The resistance is taking root

Kim Pagan, a Toms River resident, was charged by state police with violating emergency orders “by organizing a prohibited event today in Trenton in which protesters gathered outside the State House and at other locations in Trenton to demonstrate against the governor’s Executive Orders.” That’s right: charged with attempting to exercise her Constitutional rights of Free Speech and Assembly in the police state of New Jersey. . . .

As corrupt California cops arrest people for going to the beach:
But — however belatedly — the overdue revolts against the bullshit lockdowns have begun:
What’s that? “Oh, but bankrupting the nation is all for our own good”? “Because there’s this terrible virus out there that causes a death rate of, um . . . zero-point-one percent . . . among oldsters who were already about to die of something else, anyway”?

Dr. Scott Atlas, former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center and a senior fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, agrees the “total stay-at-home lockdown” is now revealed to be counterproductive nonsense for MEDICAL reasons (without even TOUCHING on its devastating economic effects!): . . .

While other American doctors of immunology agree lockdowns of anyone but the at-risk elderly are bullshit:

Doctors confirm lockdowns did not reduce deaths: . . .

Corrupt dwarf Fauci -– who stands to make millions off a “vaccine” that will be dangerous, minimally effective against a fast-mutating virus, and can’t arrive for a year -– destroyed U.S. economy AND prevented us from developing herd immunity to relatively innocuous virus:

Is he in league with the Communist Chinese? Of course he is.

Giuliani says Fauci paid millions for the virus that’s killing Americans:

Meantime, Nevada’s totalitarian governor gets his ass sued for barring most Nevada doctors from prescribing a cheap, effective drug which cures coronavirus symptoms in hours: . . .

(In fact, chloroquine should be available over the counter, like aspirin, which actually presents greater health risks if overused.)

. . . While patients are put on high-pressure ventilators and left to die in New York City hospitals where doctors “laugh” at the suggestion that they might use the effective Chloroquine-Azithromycin protocol:

Meantime, any coronavirus “vaccine” would be “live, attenuated,” and would thus be both ineffective and likely to cause horrific side effects: . . .

But we were all going to be saved by those “government checks,” right? Has anyone out there received a “government check” adequate to make up for the fact they’ve now lost the business they spent years of 80-hour weeks building up from nothing? Anyone? . . . Anyone . . . ?

Americans do not need anyone’s “permission” to open businesses, to patronize businesses, to travel, to eat in restaurants, to stay at hotels or motels, and otherwise go about their daily lives. Yet listen to these trumped-up Junior Mussolinis talk about “when we will allow” the people who elected them to do these things.

And I’ll tell you one other thing. Fauci? Birx? The whole corrupt gang at NIH and the CDC and the W.H.O. and the Gates Foundation, all paid off by the greedy, immoral vaccine manufacturers? They’re now the Boy Who Cried Wolf. They might as well pack their bags and close up shop, because no one’s ever going to listen to them again. Put a fork in them; they’re going the way of nickel candy bars, 10-cent soda pops, John Brennan, Dana Boente, and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Joe Dan: “The end is near . . . again.”

3 Comments to “The resistance is taking root”

  1. K. Bill Hodges Says:

    Youtube took down the video of the two doctors (linked in the Gateway Pundit article) as “violating the terms of service.”

    The longer 1 hour version is still up, as linked in the PJMedia link, so go watch it now before Youtube pulls the plug on that one.

    As always, Vin, thank you.

  2. Vin Says:

    Yes, Youtube admits they censored the pair of California doctors opining (demonstrating?) that any continued lockdown at this point is horesehit; Youtube admits they “quickly remove flagged content that violate our Community Guidelines, including content that explicitly disputes the efficacy of local healthy authority recommended guidance on social distancing that may lead others to act against that guidance.”

    Not only must you obey, Comrades, but you must not be exposed to anyone — regardless of their credentials — who even QUESTIONS the sanctity of orders received from the Sacred State!

    Wrong Thought is not helpful!

    — V.S.

  3. v Says:

    either we march on the capitols and homes of these so-called leaders and remove them, or we just grumble about it and go home,
    friday is national law day ,,,im heading to the capitol tomorrow,i hope to find a lot of like minded people there .