And thank you, Lord, for causing our enemies to go insane . . .’

Seeing a good deal of “Woe is us,” lately. After all, if the Democrats are well-enough organized to rig their primaries to guarantee the nomination of a senile multi-million-dollar grifter who can’t remember what state he’s in, confuses his sister with his wife, and insists he’s a ‘Second Amendment supporter’ while telling a perfectly polite Michigan factory worker that he’s “full of shit,” meantime continuing to thunder that he’s going to seize all those one-shot-per-trigger-pull ‘AR-14 assault rifles,’ demanding ‘Why do you need a hundred rounds?” (when he himself has acknowledged today’s militia actually need Hellfire missiles) . . . SURELY such a party is well enough organized to steal the general election come November.

Biden tells factory worker he’s “full of shit”:

(Meantime, Biden joins me in insisting any effective citizen militia now needs unrestricted access to Hellfire missiles: .)

I’m no Pollyanna on the issue of union bosses and other Open-borders Democrats stealing our elections by flooding the polls with illegal invaders. Here in Nevada, DMV employees are INSTRUCTED by the current Democrat administration to ask folks coming in for driver’s licenses “Would you like to register to vote while you’re here?” It’s ILLEGAL for those state employees to ask, “You don’t seem to speak English very well; are you a U.S. citizen? Probably you shouldn’t register to vote if you’re not a citizen.” Meanwhile, the Culinary Union pressures members (including many kitchen employees and hotel maids for whom English is clearly not a first language, if they speak it at all) to register to vote REGARDLESS OF CITIZENSHIP, then buses them to “early voting stations” in supermarket parking lots.

SEE: ,

, where you’ll find an excerpt from Glenn Cook’s 2012 column, now hard to access at the original web site of the giant Las Vegas Review-Journal:

(“Voter registration fraud is not a groundless conspiracy,” Cook stated -– a fact he then proceeded to prove. “It is not a hypothetical threat to election integrity. In Nevada, a battleground state that could decide the presidency and control of the U.S. Senate, it is real.

“Last week, I met with two immigrant noncitizens who are not eligible to vote, but who nonetheless are active registered voters for Tuesday’s election,” Cook continued. “They said they were signed up by Culinary Local 226. . . .

“Then the election drew closer. Then the Culinary canvassers started seeking them out and ordering them to go vote.

“One of the immigrants was visited at home by a Culinary representative and said the operative made threats of deportation if no ballot was cast. . . .

“One day, when a Culinary representative was told the immigrant wasn’t a citizen and wouldn’t vote, things got testy. The immigrant was “in so much trouble,” the Culinary operative said, according to Brenda Moraine, a local immigrant advocate who was there,” Cook continues.

“One of the immigrants validated my worst fears about Nevada’s weak voter registration standards and voting safeguards.

“‘There are others,’ the immigrant said.

“Other noncitizen Culinary workers are registered to vote?

“‘Yes.’ . . .)

See also: )

Do you think it’s an accident that these “early voting stations” will allow anyone to vote, even if they live in a precinct 15 miles away? This gets rid of the LAST SAFEGUARD, in which a LOCAL volunteer poll watcher (supposedly “one from each party”) might say, “Wait a minute, the voter with this name lives right down the block from me, and you ain’t him.”

This has been going on for years. Yes, I was extremely frustrated when Kris Kobach was initially given the job of trying to police these scams, then pulled back and the attempt basically (apparently?) abandoned when Democrat Secretaries of State refused to cooperate.


But do we have faith in a free market and free competition, or not? The process that would have delivered the Democrat candidate with the best chance of winning would have been a free-for-all, with no thumb on the scales (probably including some actual “moderate” red-state governors who want our duly enacted immigration laws, you know, ENFORCED) — kind of like the 2016 process that stunned the world by allowing Republican voters to choose some blue-collar real-estate mogul and “reality TV star” with “no conceivable path to victory” (because they actually appreciated his straight talk) over such “sure things” as Jeb Bush – cut from the same cookie-cutter as Mittens Romney and Snarling John McCain.

Instead, the Democrats rub their hands with glee at their (apparent) success in cleverly fixing things to hand their delegates to a confessed criminal (bribery, using $1 billion in TAXPAYER-backed loan guarantees, all the elements of the crime CONFESSED ON VIDEOTAPE).

An unquestioning globalist tool who argues China is NO THREAT TO US . . .

. . . who now rivals the Clintons in setting up million-dollar oligarch paydays for his lowlife family (millionaire son Hunter can’t attend a court hearing where he’d be ordered to pay child support for his proven natural child by a lovely pole-dancer because — wait for it — his WIFE IS PREGNANT?), who’s already too confused to be allowed out in public except in venues where he’s going to be limited to reading a 7-minute prepared speech off a teleprompter . . . and never in the evening.

Is this a sound plan? Can no one else script the first series of TV ads? After a quick montage of poor Joe Biden rambling on about his hairy legs, forgetting what state he’s in, and getting a lot of other stuff wrong — followed by a few DEMOCRAT analysts admitting it’s progressive senile dementia and the answer is to make sure he’s always well scripted, never faced with any stressful situations after 4 p.m. — cut to a phone ringing on a desk in a darkened Oval Office: VOICE OVER: “It’s midnight at the White House. American troops are under siege at a remote outpost overseas. Decisive action is needed, fast. Who do you want answering that phone? Someone whose handlers are reluctant to schedule him for evening events, because later in the day he ‘tends to get more confused’”?

Riiiiing . . . riiiiing.

“Hi, I’m Donald Trump. I’m on the job, everything’s fine, and I paid for this ad. Hang on while I get this . . .”

(Predictable long-term impacts of Biden’s two brain surgeries: .)

The Democrats want a scripted appearance of “unity” in hopes of holding the House and winning some down-ticket races. Only two presidents have lost a bid for a second term since Herbert Hoover. Neither Jimmy Carter nor Daddy Bush had shown a fraction of Trump’s gifts for leadership and accomplishment – especially on the economy.

Do they really think shrieking that “Trump is responsible for some already-sick old people unfortunately dying of the Wuhan Flu” – despite that fact THEY called it “racist” when he blocked travel from China MONTHS AGO – is going to succeed as “the 60-day scandal that will bring down Trump”‘?

We know why they hate him — or rather why they despise the Americans who have finally stood up on their hind legs and sent “the right man” to Washington — not some slick, double-talking Ivy League lawyer (“You’re in charge! We’ve vetted TWO WHOLE CANDIDATES for you! Feel free to choose between Tweedle-Dum or Tweedle-Dumber!”) but a plain-speaking, common-sense alpha male who throws their lies right back in their faces, after they’ve taken millions (each) in thinly-disguised bribes and kickbacks to let Goldman-Sachs and the rest of the gang ship all our factories overseas, import millions of illiterate illegal aliens willing to work for chump change, and then tell us “Your kids are now going to grow up to be OUR waitresses and busboys — get used to it.”

Shall we count their organized “Orange Man Bad” hoaxes and scams? Do they think this one is going to work any better than “After three full years of total cooperation with our made-up whores-peeing-on-the-bed Bob Mueller scam – which the FBI KNEW was a scam before Mueller was even appointed! . . . ,

or see

. . . Trump deserves to be impeached for resisting a letter from Adam Schiff demanding that his own lawyer violate attorney-client privilege — a letter which the court now rules wasn’t ‘a subpoena’ with any force of law, at all,”

? Do they think “Trump didn’t do enough about the coronavirus” is going to succeed any better than — ah, those oldies but goodies — “These three graying bull-dyke Hillary donors represented “pro bono” by Gloria Allred or her daughter think it may have been a far younger Donald Trump who bumped their well-padded butts from behind at a concert 20 years ago, although they never filed a police report, they aren’t now willing to sign any affidavits under penalty of perjury, they can’t provide a date, and they didn’t bother to tell anyone about it at the time”?

Whoa! Time to get out those pussy hats! Trump is surely doomed, this time!

(Claim that Trump cut funding for CDC team assigned to target health emergencies? AP says it’s a Democrat lie:

although top Democrat Cackling Chuck Schumer, head of the Disloyal Opposition, DID brag, a few years back, about Senate Democrats successfully cutting “flu pandemic” funding, which he referred to as “one of those porky things”: .)

Coronavirus panic being ginned up to hurt Trump (even if they have to crash the U.S. economy to do so?) See:

and: .)

Meantime, President Trump gave them fair warning – when no one would listen and all stood against him – about the risks of dependence on China:


p.s. – a personal suggestion to the Trump campaign: If Baffled Joe Biden really is the Corporate Kleptocrat nominee, come October (that is to say, assuming he isn’t “Arkancided” in September, collapsing onstage in a puddle of drool), I suspect his handlers will want no part of any lengthy debates with Donald Trump, preferring to provide “written answers.”

But as Donald Trump will likely have only one more chance to dominate such a series of debates in this lifetime, campaign manager Brad Parscale should use the power of incumbency not only to embarrass Drooling Joe if he ducks debates, but to demand that — just this once – they be FAIR: “We want multiple, evening, prime-time debates, of at least an hour each, and we have no problem with half the questioners or moderators being Deep State plants from the “electronic-media” adjunct of the Wall Street-Globalist-Democrat party. You know: George Stephanopoulos, Margaret Brennan, Chuck Toad, Chrissie Wallace to represent those of “different preferences,” Brian Seltzer, Wolf Blitzer, Donna Brazile, etc. Knock yourselves out.

“Just as long as the OTHER half of the questioners or moderators must be chosen from OUR list of highly knowledgeable and articulate broadcasters who AREN’T consistently, 100 percent “Never-Trump,” chosen from a list including Mark Levin, Mark Steyn, Lou Dobbs, John Solomon, Larry Elder, Walter Williams, Sara Carter, Victor Davis Hanson, Jeanine Pirro . . .

– V.S.

4 Comments to “And thank you, Lord, for causing our enemies to go insane . . .’”

  1. Henry Says:

    I don’t mind our enemies going insane.

    I do mind them infecting roughly half the electorate with folie á deux.

  2. hobitual Says:

    can i ad 1 more name to the list : rush limbaugh

  3. wsbriggs Says:

    We’ve needed the clear thought found here. I’m reading that both China and South Korea have successfully used anti-malaria therapies to combat the Corona Virus. Haven’t seen anything about that in the MSM.

    Meanwhile the Never Trumpers on Wall Street keep sending their robot traders out to shell the market. The SEC is missing in action, of course, can’t let our clientele be handicapped when making a killing short selling the world. Forcing a 1 millesecond delay on electronic trading would stop a number of crooked algorithmic scams which occur daily, but I’m only grousing cause I can’t play with the big boys I guess.

    I hate to watch Trump reading the goodthink speeches he’s been forced to give, I’d much rather watch him or Don Jr. rip new ones at the big fat targets presented by the collectivists on the other side.

    I was concerned at being unable to get to your site for a couple of days, glad to see the certificate problem is solved!

  4. Kingsnake Says:

    The real president, should Creep Joe manage to get elected, will be whoever he chooses as Veep. Probably, Lady MacBeth.

    Also, regarding President Trump, the assault on him started before he even declared for President in 2015. The NYT — I then had a sub (know the enemy) — had daily, above the fold, anti-Trump articles in every section, including fashion & sports. I’ve often said that if the MSM knew which way Trump wiped his ass, they criticize him for wiping in the wrong direction …