‘New York Magazine’ reporter who admits dreaming and scheming to join Hillary campaign blames Trump for 50,000 flu deaths

“It’s almost as if the White House press pool draws straws to see who gets to ask the most outrageous question during the daily White House coronavirus briefings,” reports Tom Tillison at BPR Business & Politics.


“A different reporter steps to the fore each day it seems, and the short straw must have been drawn Monday” (April 27) “by Olivia Nuzzi, the Washington correspondent for the decidedly liberal New York Magazine.

“Nuzzi asked the president does he ‘deserve’ to be reelected with the coronavirus death toll being comparable to the number of Americans that died in the Vietnam War.

“’If an American president loses more Americans over the course of six weeks than died in the entirety of the Vietnam war, does he deserve to be reelected?’ she asked.”

(Who is Olivia Nuzzi? Nuzzi in 2013 volunteered and worked for four weeks as an intern for Anthony Weiner‘s New York City mayoral campaign, later writing in the tabloid New York Daily News that she and some of her fellow interns were working in the campaign because they were hoping to meet Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin, and through Abedin her boss Hillary Clinton, in hopes of being involved in Clinton’s anticipated run for the presidency. In an interview with Talking Points Memo, Weiner Communications Director Barbara Morgan, who later said she thought her interview was off the record, called Nuzzi a fame-hungry “bitch” who “sucked” at her job, and a “slutbag,” along with a few other four-letter descriptors not suitable for innocent ears. Morgan said Nuzzi “was clearly there because she wanted to be seen . . . she would just not show up for work,” and that Nuzzi had signed and violated a non-disclosure agreement,)

Trump took the high road – which was of course far wiser politically than appearing angry, defensive, or argumentative. He said “One person is far too many for this. . . . I think we made a lot of really good decisions. The big decision was closing the border or doing the ban — people coming in from China. . . .”

Again, that was the right answer, politically.

But it’s not actually correct.

The question implies a presumption either infantile or imbecilic -– or else it displays a case of Trump Derangement Syndrome so severe that such a person should never be entrusted with a beat requiring more judgment, historical perspective, or common sense than copying down car-crash intersections for the local traffic report.

(Merely being a registered Democrat should not disqualify one from covering a Republican president. But being a Democrat CAMPAIGN WORKER? Isn’t that sort of like Caesar’s wife putting on thigh-high white vinyl boots and a mini-skirt and leaning up against a lamp post at midnight?)

BREAKING! Donald Trump fails to single-handedly cure coronavirus! Will shame at this unimaginable failure lead to his suicide? Film at 11!

(Though in fact Donald Trump’s advice to try chloroquine — despite the sneers of vaccine champion Dr. Fauci — may be among the best medical advice to come out of any White House in recent decades.)

Does anyone believe Donald Trump CREATED the coronavirus, or wanted it to spread in America (seriously damaging the booming economy that was going to make his re-election a sure thing), or somehow caused it to spread in America either through purposeful action or by negligent inaction – when in fact the DEMOCRATS and their lackeys in the lamestream Press were accusing him of overreacting (Xenophobia! Racism!) – while urging everyone to go hug a Chinaman – when he introduced his China travel ban early this winter, and subsequently halted most immigration?



Mind you, I believe the “lockdown” was unnecessary, that it thus caused massive unnecessary economic damage, and that it ought to be promptly ended now that all the “projections” used to justify such extreme measures have been revealed to be utter bullshit.

But the question is whether Donald Trump would have been well advised, politically, to somehow do even MORE than the draconian steps recommended by a bunch of “national medical experts” who write love letters to Hillary Clinton and who now turn out to be completely OWNED by the vaccine manufacturers.


In fact, the question presumes it would be sensible to argue that no president should be re-elected unless he can somehow demonstrate the magical, fairy-tale ability to HALT ALL DEATHS BY NATURAL CAUSES, INCLUDING DISEASE, DURING HIS TERM OF OFFICE.


During Barack Obama’s first four years in office — 2009-2012 — more than TEN MILLION AMERICANS DIED! That’s right — more than 10 million; you can look it up.

Furthermore, of those American deaths during Obama’s first term, some 100,000 were attributed to the sundry varieties of flu virus then current — back BEFORE the CDC ordered last month that virtually all American hospital deaths should be attributed to the Coronavirus, even if there have been no blood tests to confirm an infection by that agent — which had the predictable and fully intended effect of ARTIFICIALLY BOOSTING THE CURRENT U.S. CORONAVIRUS DEATH COUNT.




Yet in 2009, Obama waited till millions of Americans were infected with Swine Flu — and 1,000 dead — before doing anything about it.


(Again, I think President Trump should have done a better job of RESISTING the CDC-Bill Gates- terrorist Tedros Ghebreyesus “lockdown” advice – but that’s not what Olivia Nuzzi of far-left New York Magazine is arguing.)

Yet Barack Obama (whether fortunately or otherwise) was re-elected handily. Why did not the Lamestream Press make a big deal of the “blood on his hands” of all the flu deaths on HIS watch during his 2012 re-election campaign? After all, Donald Trump “hasn’t done enough” – yet Barack Obama took a vacation in Hawaii?


Now, in fact, there ARE American politicians who can more appropriately be said to have “blood on their hands” in connection with the latest coronavirus epidemic.

Both Govs. Cuomo in New York and Newsom in California issued mandates -– edicts -– REQUIRING state-licensed nursing home to take in patients known to be suffering from Coronavirus.

Donald Trump and the federal government spent a fortune (of our tax money) converting the Javits Center in New York City into a special hospital for infectious coronavirus patients, even sending the U.S. Naval hospital ship “Comfort” to New York City to free up local hospital beds for flu patients.

Yet very, very few of those beds provided on the Comfort or in the Javits Center were ever used.

That was in part because all the scary “death projections” from the Communist-Chinese-dominated, terrorist-run World Health Organization (as well as some outfit funded by Bill Gates) turned out to be utter crap, of course

But it’s also because Gov. Cuomo ORDERED New York nursing homes to take in coronavirus patients, even stating in a press conference that those were his orders; they had no choice but to obey.




Result? While millions of young, healthy New Yorkers at virtually no risk of any serious harm from this seasonal flu were being put through the absurd, pointless, virtue-signaling Kabuki of mask-wearing, “social distancing,” home lockdown, etc., the coronavirus tore through the vulnerable populations in those nursing homes – THE VERY VULNERABLE POPULATIONS WHICH SHOULD HAVE BEEN MOST ZEALOUSLY PROTECTED – because Cuomo in New York and Newsom in California ORDERED the modern, infected “Typhoid Marys” to be sent among them!
TRUMP never ordered that. Cuomo and Newsom ordered that. As a result, 25 percent of all New York’s reported coronavirus deaths (which have been far above the national average, naturally enough) were in the nursing homes.



In fact, all four states imposing this murderous policy are, of course, states which have been run by Democrats for decades:


Meantime, if this snide, whining, dumb-as-feces (but mostly blonde!) magazine reporter really thinks the only way a president can qualify for re-election is to STOP ALL DEATHS FROM HAPPENING, she ought to go view the fine 1934 Fredric March film “Death Takes a Holiday.” (Yes, there was a later remake with Anthony Hopkins. The earlier film is better for our purposes, here.)

The film is a fantasy, a myth. Death – taking human form – falls in love with a mortal woman and literally “takes a holiday” from his normal duties in order to spend time with her. It’s a “romantic comedy” but not without its sobering moments, as we’re shown glimpses of soldiers suffering on battlefields, old people suffering mightily from fatal diseases, with no relief available from the pain of wounds or wasting diseases that would usually bring them the peace of a quick death, because “Mr. Death” is literally “on a holiday” – too busy to bring peace to those who pray for his deliverance, who we would normally describe as “at death’s door.”

No, Mr. President. I know why you had to say what you said, politically. And of course we should make sensible exertions to prevent PREMATURE, or UNNECESSARY deaths. But no, we should not pray that for the next month or year or four years there should be “no deaths” from disease or other natural causes in our nation or on this globe, that “one is too many.”

Of course we shouldn’t be blithely telling any American family that grandma or grandpa’s death was “statistically insignificant and even demographically necessary,” but — sorry for the cold breath of reality — three or four million aged, sick, infirm Americans (one percent of the population?) dying each year is not “too many.”

Medical professionals struggle to help us lead longer, fruitful lives, God bless them . Of course caring health professionals feel regret and frustration when they lose a patient. But to eliminate death completely would itself be a nightmare.

Yes, when it comes our turn we may well plead, “Not me, Lord, not today.” But death, in many cases, is an end to suffering. This culture still needs to do a much better job of coming to terms with death, as a natural part of the cycle of life. We’re not talking here about combat deaths in useless wars — that’s a whole different topic (and one in which Trump’s efforts to “bring the troops home” accrues considerably to his credit.)

Nor can I remember hearing of any Democrat New York reporters in 1944 asking Democrat Franklin Roosevelt – who maneuvered Japan into war by cutting off their supplies of steel and particularly fuel oil – whether he “deserved to be re-elected” given that some 300,000 U.S. servicemen had by then “died on his watch,” leaving their “blood on his hands.”

So now let’s hear this 20-something reporter from New York Magazine ask Gov. Andrew Cuomo OF NEW YORK — a huge fan of Bill Clinton and a man with “an endless appetite for vengeance” . . .

(https://www.politico.com/states/new-york/albany/story/2015/03/new-biography-paints-cuomo-as-lonely-obsessive-020681 ) . . .

“Since you have on your hands the blood of all those nursing home residents who caught coronavirus and died AFTER YOU ORDERED THOSE NURSING HOMES TO ACCEPT OTHER PATIENTS KNOWN TO CARRY THE VIRUS, do you think you should be re-elected? Shouldn’t you, in fact, be charged with criminally negligent manslaughter? Don’t you think you should kneel down and commit seppuku, right here in front of me?”

That’s what the leftist press really wants President Trump to do, isn’t it? We all know it, don’t we? They want him to fail, EVEN IF IT CAUSES A GREAT DEPRESSION AND MILLIONS OF AMERICAN DEATHS.

But Little Miss Nuzzi won’t ask that question of Governor Cuomo — who’s much more deserving of it — will she? Because only Republicans are asked such questions. In fact, pretty much only Donald Trump . . . not a perfect man, but nonetheless the dedicated, hard-working, duly elected President of the United States, for whose success in such struggles any loyal American citizen should be devoutly praying.

Though they wouldn’t know anything about that in New York City, would they?

— V.S.

2 Comments to “‘New York Magazine’ reporter who admits dreaming and scheming to join Hillary campaign blames Trump for 50,000 flu deaths”

  1. K. Bill Hodges Says:

    I think Nuzzi’s question is to provoke Trump into defending his own re-election, at which point the press can claim the daily briefings are just campaign stunts.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Sir. I think you have this backwards. Most of the commie press want millions of deplorables dead and depressed. They’re just mad Trump is in their way.
    Next up will be the food supply breakdown that John (I love cannibalism) Podesta was talking up last October.


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