congresscritter Shirley Jackson Lee insists, this is serious business! No joking allowed! (see . . . , . . . or . . . .)

And as the smoke clears, there stands Donald Trump, composed, smiling, going about the business of negotiating some (for the first time) sensible trade deals, asking the vast majority of his by now thoroughly pissed-off fellow Americans if we’re ready to “Parade with me again, my brave fellows.”


Meantime, just how deranged and divorced from reality has the Democrat opposition become?

The following represent a partial accounting of a SINGLE DAY’S developments:

Hoping the surveillance camera videotape would go viral and start a race war, Jussy Smollett REHEARSED his fake “attack by white redneck Trump supporters” (actually paid-off Nigerian body-builders) . . .

( )

. . . but chose the wrong surveillance camera under which to stage his performance — one that was pointing in the wrong direction. (“Dang!”) . . . .

(“If these brothers are telling the truth that the attack was pre-planned, Smollett may have arranged for it to take place in a location where he assumed it would be recorded,” writes John Nolte of Breitbart. “And one can imagine, had there been surveillance footage of the attack, the investigation would have proceeded very, very differently.

“Once police had the footage, it would leak. Once cable and network news had the footage, it would loop endlessly. The fact that the two brothers are black wouldn’t matter. CBS Chicago reports that a black face mask was found in their apartment. Smollett told police the attackers wore face masks. With those face masks, the organized left (the media, Democrats, celebrities) were allowed to assume his racist attackers were white.

“If local media reports prove true and Smollett did plan this, it’s easy to see what he could have gained — had the altercation occurred in front of any of the other cameras he walked past that night,” Mr. Nolte continues.

“First off, he despises Trump and, it seems, Trump’s supporters, and this was an easy way to smear both, especially in a world with a corrupt media that is always eager to spread any kind of fake news or hoax that makes Trump or his supporters look evil.

“There is also Smollett’s debut album, which is scheduled to hit store shelves on March 2, and the live performances promoting the album, which began just a few days after the attack.

“Overall, it is just a fact that we now live in a media and entertainment culture where being a victim, most especially a black and gay victim of racist Trump supporters, assures you endless news cycles, worldwide fame, and unearned status as ‘America’s conscience.’ Smollett may have not only believed his hoax would sell millions of albums but make him a civil rights hero. . . .

“Take a step back, though,” Mr. Nolte advises. “Take a step back and look at the fire Smollett was allegedly willing to play with. . . .

“Imagine what it would have done to this country and to the city of Chicago if the attack had been recorded, if an outlet like TMZ had leaked the video, and if the wildly irresponsible race baiters at CNN had broadcast that video over and over and over again — an endless loop of two men assaulting a gay, black man; pouring bleach on him and tying a noose around his neck.”)

Smollett was willing — anxious — to start a race war, Nolte concludes.

Meantime, the REAL fruits of three years of 24/7 “We hate Trump” lies on American television? Deranged, violent far-left LIBERALS now pull guns on peaceful elderly couples wearing MAGA hats at Sam’s Club: , . . . or . . .

Lara Logan of CBS — CBS! — not a studio-bound “commentator” but a real reporter who’s put her own life and safety on the line more than once — now admits America’s Lamestream Media are nothing but lying propagandists:

And those same lying “media” propagandists couldn’t be bothered to spend a single moment expressing any skepticism as they raced to promote “Jussy Smollett’s” transparent hoax, when anyone with any common sense immediately said “Wait a minute: In CHICAGO, where it’s white guys in red MAGA hats who are more likely to get assaulted, two of them just happened to be wandering around at 2 a.m. in below-zero winter weather, CARRYING A NOOSE, hoping to maybe stumble on some black homosexual they could harass? Doesn’t it make more sense that someone might STAGE something like that at 2 a.m. on a cold night, so there wouldn’t be any WITNESSES or pain-in-the-ass Good Samaritans around to interfere?” See:


Meantime, who are the new “faces” put forward by a proud Democrat Party that hopes to claw its way back into the majority, as it now clings to control of only one house of one branch of government, thanks entirely to all those Illegal Aliens now illegally registered to vote in California and Nevada?

New Democrat poster gal Sandy Occasional Cortex — a supposed ECONOMICS MAJOR — actually believes the $3 billion in tax rebates that New York Gov. Andrew of the Cuomo Crime Family had promised to Amazon if they’d move a headquarters to New York is like “money in the bank” that can be used to hire teachers and fix subways, NOW THAT SHE KILLED THE DEAL:

( )

Miss Occasional Cortex also celebrates a make-believe “right to migrate” (of identity-thief illegal aliens into America, in violation of our laws.) But she swore an oath to protect and defend a Constitution which cites and thus incorporates Emerich de Vattel’s 1758 “Law of Nations,” which in turn specifically says all nations have a right to control who enters! Didn’t you read the document before swearing on your honor to “protect and defend” it, Sandy?

(In fact, the “Law of Nations” at Art. I Sec. 8 Cl. 10 of Constitution authorizes Federal government “to take such measures about the admission of strangers, as they deem convenient”: .)

The Leftist Debate Club that pretends to be an objective press corps (like, say, Simpering Chrissy Wallace) is always ready to grill and contradict and ridicule and cut off Trump spokesmen (though I must say Trump advisor Stephen Miller always does well, calling them on their slick nonsense, “And what evidence do you have that the Democrats aren’t lying when they say they want to ‘secure the border,’ Chris? What evidence? No, wait, what evidence?”)

Yet why is it not a one of them ever turns on any of these open-borders leftists and simply asks: “Your side promised Ronald Reagan in 1986 that if he signed an amnesty for two million illegals you’d ‘secure the southern border’ and this would never happen again. Yet instead of ‘securing the southern border’ as you promised, you’ve let in 12 to 20 million more illegals, and NOW you say that’s not a problem, ‘not an emergency,’ because walls and borders are ‘immoral.’ Aren’t you ashamed? You can’t even remember the promises you made? Have you no honor? Have you ever considered, in fact — having forfeited your last shred of honor — that you should commit suicide? Don’t you think that would be appropriate? Why not?”

Do they think we won’t notice they only play Clarence Darrow when one side is in the hot seat? That the rest of the time they serve cookies and cocoa like Harriet Nelson?

As to the Dimocrats’ other fresh new faces, it turns out their anti-Semitic Muslim freshwomen were elected not IN SPITE of their racism, but BECAUSE of it:

( .)

In fact, the Minnesota district of that anti-Semitic polyandrist Ilhan Omar -– the one who apparently married her brother so he could obtain U.S. citizenship, which is either fraud or incest ( ), the one who always looks like she decided to go shopping while her hair was up in curlers -– turns out to be the terror recruitment capital of America:

Love those Somali Muslims. They’re assimilating so well, aren’t they? How’d the first Somali cop in Minnesota work out, anyway? Oh. Oh dear . . . Murder?

( .)

– V.S.

6 Comments to “And who will we see standing, as the smoke clears? . . .”

  1. R. Hartman Says:

    “the laughing stocks once known as the FBI, the IRS, the U.S. “Department of Justice,” and the Democrat Party.”

    You forgot the Republican, and even the Libertarian Party.

    No politician anywhere, not even the (controlled) opposition, will publicly call out and condemn the driving force behind the current communist idiocy: the UN. Maybe Rand Paul did, and I missed it, but I don’t think so.

    This mess will not be cleaned up through the ballot box, as that is what got us here for starters. The socialists knew full well what they were pushing for, a 120 years ago. They just replaced soldiers with guns on the streets by ‘laws’, to be enforced by those other mercenaries, cops. Now the guns come out on an individual level, ensuring less resistance, and still they want to disarm everybody but themselves.

    It is not going to be a pretty picture, when the SHTF.

  2. K. Bill Hodges Says:

    Good column, Vin, but I’m with Mr. Hartman in my royal disgust for the GOP. What did two years of a GOP Congressional majority get us? What the hell was Paul Ryan doing for two years? Why wasn’t the wall funded immediately after the election instead of waiting until Pelosi was back in charge of the House?

    It was the same disappointment in 2000 with Bush and the GOP majority in the House and Senate (until Jeffords switched).

    I liked that Trump was an outsider and a businessman, but the DC Republicans can’t be trusted to do squat.

  3. kingsnake Says:

    I knew the Tawana Smullett story was a hoax from the beginning. A white man — especially one wearing a MAGA hat! — in downtown Chicago at 0200, is not the hunter, he is the hunted.

  4. Henry Says:

    “I also believe we need to ban the ownership of firearms by the dangerous, non-compliant lower classes who don’t even have so much as an Ivy League degree, though of course we’ll do it gradually by banning private gun sales and then five-round clips and ‘assault rifles’ like that ugly AR-15 machine gun.”

    What, in New England? An easy campaign promise to make, all the heavy lifting has already been done for you.

    And, by the way, it’s an “AK-15 machine gun.” Gotta quote ‘em correctly.

  5. Vin Says:

    Yes, many sold-out Republican office-holders betray the American worker (or retiree) to their globalist (or pharmaceutical, or digital) paymasters as badly as the Dims. In fact, they can be worse, since traitors come at you from behind.

    Voters could help a lot by turning out for primaries and imposing their own term limits — if the incumbent has been in Washington for eight years or more, and especially if he/she has a campaign war chest of a million dollars — you’d be better off sending your supermarket bagger. or the retired coot who keeps muttering about the unconstitutionality of the Federal Reserve.

    Unfortunately, this logic usually falls before the old siren song: “If you give up the hard-won advantage of Congressman Cornpone and his incumbency, after the general election in November you’ll end up with a gun-grabbing socialist Democrat who’ll outlaw the internal combustion engine and impose a 70 percent tax rate. Is that what you want?”

    I have no quick or easy answer. In the meantime, I can hardly blame Donald Trump — an unlikely champion, but a champion nonetheless — for offering to horse-trade, for seeking allies wherever he can find them.

    At heart, few want to admit it, but the problem lies in our cities and in the coercion-based government youth propaganda camps (“public schools”) — breeding grounds for crime, bullying, and tribalism that quickly teach kids how different the real world is from their 8th-grade Civics-class version of “How a Law Is Made.”

    You think the kids don’t notice that Martha Stewart went to jail for being foolish enough to answer “just a few questions” from the FBI (after they FAILED to find evidence of the “insider trading” they were looking for), while Lynch and Yates and Comey and McCabe and Baker and Strzok and Mueller and Brennan and Clapper and their Big Boss Barry Hussein can lie and lie and lie and lie — even under oath, even to the FISA court (an outfit which ought to go the way of the Star Chamber, the KGB, and the Alien and Sedition Acts) — and still stay free, fat, and happy?

    Rural Americans will still pull over to the side of the road to help someone in distress, will still generally turn in a lost wallet with all the cash intact. In urban America, someone in distress is merely seen as an easy victim. Cars left at the side of the road are frequently stripped in hours. I’ve literally had New York City police dress me down as though *I* was the criminal for being such an idiot as to leave valuables inside a locked car on one of their brightly-lit major city streets . . . and then being such a moron as to call in and report the break-in and theft to the “wrong precinct.”

    Look at the little, overpopulated blue islands on the mostly red electoral map of America. That’s Sodom and Gomorrah, where decency and morality are turned on their heads. Brimstone and pillars of salt coming soon — film at 11.

    This is a culture war. How well did the “nice, sensible, gentlemanly” side fare in Russia in 1917, or in Paris in 1794?

    At least we can identify our enemies, and throw them out of our own houses. Is your favorite TV “commentator” willing to ask “criminal sanctuary” advocates Newsom and Becerra of California, “Wait a minute — you Democrats have been insisting for 33 years, ever since you convinced Reagan to sign the amnesty of 1986, that ‘Of course we want to secure the Southern border. . . .’ Yet now you’re suing Donald Trump for using his clearly delegated executive powers in a way that might, for the first time, actually . . . Secure the Southern border? Are you insane, or are you just pathological lying scumbags? No, really, answer the question; there are only two choices. Why do you want this country to be overrun by law-breaking foreigners who will turn your state into Cuba or Venezuela?”

    If Rachel or Oprah or Chris or Margaret or whoever won’t ask that question, and keep asking it — won’t be as tough or tougher on the lying socialist/globalist open-borders scum as they are on people in the Trump administration who are least TRYING to save America, then dump them. Dump them.

    We threw away our television three years ago. Haven’t had one in the house, since. It’s very liberating, You’ll be amazed how much free time you’ll have for reading, writing, gardening, care of undersized dependents, and searching the Internet (DON’T USE GOOGLE; TRY DUCKDUCKGO) for more diverse sources of the real news.

    Without an audience, they have no power. Why empower your enemy?

    — V.S.

  6. R. Hartman Says:

    Amen to that, Vin.