Joe Biden’s million-dollar rakeoffs from Hunter’s bribes pose national security risk with China, experts say

Joe Biden’s million-dollar bribes pose serious national security risks with China, say China experts J. Michael Waller and Gordon Chang:

But never mind: Dipshitipedia blithely labels multi-million-dollar bribes from foreign rivals in exchange for favors done for them by the Biden who wants to be President as “a conspiracy theory.” (Yes, really!):

While NPR – FUNDED WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS – censors the story, insisting Americans have no “need to know” – even about the Bidens’ sexual abuse of children:

(Correct response: fire every sneering, condescending socialist at NPR, use their repeater towers to help those in remote rural areas to get better, static-free reception of the Mark Levin, Dan Bongino and Sean Hannity programs.)

And Mafia Nan refuses to answer questions about her party’s nominee, of course:

or see . . .:
While longtime congressional reporter Susan Ferrechio challenges CNN’s Brian Stelter on the double standard applied to Biden corruption revelations (“I see nottthink! I hear nottthink!”), as contrasted to his network’s attitude toward unsourced libels later proven false about Donald Trump, which was “Throw it at the wall and see if anything sticks.”

And Chuck Schumer crawls out from under his rock and actually tries to order the FBI NOT TO INVESTIGATE huge foreign bribes to the Bidens!

Meantime, more developments in the Scandal That Keeps On Giving:

Chinese energy firm gave Biden family a $5 million “interest-free loan”:

Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski gives a press conference in which he details Chinese money going to “The Big Guy” . . .

But the in-the-bag mainstream press goes “full blackout” on the Bobulinski email confirmation, of course — so they can keep insisting “Nothing has been “confirmed”!

or see . . . :

“All lies,’ Joe? “All been debunked”? Here’s the full U.S. Senate report on Biden corruption:

Meantime, here’s solid evidence for President Trump’s observation that Nancy Pelosi’s special House committee set up to remove a president for mental incompetence under the 25th Amendment is targeted not at Trump, but at . . . someone else. Turns out Democrats don’t even figure on letting Slow Joe last till Jan. 20:

And . . . Finally! Progress on the issue that got Trump elected! After three-and-half years fending off bogus lawsuits from those who want to see America turned into a Third-World hellhole, the Trump administration is now “expediting” the process of rounding up illegal aliens and throwing them out!:

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