Why are they now trying to hide their ‘whistleblower’? Wasn’t THIS the time when the ‘walls were finally going to close in’ on Trump?

The new bosses at the Fox News Channel — including loathsome NeverTrumper Paul Ryan, the Benedict Arnold of Wisconsin — have ordered their on-air hosts not to name CIA domestic spy Eric Ciaramella (are CIA agents SUPPOSED to spy on the President in the White House?) as the so-called “whistleblower” who “turned in” President Donald Trump for somehow violating or undercutting our foreign policy with reference to Ukraine in a July telephone call with new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky,

( https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/06/report-fox-news-management-forbids-hosts-from-using-alleged-name-of-ukraine-whistleblower/ )

despite the facts that:

a) Ciaramella did not actually hear any of the phone call; b) anti-Trump Inspector General for the All-Deep-State CIA Michael Atkinson now admits he changed his “whistleblower reporting” form SPECIFICALLY to allow Ciaramella to report mere “hearsay” in this “next step” in the ongoing and long-planned coup against Trump;


c) Shifty Adam Schiff blatantly LIED to the American public about what Trump said in the call, making up whole sentences to make Trump sound like some kind of cut-rate Vito Corleone;


d) Trump quickly and voluntarily released a full transcript of the call, demonstrating no wrongdoing (though Democrat maneuvering to leak or otherwise undercut the confidentiality of such communications is deeply dangerous to the ability of ANY president to have frank discussions with foreign leaders);

e) the president is not only ALLOWED but arguably REQUIRED to enter into partnership with the Ukraine (yes, specifically the Ukraine) to root out corruption like that engaged in by the Biden family, under a 1999 treaty between the United States and the Ukraine signed by BILL CLINTON; see:

https://www.bizpacreview.com/2019/09/28/watters-presents-bill-clinton-signed-treaty-allowing-trump-to-request-assistance-from-ukraine-on-biden-831563 , or


and finally, f) it’s virtually impossible for ANY President of the United States to violate or undercut our foreign policy with regard to ANY nation, since (with the exception of requiring Senate approval of formal treaties) under the Constitution the President has vast and virtually sole authority to ESTABLISH that foreign policy; That is — with the possible exception of attempting to declare war without a vote of Congress — whatever the president says, IS our foreign policy . . . no matter how many smug, un-elected, Ukrainian CIA assholes — tricked out in the uniforms they’re not supposed to wear while serving on the National Security Council — object.


And by the way, can anyone explain to me why the nation wouldn’t be better off if the President were to immediately fire, say, 80 percent of the people now working for the NSC, the FBI, and the CIA — for starters? I’m getting a little tired of this knee-jerk bloviation about how “Mind you, the vast majority of the people there are hard-working patriots . . .” Yeah? Based on what? Dallas Nov. 22, 1963? COMPLETELY missing the fact that the Soviet Union was about to collapse? Ruby Ridge? Holding the fire engines a mile away while they burned the women and children to death at Waco — only to find out there’d never been a single illegal firearm there, at all?

Benghazi? John Brennan? James Clapper? Hundreds of convictions being thrown out because FBI forensic experts make shit up out of whole cloth while testifying UNDER OATH? See

https://www.outsidethebeltway.com/fbi-admits-its-forensic-experts-gave-false-testimony-in-hundreds-of-cases/ , or


Given that not a one of these “courageous cowboys” blew the whistle on this treason — that there HASN’T BEEN A SINGLE ARREST OR INDICTMENT FOR THE COUP — that Senate staffer James Wolfe was let off with a slap on the wrist for slipping the original spy-on-Trump FISA application to his concubine Ali Watkins (what is it we call women who trade sexual favors to get ahead in their careers, I forget) rather than letting him testify against his bosses Warner and Burr . . .


. . . that they instead spend all their time “redacting” vital security matters like the cost of “Boris” McCabe’s conference table . . . name three. Name three of these assholes who REALLY blew the whistle on Yates and Comey and McCord and Carlin and Strzok and Rodentstein and Rybicki and Carlin and James Baker and the Ohrs, who aren’t so smug they think THEY should be running our foreign policy instead of the President who the American people elected to break the 50-year pattern of selling us out to the highest bidder, shipping our factories overseas while people like the Clintons and the Bidens and the Nancy Pelosis and the Mitch McConnells ended up rolling in ill-gotten dough, speedballing with the underage sex slaves on Lolita Island.)

Who is this Eric Ciaramella guy, anyway? It used to be “investigative” outfits like the New York Times and Washington Compost would put teams of investigators to work, and within days confirm and reveal not only the man’s name but his blood type, his sexual orientation, and whether he wears boxers or briefs . . . to the left or to the right.

Not now, though. No, no. You see, at this point, confirming just about anything about the “whistleblower” — like the fact that he and his lawyers are long-time Democrat operatives who have vowed to launch a “coup” to “get Trump out of office” — would cause the Democrats’ latest “Orange Man Bad” hoax to blow up in their faces like a joke cigar. So now, instead of “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” it’s suddenly “None of the News That Nancy and Adam Want Kept Quiet.”

“Whistleblower’s” attorney called it “a coup”:


“Whistleblower’s” attorney brags about getting security clearances for “guys who had child porn issues”:


All the stuff about CIA spy Eric Ciaramella that the Fake News Media won’t tell you:


Someone needs to remind these traitors that, if you serve in the military, in the White House, or in the executive branch of the federal government in general, and you disagree with the direction being taken by your commander in chief, after briefly explaining why you think what you’re being ordered to do is wrong, you have two choices: obey the order, or resign.

There’s a precedent for what happens to those who make a third choice — conspiring behind the president’s back to attempt to overthrow the last election and remove the chief executive from office “by any means necessary”:

Why is the Democrat answer to “Who is the Whistleblower” now: “Never Mind; nothing to see here; move along . . .”?

THE ANSWER: . . . https://usbacklash.org/democrats-will-never-intentionally-allow-easily-impeached-hoaxblowers-identity-to-be-revealed/

Oh, and by the way: “Former Ukrainian Official Accuses Hunter Biden of Taking ‘Off the Books’ Payments from Burisma Totaling Millions”:


and: “Burisma-Hired Firm Tried to ‘Leverage’ Ties to Hunter Biden to Get U.S. Government Meetings”:


5 Comments to “Why are they now trying to hide their ‘whistleblower’? Wasn’t THIS the time when the ‘walls were finally going to close in’ on Trump?”

  1. K. Bill Hodges Says:

    Thank you, Vin. I’m so glad there’s somebody like you constantly recording all of the existing evidence to the contrary of the mainstream media narrative.

  2. Kevin Says:

    The Deep State and Dems seem to be getting more desperate and shrill. Trump also seems energized by the fight. Not sure where it all ends, but I think for the first time ever we are actually seeing push back against the globalist agenda that was started 100 years ago. It’s a shame that push didn’t start earlier when the fight would have been easier.
    Keep up the good fight.

  3. Kingsnake Says:

    “(what is it we call women who trade sexual favors to get ahead in their careers, I forget)”

    Senator Harris.

  4. Brett Middleton Says:

    “(what is it we call women who trade sexual favors to get ahead in their careers, I forget)”

    Well, here in the 21st Century we are instructed to call them “victims”. It makes me long for the days of duck-and-cover, when the worst we had to fear was atomic obliteration. Unfortunately, my drilled-in skills at cowering under a schoolroom desk have proven to be just as useless in defending against SJW attacks on sanity as they would have been against a nuclear attack.

  5. Nathan Barton Says:

    Pulling no punches at all, Vin! Great work!


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