The junkie, the borderline personality, and others (who) have regressed to a primitive and chaotic level will project accusations like a firehose, and the increasingly wild nature of the accusations will reflect the decay of their mental condition

I happened to be driving at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11, this year — notable hour of a notable day. Unfortunately, thanks to the taxpayers (involuntarily) subsidizing “repeater towers” atop every sizeable mountain range in Nevada, the only source of hourly news that comes in clearly on my car radio out here in the rurals is the Nevada state teachers college affiliate of far-left National Public Radio.

The lede story that holiday morning was President Trump speaking at the Veterans’ Day observances in New York City. But NPR didn’t lede by sharing a few minutes of the President’s remarks, of course. (Give free air time to Orange Man Bad? Ha!)

Instead, they played a couple “actualities” – brief recorded sentences – purportedly from some of the veterans in attendance. The first was moderately pro-Trump (so they can insist they’re “balanced,” you understand), but then came the one with whom the commentator lady (apparently a psychic, on top of everything else) said “most of the veterans here agreed with.”

“Roll tape,” as they used to say before everything went digital.

This “veteran” said he favors the removal of President Trump because “He’s a risk to our national security.”

Now, you might think, “Hey, they just stuck their microphone in someone’s face and that’s what he said; you can’t blame the radio network for that.”

No no. This wasn’t “live.” These little slices of manipulated reality are carefully edited and packaged to fit into a pre-determined time slot. I’ve been in the news business, remember. Unless they chose their “random man-on-the-street” based on his holding a “Dump Trump” sign (which I wouldn’t put past them) that gal and her team will have conducted eight, 10, as many as a dozen interviews from which they can choose and trim down the two or three that “tell the story” they want to tell. And there’s no one there to report on them studiously avoiding all the guys in the red “MAGA” hats.

What if this “vet” had said “I don’t trust this guy Adam Schiff that’s holding these secret, star-chamber impeachment hearings because he’s a pederast who corn-holes little boys; I heard one of them even died”? Think they would have aired that because “We have no agenda –- we’re just here to air whatever people say”?


In fact, the chances of such a bizarre and counterintuitive statement (the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES — and one who’s systematically building up our strength, while tying off the bleeding in endless Third World wars and ditching trade agreements that made us the world’s ATM — somehow ENDANGERS OUR NATIONAL SECURITY?) just “popping up” at random are infinitesimal, especially as it now appears this is a fresh Democrat “talking point.”

In the so called Democrat “debate” on Nov. 20 (once they’d all agreed on impeaching Trump, open borders and free health care for every illegal alien – as they did months before – what was left for them to “debate”?) bottom-rung Democrat candidate Kamala “Heels-Up” Harris said “What Donald Trump has done from pulling out of the Paris agreement” (to cripple Western economies chasing the “Global Warming” chimera while India and China continued to build all the coal-fired power plants they want), “to pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal, to consistently turning a back on people who have stood with us in difficult times — including most recently the Kurds — points out that Donald Trump is the greatest threat to the national security of our nation at this moment.”

(Our “national security” would benefit by launching a full-scale, boots-on-the-ground war against BOTH Syria and Turkey to establish an independent Kurdistan — which in all likelihood would then immediately begin voting against us at the U.N., attacking Israel, and executing Christian missionaries for handing out Bibles? Okaaaay.)

In a press conference the next day, Nov. 21, Nancy Pelosi (79-year-old daughter of a Mafia-connected Baltimore mayor, doyen of a “Sanctuary City” where illegal-alien murderers are routinely set free, who has mysteriously accrued a net worth of $120 million by “investing in real estate” while working for decades at a congresswoman’s $174,000 salary while maintaining homes in two of the most expensive cities in the nation) said, “The evidence is clear that the president has used his office for his own personal gain, and in doing so, undermined the national security of the United States by withholding military assistance to the Ukraine . . .”

Coincidence? Think all this weird “president is a threat to national security” business – from a bunch of freaking communist/globalists — is a “coincidence”? If you still believe this talking-point echo chamber has anything to do with “coincidence,” go watch the “Walls Are Closing In” compilation tape, at:

Donald Trump “used his office for his own personal gain”? This referring to a billionaire who has doubtless cost himself hundreds of millions in opportunity costs by giving up the reins of his successful business empire for eight years, and who declines to accept even his stipulated salary, instead working for a dollar a year?

Now compare this to Huma Abdein’s day in, day out “You want to meet with Madame Secretary? Have you made your required million-dollar contribution to the Clinton Foundation yet?” pay-to-play operation at Hillary’s State Department.

Not to mention the fact that Trump HAS sent military aid — including lethal javelin anti-tank missiles -– to the Ukraine, while Obama refused to send anything beyond, as Mr. Trump puts it, sheets and pillow cases.


Let’s examine this assertion that Donald Trump, as president, is a danger to America’s national security:

For 30 years, the Bush, Clinton & Obama crime families have been selling us down the river, supervising the systematic packing up and exporting of TENS OF THOUSANDS of American factories to tyrannical overseas hellholes where multinational industrialists fronted by our various “chambers of commerce” could make huge fortunes using communist slave labor to work those drill presses and stamp out all their plastic toys and who-needs-quality-control aircraft parts – while those aforementioned greedy politicians accepted multi-million-dollar payoffs to let it happen, their kickbacks often routed through their “foundations.” Whole BOOKS have been written about this. (See “Clinton Cash” or “Year of the Rat,” or “Secret Empires.”)

(The kickbacks: )

By the time Trump was elected, we were within months of watching the shutdown of the last American steel mills capable of making heavy armor for our tanks, the last aluminum foundries capable of making top-quality aluminum required in our warplanes:

Trump has almost single-handedly rescued and brought back the American steel, aluminum, and energy industries – things the economic illiterate Barack Obama said could only be done with “a magic wand.” To this DAY, the Democrat challengers are promising to shut down America’s coal, oil, gas, and pipeline industries entirely, leaving Vladimir Putin free to blackmail Europe into subservience by becoming their only source of fossil fuels, while hundreds of thousands more American workers go back on the dole as their towns out in “Flyover Country” rot around them.

They insist we’ll be fine — no one will freeze in the dark, no one will face a $1,000 monthly electric bill, honest! — if we just chant our ritual prayers to the goddess Gaia and enact enough edicts that half our power has to come from Tom Steyer’s heavily subsidized bird-slicing windmills, and the rest from elves in hollow trees.

But it’s DONALD TRUMP who’s a threat to our national security?

Meantime, has anyone noticed “Confidence in Trump economy hits highest level ever”?

THIS is why the Dems are running their impeachment scam –- Trump’s re-born strong America is going to cost multinational industrialists who are now heavily invested in communist China and bled-out, castrated Europe TRILLIONS. He’s reversing the 30-year campaign to gut America, and the bribemasters who control the Democrat party, the RINOs, and our communist “major news media,” are screaming “We paid you billions! Get to work! Eliminate this bastard By Any Means Necessary!”

Make no mistake: This is not about any wrongdoing by Donald Trump -– which is precisely why they keep trying out a different “crime” every week or two, as their focus groups tell them which one will now play best.

Meantime, the wheels are falling off the “shampeachment,” anyway.

Note how little attention was paid in the “mainstream media” to an amazing sign of weakness of bug-eyes Schiff and his scam, the other day:

Why does Schiff immediately withdraw his so-called “subpoenas” when they’re challenged? Because House Democrats know their demand letters aren’t real “subpoenas” (backed by a penalty under law), at all, and their whole show will fall apart if they allow a court to rule on the question.


Will Pelosi’s Democrats go through with impeachment, even though the vote could cost the seats of numerous Democrats in swing districts . . .

. . . even though GOP Senators have made it clear they would turn any impeachment “trial” into a public trial of corrupt Adam Schiff, Eric Ciaramella the Democrat-operative “hoaxblower,” that Vindman guy who advised his Ukrainian buddies to do the opposite of what his Commander-in-Chief wanted (with the full approval of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which means they’re in on the coup), and particularly of the bribed-up Biden family?

. . . even though such a “trial” could keep leading presidential contenders like Liawatha Warren off the campaign trail during the crucial early primaries?

Possibly. We no longer seem to be dealing with rational beings, here. (Or could it be that the Red Chinese/Wall Street bribes offered in exchange for damaging Trump by allowing him to be branded “an impeached president” are just too enormous to be grasped?)

Ask any coach when he wants his team’s training, fitness, stamina and morale to peak. He’ll almost certainly tell you “On the morning of the final game of the season -– the championship game.”

Ask any good campaign manager when he wants his candidate’s campaign to peak. He’ll almost certainly tell you “On the morning of election day.”

Yet when do the polls (albeit heavily weighted toward Democrat voters) tell us the Democrats reached a peak with their sham effort to drive down Trump’s approval numbers by pretending they think they can impeach him and remove him from office for asking the Ukraine to help investigate corruption involving the corrupt Biden family under the Obama-Clinton administration — as he’s allowed and even obliged to do, under a treaty signed by Bill Clinton?

(See: , or

Polls show that effort peaked — since which, boredom with the shampeachment has been growing, along with Trump’s approval ratings — on Halloween, Oct. 31, 2019 -– one year out.

The Democrats have shot their wad. What do they have left after impeachment (other than 6.5 mm. Mauser — the CIA caliber of choice on Nov. 22, 1963)?

And the Trump counterattack has not yet begun.

The Trump campaign is bringing in $40 million per quarter, and reported $83 million on hand as of Oct. 1. But combined, even the foreign-owned, far-left New York Times admits Trump and the Republican National Committee raised a combined $125 million in the third quarter alone. Meantime, the Democrat National Committee is . . . still in debt.

By summer, Trump -– who won in 2016 despite being out-raised and outspent by $200 million -– almost two-to-one — will likely have well over $300 million available, not counting outside help from busy conservative Super PACs.

Nor does he have any reason to be gentle with a bunch of bribe-guzzling pedophiles who can’t remember what state they’re in, who have libeled and maligned him and done everything in their power to destroy him, his family, and his brand from the day he announced his candidacy in 2015 -– and many of whom just by the grace of God are quite likely to join Elijah Cummings (one down) and be saved from indictment only by dropping dead or collapsing in spastic incoherence at any old inconvenient time over the next 11 months, starting with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, followed fairly closely by Madame Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Sonia Sotomayor, “No-nads” Nadler, and Felonia Von Pantsuit herself.

Watch as this shuffling, word-slurring gang tries to keep pace with Donald Trump as he stages two, three, six huge rallies a week, drawing crowds of 20,000, 30,000, 40,000, as the likes of Fauxcahontas, Buttplug, and Crazy Bernie struggle (like Crooked Hillary before them) to fill a high-school gym with schoolkids bused in by their union teachers . . . even BEFORE any of them are indicted for bribe-taking, sedition, acting as unregistered agents for Red China, or cornholing little boys.

The 2020 presidential campaign is going to look like Sherman’s March to the Sea. And I’m sorry, but I don’t see Pete Buttplug the Harvard bullshitter ( ) being a good fit for the role of William Tecumseh Sherman.

6 Comments to “The junkie, the borderline personality, and others (who) have regressed to a primitive and chaotic level will project accusations like a firehose, and the increasingly wild nature of the accusations will reflect the decay of their mental condition”

  1. K. Bill Hodges Says:

    What a great way to start a Sunday! Thanks for the links and the great writing, Vin.

  2. Kingsnake Says:

    So much to comment on, but I’ll stick to this:

    It never ceases to amaze me that leftists never glom onto the fact, and reason why, so many Wall Street, and now Silicon Valley, financial heavy hitters support their supposed “tax the rich” Democrat party. Because loopholes. Leaving the middle class and Middle America to carry the tax can. (I give you exhibit A: Obamacare.)

    Also, the CIA did not whack Kennedy: The Mafia did. That’s what Jack gets for him & Bobby not returning the favors Daddy’s business associates Carlos Marcello and Sam Giancana did to get him elected.

  3. NotChuck Says:

    “Lede?” Is that a journalism term? I’ve not seen it before.

  4. Vin Says:

    “Lede”: , or

    — V.S.

    p.s. to Kingsnake: I don’t know why it’s “either/or.” Yes, the godfathers not only failed to get the “access” they expected from the sons of their former rum-running associate — Bobby Kennedy actually went after them with federal prosecutions. And, of course, there was no safe way to go after Bobby without taking out Jack, first.

    Jack Ruby was surely the kind of “omerta” guy more likely to be recruited by the underworld than by Langley. Which outfit more likely recruited the (European?) shooters I don’t know.

    But the CIA is pretty well known to have contracted with the mob for hit men to attempt to take out Castro, so “team play” was already established. And that guy who Johnson put on the Warren Commission to make sure only the “right” evidence got into the report, before he helped the doddering Earl Warren lift his head off the table to sign the thing? The guy who’d headed up the assassinations in Iran and Guatemala, who OK’d the MK Ultra project and the Bay of Pigs? I don’t think they found Allen Dulles running a numbers racket in Cleveland.

    — Vin

  5. Technomad Says:

    So the Kurds would attack Israel? Why should we care? What has Israel ever done for us other than cheerfully take our money? (Not that I blame them—if I ran into a billionaire who was throwing money around like a drunken sailor on shore leave, I’d gladly relieve him of the burden of his wealth.)

    We owe the Israelis precisely nothing. They’ve spied on us (if you think Jonathan Pollard was the only one, you’re almost certainly wrong), meddled in our affairs, stolen our intellectual property, and far too many American citizens, by no means all Jewish, seem to feel they owe Israel, not the US, their primary allegiance.

    When, if ever, are we going to tell them to man up, put on the big boy pants, and fight their own battles on their own nickel? We’d be far, far better off without them.

  6. Kingsnake Says:

    Fair points.