Faster! Lemmings can’t reach cliff fast enough!

Don’t get me wrong: there remain plenty of Never-Trump, Country Club Republicans in Washington, fully paid off by Tom Donohue of the U.S. Chamber and the Globalist Wall-Street bankers — the characters who bought up all those American factories and shipped them, lock stock and barrel, to Red China.

Those guys are at least as determined to oppose the Trump/Tea Party Economic and Trade and Regulatory Revolution as the Chinese. (Though the Chinese are smarter — they’ll likely make a deal and cheat on it where they can, knowing that Trump will be gone in six years, almost certainly to be replaced by another greedy sellout on the Clinton-Obama model by 2029 — a blink of the eye, to their way of reckoning.)

Nonetheless, when it comes to reminding us of the old Greek adage, that those whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad, you can’t beat the Democrats.

Who have already conceded Trump his second term.

Think about it: If the visiting team shows up for a basketball game in your town, and immediately starts whining that some of your players are “too tall,” that the only fair thing to do is to lower the baskets from 10 feet to eight feet, what do you do?

After a slight pause to make sure they’re not joking, it’s the head official’s job to say, “Listen, you agreed to play by the current rule book when you joined the Conference. You can play with the 10-foot hoops, or you can go home and take the forfeit.”

At that point, even if they finally play, what kind of “confident, winning” attitude would you expect the whiners to display? They’ll lose 80-40 and blame it on “a few bad calls by the officials” as well as “bad locker room facilities.” Right?

Yet here we are, still eight months from the start of serious 2020 primary campaigning in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Iowa, and a few other early states, and what do we hear from one after another of the field of 17 (SO FAR!) Democrat hopefuls, in addition to their weird insistence that they DON’T want to “make America great again”? (See , or . . . .)

Why, that they want to get rid of the Electoral College, of course . . . as though it’s some kind of new idea that “just hasn’t worked out as well as we hoped.”

Remember when the head of their party, Miss Hillary, gave us the Creepy Grandma Smile and lectured us in 2016 that “We’ve been around 240 years. We’ve had free and fair elections and we’ve accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them,” adding “To say you won’t respect the results of the election, that is a direct threat to our democracy”?

Did I miss the part where she said “Although if Democrats lose, of course, we’ll immediately try to change the rules”?

(Not that Miss Hillary has even stuck by her own “accept the outcomes” prescription: she’s since refused to accept Republican victories in the Georgia gubernatorial election, among many others, See:
( .)

It wouldn’t be quite accurate to say the Democrats are acknowledging they can’t win if they play by the rules, since they haven’t “played by the rules” for decades. First they sneak in millions of illegal aliens through the borders they refuse to help close (actually voting AGAINST an effective border wall, despite decades of swearing up and down -– all the way back to that trick they pulled on Ron Reagan with their 1986 “last and final amnesty” -– that “of COURSE we’re going to ‘secure the border!’” . . .)

Then Departments of Motor Vehicles in Democrat-dominated states systematically and intentionally began to hand voter registration forms to all comers, regardless of whether they speak English or whether their form of ID was a “green card” -– fake or otherwise. (Leftist voters in populous Las Vegas, Nevada -– many of them recent transplants from Chicago and Los Angeles -– now so dominate the politics of this otherwise “red” state that they were able to make this shocking “register them all” rule a LEGAL REQUIREMENT IN NEVADA when they went to the polls last November — even as they continue to resolutely oppose any “voter ID” law.)

Then the Democrats’ captive unions (the SEIU, AFSCME, in Nevada the Culinary) — fresh from their victories fighting “Voter ID” laws -– round up these illegal bus boys, hotel maids, kitchen helpers, lawn mowers and the like, drive them to “early voting” stations in supermarket parking lots, and make sure they vote where no neighborhood poll watcher can challenge their credentials . . . OR, alternatively, call them in on a Saturday morning and have them fill in their “absentee ballots” under the watchful eyes of their shop stewards, who then collect the forms with a cheerful “Thanks, we’ll take it from here.”

So let’s not say the Dims are afraid they might lose if they have to “play by the rules.” More accurately, they seem to be acknowledging they can’t beat Trump even with a ramped-up version of their standard methods of cheating.

The Electoral College was one of the original compromises that made this nation possible. Without it, the smaller states in 1789 knew every president would come from the most populous state -– Virginia. At least the Electoral College meant that an OCCASIONAL president would come from Massachusetts or -– after 40 years of trans-Appalachian settlement –- from Tennessee or Ohio (and MAN, did the fledgling Silk-Stocking Deep State in Washington City hate it when that Indian-fighting bumpkin from Tennessee showed up.)

More importantly, they knew that even those snooty, patrician Virginians would have to at least CONSULT Pennsylvania and New York and New England, craft policies which at the very least weren’t complete anathema to the culture and business interests of those very different regions.


The Electoral College still plays a similar role, today. Without it, presidential candidates could and would limit their campaigning pretty much to the teeming masses of low-information CNN zombies in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, and a few other big cities. That’s all they’d need. They wouldn’t have to even PRETEND to do any “retail campaigning,” in which they now reluctantly spend a few weeks standing out in the cold at factory gates, shaking hands and concealing their exasperation as they listen to the “deplorable” opinions of individual farmers and truck-drivers and small-town mechanics in New Hampshire or Iowa or some other benighted backwater out there in “Flyover Country.”

The main problem with saying “Hillary should be president because she won the national popular vote” is that there is NO SUCH THING. Let me see if I can explain by example why adding up all the votes cast for Hillary in the 50-some states does not result in a useful number — even before we throw out all the votes cast by or on behalf of illegal aliens in California. Imagine with me that the Boston Red Sox win the first game of the World Series, 15-1. The Yankees then proceed to take the next four games, 2-1, 2-1, 2-1, and 2-1. The Yankees have just won the World Series, and quite convincingly.

For anyone with the slightest knowledge of baseball to now say “The Red Sox should really be World Champions, because they outscored the Yankees in the World Series, 19-to-9.” is not merely wrong, it’s ridiculous. Everyone knew, going in, that you win a World Series with GAMES, not TOTAL RUNS. The differences in manager strategy if the rules were changed to reward “total runs in seven games” would be massive and probably quite bizarre.

Yet the Democrats would tear up and trample a vital part of our political and electoral structure that’s been working pretty well for 230 years . . . just so they can avoid re-evaluating their current, bizarre platform of Open Borders; Infanticide after failed abortions; Sanctuary Cities with sidewalks full of feces; whole-cloth Socialism including Soviet-style medical care; crippling our economy (but not China’s) to fight illusory “catastrophic man-made global warming” which will “destroy the world by 2031” (previously advertised as “by the year 2000”); shooting up 8-year old kids with opposite-sex hormones to improve their “Gender Fluidity,” and making the little boys wear dresses on Thursdays for “Drag Queen Story Hour” — bold, dramatic proposals which curiously don’t seem to be selling very well in Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, or Ohio.

It hasn’t even occurred to them that instead of “racing to the Left” they might do better trying to show they’re willing to do something, ANYTHING, for everyday Americans who aren’t welfare queens or Greenwich Village queens or Communist cocktail waitresses or Somali allies of the Muslim Brotherhood or Jussie Smollett? (Of course not. For that might mean — oh, the horror! — having to WORK WITH DONALD TRUMP!)

Nor do they stop there. They want union schoolmarms to be able to bus their 16-year-old charges -– most of whom have never knowingly so much as PAID A TAX, let alone dealt with government regulators while trying to operate a small business -– to the polls to VOTE.

Heck, why not 12-year-olds?

Bernie Marcus of Home Depot sums up their current “change the rules” shenanigans at: . . . .

And that’s not the end of it. Democrats are terrified that Trump’s “magic wand” economy (their phrase, not his) AND his efforts to seal the border are bringing back jobs and raising wages for blue collar workers who are disproportionately black and Hispanic Americans. Trump doesn’t have to capture a MAJORITY of black and Hispanic votes to win re-election in a landslide -– upping his share to 30 percent would do the job.

So the Dims respond by promising to hand out wads of cash to buy the votes of anyone of mixed race -– which is what “people of color” means in modern America. And they call it -– wait, this is too good -– “slavery reparations.”

Really. And not to be left behind by the New Faces of the Democrat Party -– Alexandria Occasional-Cortex (who favors a 70 percent income tax rate, has repeatedly asserted global warming will cause the world to end in 2031, and who further demonstrated her acumen when she chased 25,000 new “Amazon headquarters” jobs out of her own district); Kamala “Heels-Up” Harris; and America-hating immigrant Ilhan Omar (who seems to have improperly used some of her campaign cash to pay for a divorce . . . from her brother) — even older veterans who we might expect to be the voices of restraint and reason are flirting with this “slavery reparations” scam.

Because — along with die-in-line “Medicare for All” — it’s now become what they call a “litmus test.”

I guess I might be convinced “slavery reparations” would be worth a look -– if it weren’t for the fact that the last baby born a slave in this country DIED OF OLD AGE 70 YEARS AGO.

Now, if they want to compensate the poor young women turned into “sex slaves” on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Island” I’ll be happy to discuss that — once we get to see ALL the photos of the Clintons cavorting on Epstein Island that are yet to be downloaded from Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

“No, no,” the Democrats explain. “We’re talking about paying reparations to those whose lives have been made harder because they’re descended from black folk who were slaves SIX OR SEVEN GENERATIONS AGO.”

A) Really? Mind you, slavery is terrible; I’m glad it survives today only in the form of the IRS (and every member of Congress) claiming to own all the fruit of our labors for four months out of the year. But you’re telling me black folk want to attempt to prove their opportunities and standard of living in America today are WORSE than if their ancestors had never been sold into slavery (by other black Africans, mind you), in which case they would have been born in WEST AFRICA? Has anyone done the math?

B) If such debts and obligations really survive down through six or seven generations, I’ve got news for you: The first people who’ll have to receive compensation from the U.S. Treasury are the descendants of wealthy white plantation owners who were stripped of their property in slaves (yes, by law, slaves were valuable “property”) in 1865 without the “just compensation” required both then and now by the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution -– which was in no way revised or repealed by the 13th.

(In fact, one of the seemingly insoluble problems facing those who wanted to end slavery long before 1863 was the enormous projected cost of paying slavery compensation — not to slaves, but to slave owners.)

Big handouts to wealthy white families in the South? Is that really what the Democrats want to run on? Well, they ARE the party of “Exalted Cyclops” Senator Robert Byrd and his courageous Ku Klux Klan, so maybe so. But more importantly . . .


. . . C) They’re lying. We’re supposed to believe Barack Obama won’t qualify for any “reparations” because he’s descended from African Africans who were never American slaves? Same for Kamala Harris, descended from Jamaicans and Tamil (subcontinent) Indians who were never slaves in America — but whose Jamaican ancestors, it now turns out, were slave OWNERS? . . . (See , or .)

Who’s going to administer and certify all these DNA tests, check and notarize these seven-generation family trees? (For any claimant who can even CONSTRUCT a credible seven-generation family tree?)

My father’s folks arrived here from Poland around 1912. They never owned any slaves, any more than did my mother’s folks, the Clarks and Bishops, yeoman farmers and mechanics from Ohio and Minnesota who fought for the NORTH in the Civil War. Yet we’ll have to pay added taxes -– as will even newer immigrants from Somalia and Serbia and Sikkim -– to fund free handouts to folks who happen to have 12 percent African blood, but may have paler skin than many newer arrivals who’ll do the paying?

What about someone whose DNA test shows he has 33 percent black slave blood, but 66 percent white slave-owner blood? Will he have to pay himself twice as much as he receives?

Will Liz “Fauxcohontas” Warren of Massachusetts get in line and declare she now “identifies as an African-American?”

Or will this be like one of those class-action suits, where the lawyers get millions and the “victims” get a coupon good for a tube of shampoo or a subscription to “Ebony”?

These “reparations” will be means-tested, won’t they? Dark-skinned Americans who got married and “worked too hard” will be told “Nope, you earn more than $50,000, you don’t ‘need’ it.”

What on earth do we do about the descendants of slaves who were owned by Native American “Indians not taxed”?

(Yes, there were. See . . . )

And women were surely treated as “second-class citizens” for the first 130 years of our republic: when do we get “Women’s Reparations”? (Shhh — don’t give them any ideas. They’re already talking about “gay reparations.” Can I get some if I put on some lipstick and purple pumps?)

This is not a nation composed of 85 percent folks with pure lily-white slave-owner bloodlines and 15 percent folks with pure mahogany-black slave blood. Will the Democrats bring back such terms as mulatto and quadroon and octoroon, as they struggle to make sure each mendicant gets “just the right” amount of compensation for their relative “purity of oppressed blackness”?

Can you think of a more DIVISIVE initiative from a party that claims it’s in favor of “bringing us together” and “equality before the law” . . . even as they systematically encourage violence -– up to and including murder –- against their conservative and Republican opponents because “Orange Man Bad”?

(For just six months of Leftist violence against conservatives, see here: .)

(For a more detailed analysis of why frustrated Leftist/Communists always turn to violence, see: . . . . . . or . . . .)

Meantime, Democrat politicians and celebrities are all in favor of open borders, millions of illegals pouring in without so much as a health inspection or a quick check to make sure they’re not tattooed gang members already deported for rape or murder or jihadi terrorists armed with RPGs . . . until Trump threatens to deliver these “welcome, highly valued undocumented migrants” by the busload directly to THEIR front yards!

THEN it’s a different story!

(See print: . . . or . . . . . .

. . . or, finally, Tucker Carlson’s admirable video summary of jaw-dropping Leftist hypocrisy on this issue, at: . . .

You could not make this stuff up.

— V.S.

3 Comments to “Faster! Lemmings can’t reach cliff fast enough!”

  1. Kingsnake Says:

    I still have the paybook from my ancestor who fought for the Union.

    And, I assume, there will be some Nigerians and Guineans on the hook for a whopping large sum since they were the ones that captured their fellows, and turned them over on the West African docks to white ship owners.

    Finally, I demand reparations due to my white Irish ancestors being starved by the Brits.

    Never mind the reparations due the majority of early Europeans who were sent to the colonies as “indentured servants” (i.e. slaves).

  2. Michael Says:


    Quadroons, octoroons? I was thinking that myself. The democrats want to apportion these peoples blackness once more. Just as they did for hundreds of years.
    Letting lilly white Nancy or “Beto” decide what “justice” a person is going to receive would serve them right.

    I’m 1/16th Native American. I’d settle for a cup of good old American cup of coffee while I watch the 4th of July parade from my front porch, thank you very much.

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