Rudy promises more details tomorrow on Biden Family Crimes and illegal foreign payoffs (though we already know plenty)

Former head of the DOJ Criminal Division (back when it was straight) and famed successful Mafia prosecutor Rudy Giuliani promises to expose more Biden Family Crimes on TV with Maria Bartiromo Wednesday, Oct. 21:

Although we already know Hunter Biden was promised big payoffs by a shady Chinese company:

Meantime, U.S. Senator James Lankford now worries JOE Biden is a counterintelligence blackmail risk:

Also this week: Google whistleblower admits to Project Veritas that Google is “all in” to rig election for Biden:

In related developments, long-awaited antitrust suit against Google’s enforced Never-Trump, pro-socialist “search” monopoly launched today, Oct. 20 (finally) . . .

and Facecrook employees express shame at their outfit’s blatant and one-sided censorship of new facts exposing On-The-Take Joe Biden’s corruption:

And . . . meantime, already having chosen “Never-Trump” Democrats to fill EVERY debate “moderator” slot, the corrupt “Presidential Debate Commission” now shoots itself in the foot by announcing more last-minute rule changes for THIS week’s debate, clearly aimed (what a surprise) at helping Joe Biden:

or see: . . .

On that topic, by the way, I presume by now the Trump campaign has determined the radio frequency on which Biden is being provided answers through his (illegal) earpiece. What would happen if, about 20 seconds into Biden’s first long statement, a portable broadcast unit in a van out in the parking lot started flooding that channel with painfully loud polka music, and/or an Arabic call to prayer? Especially if all other microphones are now “muted” (surely they’ll mute the Never-Trump moderator’s as well?) so no one would be in a position to ask Joe what was wrong as he screamed in pain, dug the little thing out of his ear, threw it on the floor, and hopped up and down on it like Yosemite Sam . . . with 88 minutes still to go?

As for “No questions on foreign policy,” what’s to stop President Trump from saying “I now have 15 minutes uninterrupted, is that right? So, since the topic agreed upon by both campaigns for tonight’s debate, well in advance, was foreign policy, I’d like to talk a little about Hunter Biden’s statement that “Pop” requires him to pay “Pop” half the income Hunter receives in bribes for his no-show jobs for outfits directly funded by Russia, Ukraine, and especially Communist China . . . millions of dollars in bribes the receipt of which have been confirmed by a committee of the United States Senate. . . “?

Though of course this “muting” business, while obviously intended to somehow “punish” the President, will in fact backfire as usual. After all, it was JOE BIDEN who famously turned this tactic into an art form, using it to break his opponent’s chain of thought in his vice presidential debate against Paul Ryan in 2012. See:

or else . . .

And it was President Trump’s two opponents in this year’s first debate — Joe Biden and supposed “moderator” Chrissy Wallace — who started the interrupting THIS time around:

or see . . .

Still, as to the basic premise of allowing some whining, argumentative, far-from-neutral Democrat twit to “mute” the President of the United States, I’ve been saying for ages that the Trump campaign should have drawn the line three months ago: If you want the president to give Mr. Biden the chance to stand onstage with him as an equal, the left is free to choose two “Never Trump”‘ moderators, but the other two (out of three presidential debates and one vice-presidential) must be chosen from OUR list, starting with Mark Levin, Maria Bartiromo, Walter Williams, Mark Steyn, Victor Davis Hanson . . .

What’s that? Who’s Mark Levin? Skipping his senior year of high school, Mark Levin graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A. in Political Science from Temple University in 1977, at age 19. He earned his J.D. from Temple’s Beasley School of Law and served in the Reagan administration as chief of staff to Attorney General Edwin Meese. Though originally a supporter of Ted Cruz in 2016, he has since embraced Donald Trump as our best bulwark against a Democrat-Communist takeover of this country.

Here’s Mr. Levin on what the current Democrat platform — which he dubs “Joe Biden’s Communist Manifesto” — would mean for America:


2 Comments to “Rudy promises more details tomorrow on Biden Family Crimes and illegal foreign payoffs (though we already know plenty)”

  1. Henry Says:

    Guiliani better diddy mao… people are mailing in them Biden votes every day he wastes.

  2. Vin Says:

    Hi, Henry — It appears Mr. Giuliani, who has brought down some much deadlier mobsters than the Biden Clown-Car Gang, knows what he’s doing.

    The first lying defense from the “Prop-Up-Biden-at-Any-Cost” Media (and of course the congressman in the aluminum-foil helmet, who somehow manages to be right less often than a stopped clock, Adam Schiff) was that this was some kind of “Russian disinformation campaign.” Fox news has now confirmed Hunter’s signature on the repair shop receipt, and has further gotten the FBI to confirm what DNI John Ratcliffe already definitively stated: The FBI has the original hard drive; this is NOT some kind of “Russian disinformation.”

    (See .)

    That took five or six days. If the Mayor had released everything he had six days ago, a populace that only digests news in small bits at 6:30 p.m. or 11 p.m. each evening would have merely stared in puzzlement at an undigestible avalanche of data racing past — the Dinosaur DNC Media might have succeeded in tossing enough dust in the air with their standard “Nothing to See Here; Move Along; Russia Russia Russia” ploy to let it all slide by, meaning that at this point they might hope to get away with “Look! A squirrel!”

    But now that said lying defense has been stripped away, the public instead wonders, “Heavens, what ELSE can he have? Copies of wire transfers for millions of dollars? Emails to and from actual Red Chinese SPIES, paying off the Bidens and thanking Joe for his favors? Videos of crimes involving naked underage children?”

    The Biden Gang will have been given a week to try out their first and best lying defenses, each of which will have been quashed as the mayor says, “Oh yeah? Let’s see you stick with that defense once the public gets a gander at THIS!”

    Not knowing what else Giuliani (and investigator Peter Schweizer, working independently with the 26,000 emails turned over by Hunter’s now-imprisoned partner Bevan Cooney — see ) — may still have in reserve, what defense will Joe have left by Thursday night? “I was kidnapped by space aliens, who replaced me with my evil twin”?

    — V. S.