That Russia or China would want strongman Trump in the White House — rather than the whores they’ve already paid for — is hilarious

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has of course completely eviscerated the knee-jerk claim of Differently Abled Hollywood Clown Adam Schiff that the astonishing cornucopia of indictable evidence against the Biden Crime Family found on the Hunter Biden laptop is some kind of “Russian disinformation.” See:

or . . .

(As a matter of fact, not even the far-left New York Times denies the Hunter Biden emails and videos are the real thing . . . )

But why should we need Mr. Ratcliffe to debunk a recycled, eveready CloudCuckooLand conspiracy theory that’s ridiculous on its face, from a bug-eyed lunatic who still hasn’t shown us the “irrefutable double-top-secret evidence” he said he had that DONALD TRUMP was a Russian agent? (Still waiting, Adam. . . . waiting . . . Been four years . . . waiting , , ,)

Long before 2016 — by 2010, actually — Vladimir Putin and every other Russian politician knew that Hillary Clinton’s price was $145 million — chickenfeed, in terms of superpower politics and Defense expenditures. $145 million in “donations and speaking fees” was what they’d paid the Clintons to get Miss Hillary (then Secretary of State, which appointment proved Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama is a crime chief, all by itself) to agree to sell them 20 percent of America’s uranium reserves — the infamous “Uranium One” deal.

Now it’s 2020, and the Russians know the price tag printed on Joe “In-the-Bag” Biden’s back is an even BETTER bargain — put his crack-smoking, infant-humping son on the payroll for $83,000 a month, and have some member of the Russian Mafia — the ex-wife of the Mayor of Moscow will do — hand Hunter and his crooked pals (one’s in prison, another is heading there shortly) $3.5 million, and the whole Biden clan will prove as docile and obedient as a Lady of the Evening. See:

or . . .

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So let’s see if we have this straight: In 2016, the Russians knew one of our two major presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton, could be bought like a whore for $145 million. Now, in 2020, they know one of our two major presidential candidates, Joe Biden, has become a multi-millionaire by simply requiring his family members to “pass through” to “Pop” 50 percent of the foreign payoffs they collect by selling his office, that said Joe Biden can be easily convinced to do favors for any foreign power (Russia, Ukraine, Communist China, KAZAKHSTAN?) by merely slipping his son Hunter a few bargain-basement bribes in $3-to-$4-million range.

Yet, taken for the dunce drooling in the corner, we’re supposed to believe Putin’s Russians spent the year 2016 trying to HURT the chances of their Kept Woman, their paid-off doxy Hillary Clinton being elected president, and now in 2020 we’re supposed to believe they’ve been busy for years devising incredibly far more intricate schemes to salt away abandoned laptops that might or might not ever be discovered at Delaware computer repair depots — fully loaded up with Biden family childhood photos, Biden family vacation photos, and lots of incriminating videos proving ON THEIR FACE that Hunter Biden has committed loathsome and indictable crimes — in order to DAMAGE the electoral prospects of the very guy — Joe Biden — who they’ve been paying off for years, and whose “price list” is as well known to them as the wine list at their favorite restaurant, in order to ASSURE THE ELECTION of . . .

. . . Donald Trump, whose SUCCESSFUL “America First” policy of American energy independence has seriously decreased the value and leverage of their own energy exports (that being Russia’s biggest cash industry), who has built up America’s armed forces to a point where Russia would bankrupt herself trying to keep up (as they did in 1991, which is why their death-trap nuclear submarines now sit rusting at their piers), who’s bullied the nations of Western Europe into contributing BILLIONS of additional dollars to strengthen their defense SPECIFICALLY AGAINST RUSSIA, who’s called out Germany’s Communist leader, the frumpy Angela Merkel, for the absurdity of agreeing to a deal where Germany would get the bulk of their energy via a natural gas pipeline FROM RUSSIA (no more need for Putin to threaten war to get his way in Germany — all he’d have to do is turn off their gas.)

We’re supposed to believe that Russia — or Communist China, or any other evil, ambitious, soulless, totalitarian foreign power — wants to see sitting in the oval office the independently wealthy “America First” billionaire Donald Trump, who’s never accepted a bribe from any foreign power (You know his opponents have been looking — including poring through his tax returns, legally or otherwise — for years, and would have trumpeted it to the skies if they’d found ANYTHING) , who doesn’t NEED their money, who in a mere four years has defied the Chamber of Commerce Clowns and Traitors, along with our far-left, America-hating Bi-coastal Media Elite, to rebuild an America which for decades was being sold down the river — our factories disassembled, their sophisticated computer-controlled machine tools and the jobs they represented being literally PACKED UP AND SHIPPED TO CHINA — and rebuilt us into the GREATEST INDUSTRIAL POWER IN THE WORLD? That they want to spend four or eight or 12 more years being stomped by Super-Trade-Negotiator Trump and his chosen successor, rather than continuing to be welcomed into the perfumed boudoirs of the docile, cooperative, sold-out whores they’ve already BOUGHT AND PAID FOR?

Gimme a break.

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