Who stood to gain by panicking the nation & shutting down our entire economy, over an epidemic that will likely kill fewer Americans than the ‘regular old flu’?

To start with, let’s just point out it’s thoroughly unconstitutional for mayors or governors to order Americans to stay in their homes “for an indefinite time,” or to ban firearm sales. Anyone doing this should be removed from office by legal means.

Our system of government puts individual rights AHEAD of illusory “mass safety” (with all its predictable “unintended” negative consequences) — especially in the case of an apparently (so far) minor epidemic that’s killed a couple of hundred Americans, and will probably end up killing a few thousand — far fewer than die on our highways every year, and in contrast to the 12,000 to 60,000 (mostly elderly, already quite sick) Americans who die of the “regular old flu” every year.

(“Anything that will save a life”? Not really. Lots of lives could be saved by banning motorcycles and commercial air travel, lowering speed limits on the interstates to 25 miles an hour, and requiring that every automobile weigh at least three tons and be powered by a motor that wont GO faster than 25 miles an hour. You wanna try that “anything that will save a life,” again? In the real world — since crashing the economy could kill LOTS of people who don’t grow their own food — we apply something called a “cost/benefit analysis.”)

I’m not even sure we should accept as fact the report that 200 Americans have “died of the coronavirus.” They may have contracted the coronavirus and then died, but if most of these folks were over 75 and already bedridden with multiple other illnesses that had sapped their immune systems, you’re telling me every one of those death certificates says “Died of coronavirus” as the leading or only cause of death?

Governors have a right to CALL OUT the militia, and to ARM the militia, not to disarm the militia (which is you and me, if you know how to use a firearm, as you should) and not to order the militia to stay in our homes. THEY work for US, remember?

(Although I do always wonder about anyone who rushes out to “buy a firearm” at times like this. Why don’t you already own several? After all, when your home is invaded and seconds count, the police are only 12 minutes away . . . unless it’s a busy night. And when were you planning to have an expert spend several hours showing you safe handling?)

Limited exceptions on that “ordering you to stay home”? Sure. If a cop or fireman knocks on your door and says “The ground is flooded out here with these rains, and there’s a power line down out by the road, so we strongly recommend you stay inside – especially keep your kids and animals inside — till we get this handled,” fine. Don’t give the hard-working fellow a lecture on the Constitution. Thank him and offer him (or her) a cup of coffee.

But this is a set-up. We’re bring panicked and finagled.

I understand it’s hard for Donald Trump or any other elected official to now say “That’s going too far” — especially with a press that’s already shrieking he can do nothing right. (Two months ago his ban on travel from China was “racist,” now everyone has to agree it was the right thing to do, but then they’re right back to calling him “racist” for labeling the Chinese Flu the same thing THEY’VE been calling it, which is, you know . . . “the Chinese Flu.”


Of course it’s no great comfort to any family to tell them the death of THEIR grandma or grandpa was “statistically not very significant.” But did America’s press corps aggressively cross-question Franklin Roosevelt in 1942, demanding “Come on, you’re offering false hope, aren’t you? Millions of American soldiers are going to die and then we’re going to lose this racist war, right?”

I believe we saw something highly significant today: The Let’s-Trash-Trump-and-His-Economy press are reporting today’s incident as though TRUMP did something wrong. When Trump announced Chloroquine works both to prevent and to ameliorate the symptoms of coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the massively commercially compromised National Institutes of Health promptly responded that it “hasn’t been clinically tested,” at which point Trump backed down and said it was “just his opinion.”


But guess what? The expert wasn’t right. It’s Trump who was right. Fauci is part of the conflicted, sold-out mob that moves endlessly through the revolving door between the NIH/CDC and Big Pharma, all anxious to create big profits by peddling a new vaccine (even “free” vaccines can be billed to and paid for by the gubbimint – including the ones that are only 40 percent efficacious and can cause more harm than good, which is a lot of them.)

And that mob sure as hell doesn’t want a cure found that undercuts their big plans to market ever newer vaccines, especially if — their greatest wet dream – this one might actually be made MANDATORY!

In fact, chloroquine was proved effective against coronavirus YEARS AGO:


And the more recent clinical studies that Fauci says haven’t been done? Yes they have:


So who’s responsible for generating this huge economic shutdown?

Shutting down the entire economy, when it turns out they’ve known for years that treatment with the old-time malaria/bronchitis drug chloroquine is effective for coronavirus?

Someone with economic power over the increasingly “speaks-with-one-voice” news media was clearly waiting for an excuse to create a “stampede” environment in which no one would question billion-dollar federal bailouts to various industries. I suspect by late April, once that’s accomplished, it’ll be “Never mind.”

Or has this been some kind of “dry run” to see how this generation would handle a real plague, or a war? Of course the “Never-Trumpers” try to insist he’s doing everything wrong. These characters would be perfectly willing (they’ve actually SAID SO) to throw us into a Depression to get rid of someone who threatens their cozy nest-feathering — but that’s not likely to work.

Especially since this crisis — whatever its origins — is proving to any remaining doubters that Trump was right about open borders, where illegal aliens (including Chinese Communists and bearded Middle Eastern fellows) enter by the millions without so much as a basic health inspection (Open Border Bad), that he was right about our dependence on China-based supply chains after the greedy “wreckers” bought up whole factories full of American-made machine tools and shipped them where they could be operated more cheaply by Commie slave labor (Dependence on China Bad) . . . etc.

Ph.D. papers will doubtless be written about the ability of the lockstep corporate media to ramp up the madness of crowds. Those who suffer most will of course be those on the bottom of the income pyramid — part-time hourly workers being laid off as millionaire governors order all the casinos (I’m in Nevada) & restaurants to close down.

The CEOs of Wal-Mart and Home Depot may be content to be told the IRS will make it all up to them next year, but somehow I suspect the laid-off waitress who has to move back home with mom will “slip through the cracks.” And how does a mom-and-pop garden-supply store survive this, when they make half their annual income in March and April?

(The IRS is going to take care of us? Now I KNOW someone’s joking. For the record, the IRS – an outfit not authorized to exist either in law or in the Constitution – is the wise, compassionate, generous, humanitarian outfit that harasses Americans over smaller sums that quickly balloon into hundreds of thousands of dollars in made-up-out-of-thin-air “interest and penalties” until they commit suicide. See




Isn’t it interesting that the World Health Organization (heavily dominated and influenced by Red China, see https://www.theepochtimes.com/who-cares-for-chinas-communist-leadership-not-worlds-people_3273004.html ), along with the World Bank, the CIA, and other criminal conspirators, got together just last October to discuss how an exercise just like this “coronavirus panic” could be used to bypass exasperating problems like so-called “national sovereignty”?





Meantime, here’s Nick Nolte on all the media’s dangerous Coronavirus lies:


and let’s not ignore:

Evidence shows Director General of World Health Organization severely overstated the fatality rate of coronavirus leading to the greatest global panic in history:

Leading to . . . Curfews! Bars and professional sports leagues closed down! BEACHES closed down! (“Beaches”?) A run on toilet paper! PANIC!!!

Fauci: Hundreds of thousands could die:


(Prediction: This guy will be gone by December, moving on to a seven-figure job with Big Pharma.)

Ex-Obama official says “too late to stop a million coronavirus deaths!”


And, just for the record, a quiet voice of sanity:


Devin Nunes: ‘Media and the Left’ are ‘putting the country into a panic’ for ‘no reason’:

Republican California Rep. Devin Nunes accused the “media and the left” of “putting the country into a panic” over the coronavirus pandemic.

Appearing on Saturday night’s “Watters World,” Nunes drew from his own experience coming down with H1N1 to urge Americans to “remain calm.”

A lot of people are panicking,” Nunes told Fox News host Jesse Watters. “One guy sneezed. Someone has a runny nose.” The California congressman noted that most of this will be because of the oncoming Spring and the fact that people “have a lot of allergies.”

Other than making sure those who are “elderly with preexisting conditions of any kind, any underlying health concern” are “kept in isolation as best as possible” and given medical care if their temperature rises, Nunes said that the “main issue is for us in the United States is just to remain calm.”

Watters played a clip of former Vice President Joe Biden saying he wouldn’t “go anywhere in confined places” during the 2009 H1N1 epidemic, which killed 17,000.

“So as someone who actually did come down with H1N1,” Nunes said. “I had it for about two weeks. It was a pretty bad flu. I know what it was like back then. But I also remember that nobody was panicking. I didn’t have to self-quarantine. They told me to stay away from people. They told me to keep my temperature down.”

“What the media and the left are doing here is they’re putting the country into a panic, and it’s for no reason,” Nunes said. “I’m not saying that this isn’t a serious health concern. We need to take it serious.”

Nunes contended that the social distancing policies would likely work and get America “through this fairly quickly.”

“Now with that said, the more people that test, the more cases that we’re probably going to have that will come back positive,” he warned. “But by and large, most people are going to get over this very, very quickly.”

16 Comments to “Who stood to gain by panicking the nation & shutting down our entire economy, over an epidemic that will likely kill fewer Americans than the ‘regular old flu’?”

  1. v Says:

    ive never seen such media driven panic like this before, but then again,we’ve never had 3 generations raised in, what has to be considered thru a historical lens as – luxury – running water – electricty- refrigeration-air-conditioning – color tv’s – cell-phones, cars, internet,free education/brainwashing, $ child support from government, that seem to have such an aversion to reality ? and in a strange coincidence , we also have never had such a pampered multi-generational class of nincompoops mostly raised by single moms before – at least in any history that I’ve ever read or for that matter, lived thru, it’s truly scary looking into the future, with these people potentially in control. the dark ages are gonna look like a picnic compared to whats coming if these cancel-culture robots were to wield the reins of power
    the cast of characters we know of already is truly frightening .
    obarna hillary clapper brennan corney yates strozk page and all the rest……………
    we know THEY are there. in our government.
    we also know, that to go forward and clean the system – they ALL must pay for their crimes………………………….
    if not ………..

    god help us

    for WE have lost the republic .

  2. Brett Middleton Says:

    Damage to the economy of this magnitude promises to kill far more people than even the most overblown “worst case scenario” predictions for COVID-19.

    Meanwhile, having scientific training (including a doctoral minor in statistics), I have a pretty good sense of when numbers are being tortured, and when you torture numbers enough they will confess to anything. The COVID-19 numbers are singing like canaries. But sometimes some truth slips between the cracks. I saw a report claiming that a study showed that 99% of those who have died in Italy so far have not only been elderly but had 1-3 preexisting conditions. I also seem to recall that the first COVID-19 victim to die in Texas was over 90 years old and had a laundry list of life-threatening conditions. As Vin pointed out, calling these “coronavirus deaths” is more than a little disingenuous. You might as well test everybody entering an ER for COVID-19 so that you can add them to the COVID-19 death rate when they die of injuries received in automobile accidents, shootings, and falls in the bathtub. This stinks like a skunk after eating beans.

    But I’m starting to get worried where all this is really going. Trump has spoken favorably of the idea of government owning shares in businesses. (What do we call a system where corporations are owned, or even partially owned, by the state? Seems to me there’s a word for that.) A U.S. Senator sold a mess of stock just before the market crash, according to recent news. CEOs of major corporations, such as Bill Gates, have been resigning en-masse since January. I’ve heard it said that this number is over 200, though that seems hard to believe. But, I have to wonder if these CEOs cashed out back in January and February, which would certainly be devastating to the market. Did these guys actually trigger the crash? Will the Feds be coming along and buying out a lot of these corporations for peanuts?

  3. Kingsnake Says:

    The MSM and Democrats have tried for five years to screw Trump — and by extension the millions of Americans who voted for him — and nothing stuck. Why? Because he was the ONE honest politician in Washington, and they could not believe that he, alone, was not corrupt. Now, with Sino Sinus Syphilis, they finally found a weapon they could really exloit to destroy him, even if, in perfect collectivist manner, it meant destroying millions of their fellow citizens as well. They are repellant.

  4. v Says:

    Question (What do we call a system where corporations are owned, or even partially owned, by the state? Seems to me there’s a word for that.)
    which is 1 party control of government and production AND LABOR
    Brett , while i agree with most of what you have written, the answer to the question you posed to me seemed instantly clearly evident ,, the chinese model is exactly what you described,
    and in regard to your comment about resignations, they have been going on far longer then since last january,, they really started (mostly) around the time trump got the nomination, and the numbers are astounding, its upwards of 11.000 CEOs CFOs,DIRECTORs,BOARD MEMBERs,OWNERs,FOUNDERs, ETC ETC and its been in all sectors , Business,Finance,Military,Industry,Public Service,And Politicians heres a link to a detailed list https://qmap.pub/resignations
    and something else that needs to be mentioned, is all of the illregular deaths since trump became a politician – of which PHILIP HANEYs death is the latest – here a link to a list of all the notable deaths
    And one last thing to consider and that i suspect is connected to this current KUNGFLU outbreak –
    Does anyone else remember all of the VAPING DEATHS last year ? we were told it was bootleg VAPING juice, mixed with vitamin E oil acetate – it killed people and had symptoms similar to KUNGFLU
    hopefully im wrong , but it was only in north america , and all of the US supply of VAPE materials comes from china ?

  5. Howard R Music Says:

    Best piece I’ve read on the subject.

  6. HighlanderJuan Says:

    That this is a government generated crises should not be questioned. Having said that, because government operates in secrecy to keep the people uninformed and ignorant of the wanker’s crimes against the people, historians may be able to summarize what is going on in 2020 at some time in the future.

    And all of this raises another issue, and that has to do with the government executive agencies declaring many wars on the American people (war on drugs, war on terror, etc.) none of which are constitutional, all of which cause harm, and none of which hold individuals responsible for their crimes against the people. An so it is with the coronavirus psyops event – great harm will be done, and no one will be held accountable for the harm.

    Welcome to life on Plantation America where the government fills the roll of master, and the people fill the roll of plantation slaves.

  7. Rob Gillespie Says:

    I suggest everyone here look at the last several months of YouTube vids by Chris Chappell of China Uncensored. He was pointing out in December and January that China was covering this up, AND with the connivance of the WHO and its president Tedros Adhanon (who was once upon a time an Ethiopian terrorist and then a minister – Health, I believe! – in their Marxist government). Mr. Chappell is now recommending that for clarity we all stop calling it the Chinese Corona Virus and use the term Chinese Communist Party Corona Virus, or CCP Corona Virus for short. (I like that idea very much, except for Canada, where I live, because given what the Lieberal federal government is doing about it, I encourage people to call it the Justin the Groper Corona Virus…)

  8. HighlanderJuan Says:

    Regarding the source of this alleged killer virus, I like Brett Middleton’s post. He’s right in his thoughts. IMO. This does NOT appear to be any sort of medical emergency except for those with already weakened immune systems. But, coronavirus does appear to be a great political ploy implemented by people in power and in control of the USA. Rather than blame the Chinese as the source of this malady, I would rather point the finger at Fort Detrick and other US labs that may have created and disseminated this illness. Tell me again, why was Fort Detrick closed last September.

    Regardless of who actually created this illness (and who has the vaccine almost ready to distribute, eh?) why did they do it? When we try to find out who benefits from killing old people en masse and who benefits from shutting down the economy, we find the usual list of mental cretins – people like eugenicist Bill Gates, gangs like the organized zionists, and big businesses as we see in the big pharma world. We see in our future a police state with mandatory vaccinations and a plethora of new jailable crimes on the books. Jail time for Americans – oh wait – we already have more people in jail than any other country on earth.

    Those in worldly power are gradually being exposed, and they don’t like that – they would much prefer to operate in the shadows and blame their enemies for the crimes they commit against others. Every mature adult hates that stupid, deceptive, and immature mentality. But these crime lords are still tribal in their views of life and still believe they are gods while we are merely cattle for them to herd.

    My question is whether or not, since these mental midgets have most of the power and most of the wealth, is whether or not life on earth will survive their constant military and psychological attacks. “By way of deception, thou shalt make war” Really? Give me a break.

    Time for that ashkenazi tribe to grow up into responsible human adults. IMO. And no, they are not gods, and no god ever promised them anyone else’s land and property.

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  11. Luddite Says:

    Having lived through the War on Poverty, the War on Cancer, the War on Drugs and the War in Terror, I can safely say if the War on Virus goes as well, whale oil beef hooked. That being said, it seems obvious the Chinese Communist Party and its storefront the Nation of China must be made to pay for this debacle when the butcher’s bill comes due. We should invalidate all Treasury derivatives, bonds and debt held in this US economy by China and cancel all transfer payments to the Chinese Central Bank. That would put the US, and global economy, on stronger footing and show the CCP there is a consequence for their lies, obfuscation and propaganda.

  12. HighlanderJuan Says:

    There seems to be some intense fervor to blame the Chinese for the coronavirus, and inasmuch as my own research may not have been complete (we are dealing with secret government programs) the evidence I’ve seen leads the illness source to Fort Detrick and the US government. Why did they do this? They did it to hobble the economy and I suspect install a new world government.

    If any of the ‘China did it’ crowd has any evidence implicating China, I’d like to see it. I have found none.

  13. Brett Middleton Says:

    Vin, thanks for the answer to my question, though I considered it rhetorical as I figured we all knew the answer already. 🙂 Thank you for that link to qmap.pub, as I was not previously aware of that site. More fun stuff to read as I shelter in place, breathing the no-doubt-virus-laden air leaking in from neighboring apartments instead of getting out in the fresh air and sunshine. (Another rhetorical question or two: How exactly is being forced to stay cooped up indoors going to help against a seasonal virus that generally goes away when — and because — people become less cooped up? I guess the theory is similar to curfews that force people to move among crowds of other shoppers during the day instead of visiting the nearly-empty 24-hour grocery store at 3 a.m. What are these people tripping on to make such decisions?)

    HighlanderJuan, I’ve been reading a lot of the claims you discuss. Not on Ft. Detrick, but mentions of some lab in Ohio, one in Winnipeg, and one in Texas. I’ve also seen suggestions that it was accidentally released from the lab in Wuhan, but they were studying it, not creating it. I’ve seen a suggestion as well that COVID-19 was actually running around the U.S. last fall, unrecognized and unchecked.

    It’s going to take forever to get all that sorted out, if we ever do. For one thing, we can’t trust _anything_ — not one statement nor one number — coming out of China, where they shut down the dissident voices almost immediately and established an iron grip over all information. For another, it’s hard to sort out the information coming from dissident voices in the U.S., where anything that does not jibe with the Official Narrative is too easily dismissed as “conspiracy theory” and hard to verify as not being planted disinformation. Then we have to deal with the censorious social media, which is cracking down harder every day on debate and discussion of anything related to COVID-19. (Twitter just nailed the Laura Ingraham tweet pointing the contrarian analysis at http://www.medium.com, branding it as “unsafe”, and I think medium.com has removed the article as well.)

  14. K. Bill Hodges Says:

    Luddite’s “whale oil beef hooked” got a laugh out of me. Had to say it to myself a few times.

    Keep up the good work, Vin!

  15. Kingsnake Says:

    A bit late to this thread, so let me just say that coronavirus was just the “test run”. Proof of concept, if you will.

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