It’s a culture war. The cities are the enemy’s bridgeheads, the government schools their training camps, ‘The news’ their propaganda arm

Correspondents Rene Hartman and Bill Hodges responded to my Monday post by asserting the Republican — and even the Libertarian — parties are (have become?) just as bad as the far-left Democrats.

Yes, many sold-out Republican office-holders betray the American worker (or retiree) to their globalist (or pharmaceutical, or digital) paymasters as badly as the Dims. In fact, they can be worse, since traitors come at you from behind.

Voters could help a lot by turning out for primaries and imposing their own term limits — if the incumbent has been in Washington for eight years or more, and especially if he/she has a campaign war chest of a million dollars — you’d be better off sending your supermarket bagger, or the old coot who keeps muttering about the unconstitutionality of the Federal Reserve.

Unfortunately, this logic usually falls before the old siren song: “If you give up the hard-won advantage of Congressman Cornpone and his incumbency, after the general election in November you’ll end up with a gun-grabbing socialist Democrat who’ll outlaw the internal combustion engine and impose a 70 percent tax rate. Is that what you want?”

I have no quick or easy answer to that. In the meantime, I can hardly blame Donald Trump — an unlikely champion, but a champion nonetheless — for offering to horse-trade, for seeking allies wherever he can find them.

At heart, few want to admit it, but the problem lies in our cities and in the coercion-based government youth propaganda camps (“public schools”) — breeding grounds for crime, bullying, toadying, and pretense. (Pretend to be interested in stuff you’ll forget by August; get rewarded with grades that we can all pretend are really important when it comes to “getting into that really good college” where you can run up a $100,000 debt while repeating this sham — only with better sex and drugs — for another four years.)

And in the meantime, the kids quickly realize the real world from which they’re locked away — actually preventing them from acquiring any USEFUL skills or expertise — is nothing like their 8th-grade Civics-class version of “How a Law Is Made.” It’s ALL LIES.

You think the kids don’t notice that Martha Stewart went to jail for being foolish enough to answer “just a few questions” from the FBI (after they FAILED to find evidence of the “insider trading” they were looking for), while Lynch and Yates and Comey and McCabe and Baker and Strzok and Mueller and Brennan and Clapper and their Big Bosses Crooked Hillary and Barry Hussein can lie and lie and lie and lie — even under oath, even to the FISA court (an outfit which ought to go the way of the Star Chamber, the KGB, and the Alien and Sedition Acts) — and still stay free, fat, and happy?

Rural Americans smile and wave at strangers, will often pull over to the side of the road to help someone in distress, will still generally turn in a lost wallet with all the cash intact. In urban America, you don’t dare make eye contact for fear of being panhandled, or worse. Someone in distress is merely seen as an easy victim. Cars left at the side of the road are frequently stripped in hours. (There are time-lapse videos to prove it.) I’ve literally had New York City police dress me down as though *I* was the criminal for being such an idiot as to leave valuables inside a LOCKED car at a paid-up parking meter on one of their brightly-lit major avenues in the early evening near the Museum of Modern Art . . . and then being such a moron as to call in and report the break-in and theft to the “wrong precinct.”

In corrupt Democrat Chicago (was that redundant?), gay black TV “celebrities” stage fake hate crimes and the media claps and honks like trained seals. Meantime, in New York on the same night, black youths beat up a Jewish man for nothing but being Jewish, and the honking seals fall curiously silent. Doesn’t seem to fit their pre-planned narrative. ( .)

Will Jewish-Americans, like zombies in an 80-year trance, continue to religiously vote straight Democrat, the party of Hamas?
( )

Look at the little, overpopulated blue islands on the mostly red electoral map of America. Aside from a few Indian reservations and Mississippi cotton plantations, that’s Sodom and Gomorrah, where decency and morality are turned on their heads. Fire, brimstone and pillars of salt coming soon — film at 11.

This is a culture war. How well did the “nice, moderate, gentlemanly” side fare in Russia in 1917, or in Paris in 1794? (Read Ann Coulter on how closely the modern “left-liberal” mob mirrors the Terror of the French Revolution. She called the book “Demonic”: .)

At least we can identify our enemies, and throw them out of our own homes. Is your favorite TV “commentator” willing to ask “criminal sanctuary” operators Gavin Newsom and Xavier Becerra of California, “Wait a minute — you Democrats have been insisting for 33 years, ever since you convinced Reagan to sign the big amnesty of 1986, that ‘Of course we want to secure the Southern border. . . .’ Yet now you’re suing Donald Trump for using his clearly delegated executive powers in a way that might, for the first time, actually . . . secure the Southern border? Are you insane, or are you just pathological lying scumbags? No, really, answer the question; there are only two choices: lunatic or liar. Why do you want this country to be overrun by law-breaking foreigners (and 20 million aren’t enough!) who will turn your state into Cuba or Venezuela?”

If Rachel or Bill or Joy or Oprah or Chris or whoever won’t ask that question, and keep asking it — won’t be as tough or tougher on the lying socialist/globalist open-borders scum as they are on people in the duly elected Trump administration who are least TRYING to save America, then dump them. Dump them.

We threw away our television set three years ago. Haven’t had one in the house, since. It’s very liberating, You’ll be amazed how much free time you’ll have for reading, writing, gardening, care of undersized dependents, and searching the Internet for more diverse sources of real news. (DON’T USE GOOGLE, where leftists quite literally rig the search results so your first 40 hits in a search for “Hillary’s crimes” will be creative writing from Snopes insisting that “Rumors of Hillary’s crimes have been thoroughly debunked” — instead try DUCKDUCKGO.)

Without an audience, they have no power. Why empower your enemy?

— V.S.

3 Comments to “It’s a culture war. The cities are the enemy’s bridgeheads, the government schools their training camps, ‘The news’ their propaganda arm”

  1. Thomas Mitchell Says:

    The rural/urban dichotomy is stark. Just look at the results of the 2016 ballot measure requiring background checks for private gun sales or transfers. It failed in every county except Clark, where it got 57 percent approval. It failed in every other country by as much as 90 percent.

  2. Kingsnake Says:

    Oklahoma is looking like a solid option …

  3. Someone Says:

    At some point, and it will be painful, there will have to be a civil war of some sort to exterminate a lot of people on the left. I’ve not met one that is honest or any integrity when it comes to any issue.

    It is sickening that those of us in the productive class have to fund parasites in government run education like in ‘pubic skools’ and higher education that really need to be rounded up and sent to a concentration camp.