Chances of those ’17 errors and omissions’ all breaking at random against Trump? 130,000-to-one

Suppose for a moment you’re the manager of a Las Vegas casino. One evening, the pit boss who’s supposed to be supervising one of your roulette croupiers is taken suddenly ill -– doctors later report someone slipped him a non-fatal but quick-acting poison on his last meal break.

As the pit boss staggers off the floor and before a replacement can stand in, a well-dressed young woman sits down at the table and places all her chips on “red.” It later turns out this is the croupier’s wife. The wheel spins; she wins and doubles her money. (The chances of a roulette wheel hitting either red or black is actually slightly LESS than 50 percent, since there are either one or two green slots to give the house an edge. But it’s CLOSE ENOUGH to fifty-fifty for purposes of our example, here.) She leaves her chips on red. The wheel spins; she wins again.

In fact, she leaves her rapidly growing pile of chips on “red” and wins seventeen spins in a row, before she stands up, hauls her large-denomination chips to the cashier in a couple of plastic buckets, and leaves the premises with well over a million dollars of the casino’s money.

Wow! The odds against that happening are, like 17-to-one, right? Actually, no. The odds of your flipping a fair coin 17 times in a row — starting with your first flip and flipping a fair coin 17 times — and having it come up “heads” 17 times are one in two to the seventeenth power, which I believe works out to one in 131,072.

The next day, that croupier doesn’t show up for work. In fact, it turns out he and his wife -– and the maintenance mechanic responsible for making sure that roulette wheel was “straight” -– all closed out their bank accounts and left the country that night.

The casino owners call you in. They ask you, the manager, what happened, and what you intend to do about it. You respond “I can’t find any documentary or testimonial evidence that anyone did anything wrong, or acted with any criminal intent. It’s just a coincidence; bad luck, just one of those things.”

The owners look at each other for a long moment. Finally, the senior partner turns to you and replies, quietly: “Carlo, this is such a relief to us. I don’t mind telling you, we suspected a little tricky business there, some wrongdoing, that these employees of yours had behaved in a way that might make us look ridiculous to our competitors, which is a thing we could never allow. But now that you’ve explained it all to us so well, I can see that it’s really not a matter of any concern. In fact, you’ve been doing so well with the casino, we’d like to find some more important work for you in the family business, very soon now. So I don’t want you to feel any concern about this little misfortune, at all.”

Would you feel relieved? Or would you take this opportunity to ask your employers if, at least, they could make sure your wife and children are provided for, should you meet with any kind of misfortune in the near future?

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz says he found 17 major errors, omissions of fact, or just plain fantastic, outrageous lies and instances of fraud in the way the FBI proceeded to win FISA Court approval of its warrant applications to spy on Carter Page and (thanks to the “two-hop” rule for such warrants, allowing our modern American Gestapo to spy on anyone who met or spoke on the telephone with anyone who met or spoke on the telephone with Carter Page) -– which is to say: on the entire Donald Trump campaign, transition team, and administration, EVEN AFTER TRUMP TOOK OFFICE!

“Errors” like, for instance, telling the court they knew Carter Page was a Russian agent because of his contacts with Russians, while purposely leaving out the fact they KNEW THE REASON HE’D BEEN IN CONTACT WITH THOSE RUSSIANS WAS BECAUSE HE WAS A CIA AGENT, TASKED WITH GETTING INFORMATION ABOUT THE RUSSIANS FOR THE CIA! (the CIA being referred to in Mr. Horowitz’s account as “another government agency,” presumably in hopes we’d think you meant the Tennessee Valley Authority, or maybe the Rural Electrification Administration . . . right, genius? Just aiming for “transparency,” here, right?)

But -– despite the existence of literally reams, hundreds, of emails between and among these conspirators, shrieking about how desperate they were to keep all those smelly, toothless Wal-Mart Deplorables from electing Donald Trump president, as well as warnings from high-ranking State Department officials that Christopher Steele had been PAID BY THE HILLARY CLINTON CAMPAIGN to simply make up the entire “whores-pissing-on-a-bed” spy story which was THE ONLY DOCUMENTATION OFFERED TO THE COURT (heck, he even reported on an operation being run out of the Russian consulate in Miami, when there IS no such consulate in Miami) . . .

WASHINGTON, DC – JUNE 18: Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz (L) and Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray, who promises to “hold a seminar on following the rules.”

. . . Mr. Horowitz reports he could “find no documentary or testimonial evidence” that any of those errors, omissions, and damned lies resulted from bias against Mr. Trump, or a desire on the part of these agents and supervisors and bosses to keep him out of the White House, or (later) to REMOVE him from the White House.

How many of those errors, omissions, and lies -– all supposedly random and not caused by any “partisan” desire on the part of these agents and supervisors to keep Trump from winning election to the White House, or (later) to REMOVE him from the White House -– worked AGAINST the interests of Mr. Trump, his campaign team, his administration, and voters who voted him into office, tying up thousands of Trump administration man-hours with pointless investigations, while purposely leading voters to believe a patriotic president merely trying to restore American jobs and prosperity and a domestic energy industry which Russia now once again finds to be its major competitor was in fact “Vladimir Putin’s cock-holster”?

Um . . . seventeen.

How many of those errors, omissions, and lies -– all supposedly random and not caused by any desire on the part of these agents and supervisors to keep Donald Trump out of the White House, or (later) to REMOVE him from the White House -– worked FOR the interests of Mr. Trump, his campaign team, his administration, and voters who voted him into office, helping to clear or exonerate them, helping them get on with the job of reform they were elected to do, or even to let them know what was going on?

That would be, um . . . none.

And the chances of that happening at random, without being driven by a frenzied, corrupt, criminal, treasonous, “partisan” desire to prevent Trump being elected, or to drive him from office once elected?

I believe the chances of those “errors” breaking 17-to-zero to Mr. Trump’s disadvantage would be . . . yep, one in 131,072.


Surely someone should also note, by the way, that what the FBI turned up in all those months of mis-using their powers of office and public trust for this seditious, unconstitutional, illegal, “partisan” police-state spying -– leaving aside FBI “302” interview forms they had to massage, change, alter, and fake -–

— was . . . nothing. I mean, if they’d found evidence of Donald Trump so much as paying off a SPEEDING TICKET (let alone talking about how to funnel millions of dollars in Russian “donations” and “speaking fees” through fronts with names like Salidas Capital and Renaissance Capital, the way the Clintons do — see Peter Schweizer, “Clinton Cash,” pp. 49-55), it would have led the newscasts for two weeks, been the subject of hour-long prime-time specials on CBS and NBC, would have been held up as grounds for impeachment, right?

How disappointing for Mafia Nancy, No-nads Nadler, and Little Adam Cornhole! You think if they’d spent an equal amount of time wiretapping and surveilling and spying on Hiillary, Huma, and the multi-million-dollar bribe processing machine over at the Clinton Foundation, they would have found . . . nothing?

Meantime, about the assertion that the FISA Court may not have performed “due diligence,” here: do you know how hard those FISA Court judges actually worked to make sure those warrant applications were ironclad, not merely based on loose barroom talk and wild jokes and rumors, in all the hearings they conducted before approving those warrants?

In fact, those judges were . . . home drinking martinis. Out playing golf. Jerking off at the dirty movies. Whatever they were doing, they certainly weren’t holding hearings in which they aggressively grilled these lying FBI scum (or is that redundant?) about their assertions.

There were no hearings at all. Not a one:

The results would have been no different if we fired every judge associated with the so-called “Foreign Intelligence Surveillance” Court (as we should, right now –- barring them from ever drawing another dime of taxpayer money, anywhere), shut down the FISA Court entirely (as we should, right now), and merely mailed our modern-day Gestapo a big rubber stamp reading “OK’d!” for them to use in stamping any package of lies they please.

Percentage of FISA “spy on Americans” warrants rubber-stamped by the FISA court without a shred of independent investigation or questioning? More than 99 percent.

Number of FBI or DOJ employees disciplined in any way for these outrageous police-state tactics? Zero. See:


Are we asking “Why aren’t these people in prison,” Mr. Barr? No. We’re asking “Why haven’t they been hanged?”


And by the way, about the way Bill Barr keeps referring to the DNC computers being “hacked by the Russians”: You do know the FBI never saw those computers, right, Mr. Barr? That they merely accepted a third-hand claim they were “hacked by the Russians” from DNC private contractor Crowdstrike –- an outfit directly tied to Google, the Democratic National Committee, the Clintons, and sundry crooked Ukrainian oligarchs, an outfit with about as much reputation for objectivity as Christopher Steele and his pal Nellie “Let’s Write A Russian Novel” Ohr playing a game of Mad Libs –-

— which was the only company the DNC would allow to see their servers, right? If the “Russians hacked the computers,” rather than Seth Rich simply downloading their contents to a thumb drive and sending it to Julian Assange of Wikileaks, why did someone (surely not known to a certain Arkansas Crime Family!) shoot Seth Rich in the back of the head in a late-night “robbery” in which the “robber” failed to take his wallet, his watch, his $2,000 necklace, or his cell phone?

They mistook him for Vladimir Putin?

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talks with her deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin.

4 Comments to “Chances of those ’17 errors and omissions’ all breaking at random against Trump? 130,000-to-one”

  1. Kingsnake Says:

    “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.”

    Goldfinger never said what 17 (!) was …

  2. hobitual Says:

    17 is Q anon
    i suggest you look into it

  3. Brett Middleton Says:

    And then we have Lindsey Graham reading the riot act regarding the bias and the errors, omissions, and lies (hurray for his heroic stance!) … while repeating the “Russians hacked the DNC computers” narrative and being shocked (shocked!) that these few partisan FBI guys pulled one over on the dutiful, honest guardians of liberty on the FISA court. The poor court was just helpless in the face of this monstrous evil! Thank goodness the Republicans are on our side and have no agenda to push the Russians as bad guys while propping up the powers of the national security state, right? It’s not like Graham actually wants a corrupt system disbanded; he just wants the corruption to lean his way for a change … er, “make some reforms” to the FISA process to keep the FBI and DOJ “honest”.

  4. Uncle Al Says:

    1 out of 131,072 is actually quite low. Each one of those 17 errors could have gone three ways, not two: it could have harmed DJT, could have helped DJT, or could have neither harmed nor helped. If the errors occurred randomly (hah!), then the likelihood of them all going against DJT isn’t 2**17, but 3**17, or one in 129,140,163. You understated the odds against by three orders of magnitude!