Will ALL the Democrats follow Nancy and her incubi down the path to annihilation?

We generally don’t “write our congresscritter” — wiser heads including Claire Wolfe and Neil Smith having warned us years ago “It only encourages them.”

But it’s pretty clear Nancy Pelosi, millionaire mobbed-up mistress of “sanctuary city” San Francisco (which decades of enlightened Democrat leadership have turned into a stinking hellhole of human feces, discarded hypodermics, and illegal alien junkies allowed to walk free after murdering young American women by shooting them in the back with stolen handguns), is desperately counting votes, in between “mini-strokes” that surely must warn her her time is short, hoping to hamper the kickoff of Donald Trump’s re-election campaign this winter with the absurdity of a “Senate impeachment trial” for the “high crime” of exercising the almost limitless power he’s granted by the Constitution to, you know . . . conduct foreign affairs.

(Like asking the help of the president of Ukraine to investigate the corruption of Democrats who just spent 10 years attempting to rig our elections with the aid of . . . foreign governments including that of the Ukraine.)

Why do these characters want to drag us into an actual Civil War? I’m afraid it does provide solid evidence of “possession” — Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler et al. have sold their souls, either to Satan or to Tom Donohue of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (the massive, U.S.-job-destroying investments of whose wealthiest members should really require a name-change to “The Communist Chinese and European Union Chamber of Commerce” (and if they could go after Flynn and Manafort and Papadopoulos on ginned-up “unregistered foreign agent” charges, what about Mr. Donohue’s gang?) . . . whichever could promise them more power.

And, of course, they’re in a massive rush because Congress will only actually be in session for another 20-some days this year (those tough holiday vacation schedules, you understand), and they’re trying to beat IG Horowitz’s FISA abuse report, just in case Chris Wray of the Federal Bureau of Obstruction fails to get all the bad stuff redacted and Attorney General Barr decides to surprise us and actually, I dunno, INDICT someone for massive lawbreaking in the course of trying to stage a coup against a duly elected president. (Don’t hold your breath. He’ll probably ask his buddy Rod Rodentstein, who dropped most of the charges against Senate bagman James Wolfe rather than see Richard Burr and Mark Warner implicated, how to proceed.)

Now, mind you, it’s unlikely your congresscritter will actually READ any such missive. What actually happens is some junior staffer sits down and counts subject headers and then scribbles on a slip of paper “Today’s count: 400 for, 1200 against.” Though a few coherent samples of less than 300 words MIGHT get printed out and attached.

“Form letters” get less attention. Alter and personalize as you see fit. For heaven’s sake proofread; insert your appropriate town and district, etc. But you MIGHT want to find your congresscritter’s Online “contact” form this week, enter a zip code demonstrating you live in the district, click “I am not a robot,” and offer something no longer than:

Please vote AGAINST impeaching President Trump

Dear Congressxxx Xxxxxx — President Trump has been doing a fantastic job on foreign trade, on the economy (including boosting jobs and wages for African-Americans), and even (despite a lack of any help from Congress) on enforcing our immigration laws — which were enacted by bipartisan votes, and which I notice the Pelosi Congress shows no interest in repealing.

Nancy Pelosi (with her rule changes, designed to sidestep due process) and Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler have been scheming to impeach this president ON ANY PRETEXT since the first weeks of this term — long before there was any “Ukraine phone call.” There are no “high crimes or misdemeanors.” You know very well President Trump, who has wide constitutional authority to conduct foreign policy, is about to be re-elected by a large margin, and is likely to carry xxxxxxxxx (our state) in 2020. With the fraudulently premised “Mueller investigation,” President Trump has already been “on trial” for three years, a process with which he fully cooperated . . . and at the end of which HE WAS EXONERATED!

President Trump is dutifully trying to do the job for which we elected him. I do not want the effectiveness of this presidency further obstructed by a purely political impeachment. If you vote to impeach Donald Trump, I will do everything legally within my power — including a $2,800 contribution to President Trump, and a $2,800 contribution to your (general election / primary) opponent — to see you defeated and replaced in office as our xxth District representative in 376 days. Please tell Mrs. Pelosi you’ve heard from your constituents, and you’re a VOTE AGAINST IMPEACHMENT. Thanks for your attention, — Xxxxx Xxxxxxx (I vote in every election), Xxxxxx (your town or neighborhood.)

4 Comments to “Will ALL the Democrats follow Nancy and her incubi down the path to annihilation?”

  1. Bob Ashman Says:

    Vin –
    Nice idea; but in Nevada House District 1, it’s a fool’s errand. Dina Titus will be my Rep until she retires; and both her puppy-dog allegiance to Harry Reid, and her antipathy towards anyone NOT a Democrat are legendary. Listen to a Libertarian? As Pete Townsend would say, “Not bloody likely”.

  2. Vin Says:

    Hi, Bob — Yes, urban politics often sucks. The Georgia Peach is safely ensconced in her compact “downtown Las Vegas” district until such time as the power of the hideous Culinary Union is broken. (Remember when state Sen. Sue Lowden voted to give Nevada parents some choice about “mandatory vaccinations,” and the Culinary spent millions branding her as being “in favor of childhood disease”?)

    Though it should be noted the First District includes a stretch of Nellis Boulevard to the northeast, which could be turned into a ghost town (leaving room for the return of actual Americans) in short order if a few dozen Immigration officers just started strolling up the street, politely identifying themselves: “Buenos Dias, E-Verify enforcement officer. Couldn’t help but notice you sending your ‘envio’ to Mexico, there in that storefront, No problem if you’re here legally, of course, but may I see your ID, please?”

    I can’t even advise you to donate to Constandina’s GOP opponent, assuming they dig up another one. Dems win that district, two-to-one.

    Nevada’s most likely “swing” district at present would appear to be the Fourth, where poor Steven Horsford (D-Vassiliadis) is stuck pretending to give a tinker’s dam about the opinions or desires of the widespread bumpkins of Nye County. But if you’ve got a “wrong” zip code, you’ll have trouble even reaching him. And we have yet to see if a strong, pro-Trump Republican (or anyone else) will emerge.

    Though we should also note unimpressive freshman Susie Lee in Nevada Three sits in a Henderson district that went for Trump in 2016, and probably will, again.

    By March, it should be clear where there are some GOP challengers (including primary challengers to some of the worst RINOs on the national stage, like Sens. Burr, Romney, Turtle McConnell, et al.) who may be within striking range and worth some support. Watch especially California 10, 21, 39, 48, and — need we say? — Swingin’ Katie Porter’s 45th.

    And, unless Trump re-visits Dallas and the CIA finally throw up their hands and hires some more French riflemen, we’ll presumably still be able to drive all our relatives to the polls and vote Donald Trump in for the second of his three terms, in November of 2020. (He gets a “make-up term,” after they made him waste most of his first, defending himself against utterly bogus attacks. Right? Fair’s fair.)

    It’s just that people often ask “What can I do?”, and it’s frustrating to have to say “Not much. Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler are never going to show up on your ballot.”

    Though freedom does begin at home. We haven’t watched a “Mainstream Media television newscast” in five years. After a brief initial withdrawal, you feel like that guy Rowdy Roddy Piper in “They Live,” putting on the special sunglasses, looking around, and asking “Holy Cow! Is this what the REAL WORLD looks like?!”

    — V.S.

  3. Kingsnake Says:

    With you on not watching MSM news, or consuming its print or online product either.

    I used to subscribe to the New York Times — know thine enemy — but had to drop it in early 2016.

    As soon as Trump started running — before he elected or even nominated — every section of the NYT, every day, above the fold, had an anti-Trump article. Even sports & fashion. At the time, I was not a Trump supporter, but the agenda was obvious & repellent. I had to cancel.

    As to the local Phoenix rag, the “Arizona Repugnant”, it’s a Gannett product, so all it publishes is leftist-angled national articles, not even local ones. Eight page front sections that are literally half ads is the norm. Only kept that a bit longer than the NYT as the wife liked the Repugnant’s weekly puzzle pullout.

    Basically, I’m not going to pay for PR …

  4. Vin Says:

    On the other hand, even congresscritters in “safe” districts know how to count. One of the most dismissive insults you can throw at someone “on The Hill” is that he/she/it “doesn’t know how to count to 218” — meaning he/she/it is a cross-eyed flibbergidget who wastes time promoting schemes that “may sound great in theory,” but that aren’t going to net a majority vote, this year or next.

    For the record, this is the opposite of the characteristics that used to be revered as “vision,” or “statesmanship.” Visionaries are people who tend to advance far-sighted reforms or agendas that are RIDICULED when they start out. Often, they don’t even live to see those schemes (whether it be the emancipation of slaves, the electronic computer, or “substantive due process”) come to fruition.

    This is why members of Congress often make such poor presidents. They’ve spent decades learning to not make waves, to swing like a weathervane, to “go along to get along,” gradually accruing wealth and power through those important committee seats. “The rules” offeer them a safe quasi-anonymity. This is why Trump seems so weird and frightening to them. He says these relatively bold things without as lot of weasel words, and then actually tries to DO them, like some kind of escaped lunatic.

    Pelosi, of course, has the power to pull these groveling toads off the lucrative “Ways and Means” and instead assign them to “Arctic Fisheries,” where the bribes they’ll be offered are more likely to amount to boxes of frozen fish sticks. But they’re still capable of saying “My mail is running 3-to-1 against this thing, Madam Speaker. Why should I get mugged at my next ‘Town Hall’ if it’s never going to pass, anyway? What if I get jumped in the PRIMARY, like Joe Crowley? He’d been here for TEN TERMS, for heaven’s sake! How you gonna protect me from THAT?”

    — V.S.