And, of course . . . jail for those who refuse to turn in our guns

It’s been pointed out that in itemizing the current Democratic platform in my recent post “Faster! Lemmings can’t reach cliff fast enough!”, I omitted one plank which has done so well for the Democrat party in the past that they just couldn’t resist ramming it back in again for 2020: firearms confiscation.

(At least they’re up-front about it. See: , or

Bill Clinton saw his party devastated in the 1994 mid-terms. They lost a stunning 54 House seats, including those of 34 INCUMBENTS. They lost control of the house for the first time in 40 YEARS. Incumbent Democrat Speaker of the House Tom Foley became the first incumbent Speaker to be thrown out on his ear since Galusha Grow in 1863.

Yes, it was partly about the lie that Clinton and Gore would govern as “moderate, SOUTHERN Democrats,” partly about Miss Hillary’s secret meetings to craft & impose socialized HillaryCare (at least after that debacle of tone-deaf arrogance, I trust the Democrat party would never be stupid enough to run HER for national office!)

But Bill Clinton says that wasn’t the main problem. He keeps warning his party, even today, that his BIG mistake in 1994 was signing into law an “assault weapons ban” which banned not a single assault weapon, but rather a bunch of one-shot-per-trigger-pull, semi-automatic rifles which Dianne Feinstein’s staff thought were “ugly” because they had “pistol grips” and stuff like that. (Note position of the trigger finger of this self-styled “gun expert” in photo below.)

When it comes to us one-issue gun-rights voters (and 47 percent of American households own guns), the polls are worthless, Bill Clinton warns.
( . . . .)

But the radical, Amazon-owned, Democrat party organ “Washington Post” explains “The change reflects the party’s accelerating shift toward voters who live in cities and suburbs and are more highly educated.”

( )

Get it, redneck retards?

By “more highly educated,” of course, The Post means “had parents who were willing to borrow and spend approximately $200,000 (and that’s for schools like Duke, Rice, or Tulane, not Yale or Harvard) to send them to colleges where for four years they partied three nights a week while correctly memorizing all the one-sided propaganda spouted by their socialist professors.

(And how many of those “more highly educated voters” do you suppose have read Zelman & Stevens’ “Death by Gun Control”? (, or ?)

In fact, gun confiscation has a long history on these shores. At , Patrick K. O’Donnell, author of “The Unknowns” and “Washington’s Immortals,” reminds us how General Gage acted after the wonderful success of Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith’s raid on Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775 . . . to seize American muskets, cannon, powder and ball.

(The colonists refused to surrender their powder, though they did give the redcoats a fair quantity of their lead ball . . . at surprisingly high velocities.)

“In the morning, the British would find Boston surrounded by thousands of Americans,” bearing arms and hungry for more revenge. “Fearing an attack from within Boston, Gage took the entire town hostage,” O’Donnell recalls, “and banned Americans from leaving the city. Next, he implemented a gun register and confiscation scheme. Inhabitants were promised they could leave Boston if they turned in their weapons and registered them with British officials for safe-keeping.

“Americans turned in over 2,000 pistols and long arms along with nearly 1,000 bayonets. Weeks passed before those who so desired could leave Boston, and the weapons were never returned. Later, Gage issued a proclamation that anyone who did not lay down their arms would be considered ‘rebels’ and ‘traitors.’”

So you see, the Democrat party is following a proud tradition here. Perhaps they might want to page ahead in the book, though, and see how it ended: on Nov. 13, 1783, “Evacuation Day,” the last British troops took ship in New York harbor, and sailed home. It took us eight years, but Americans defeated what was then the most powerful army in the world. We threw the bastards out.

(And I use the word advisedly. You really think Christopher Steele agreed to actively sabotage the election of Donald Trump — something very close to an Act of War — without getting an OK from MI6 and 10 Downing Street?)

Here’s hoping it won’t take us that long, this time.

Make no mistake, those who favor firearms registration — which leads inevitably to confiscation — are traitors, scum, and always, ALWAYS enablers of mass murder of the disarmed. If we don’t want to have to USE our firearms shortly thereafter, we have a choice to make come November of 2020 — a mere 19 months from now.

It shouldn’t be hard, if we know our history.

2 Comments to “And, of course . . . jail for those who refuse to turn in our guns”

  1. Kingsnake Says:

    It’s not just blue collar folks who are against Democrat gun-grabbing, plenty of us educated folk are too. (In my case, two bachelors degrees, both with honors.)

  2. Carl Rode Says:

    Vin, good to see you still have time to fight the good fight. I’m a member of the OK2A group fighting for gun rights here in Oklahoma. I opened my mouth and said that a legal jurisdiction has passed a law that holds a business liable for damages if they assume responsibility for your protection by making you NOT carry a gun on their premises. I believe that is a true statement but I can’t remember the location. I’ve been asked to provide that to our legislative agenda division. I do know for a fact that the legislation has been submitted in multiple jurisdictions but I don’t have those in front of me either and my brain doesn’t work well any more. I was hoping that either you would remember what I need or one of your many contacts in the Liberty movement could provide it. If only we could get Congress to pass that law. Thanks for all you do.