Don’t ‘turn in’ your ballots for someone else to fill in!

IMPORTANT: In a number of Democrat-run states, we’re being told we have to “turn in” our unsolicited mail-in ballots in order to vote in person. It’s not necessarily true. Read the instructions in your voter instruction pamphlet/sample ballot CAREFULLY, and ask questions. YOU MAY HAVE ANOTHER OPTION.

Being unsolicited, these ballots by law should become YOUR PROPERTY upon receipt. In Nevada, for instance, if you show up for “early voting” without your unsolicited mail ballot (as we did, this week), you can instead sign an “affirmation” promising not to vote your unsolicited mail-in ballot. At that point, having signed said “affirmations” with an electronic pen, we were then allowed to vote in person. Our mail-in ballots stayed safe in our car, and were brought safely home for framing or later, post-election disposal.

(Obviously, you should NOT vote a second time by mail — that would be a federal crime. Nor would we advise you to sell or give your unsolicited mail-in ballot to anyone else, at which point you’d be participating in the systematic ballot fraud which was the very purpose of crooked Democrat state administrations — like Nevada’s — mailing these things out in the first place.)

Why is KEEPING THAT BALLOT important? The unused mail-in ballots they were collecting at our polling place at the Ruud Community Center in Pahrump, Nevada were NOT shredded upon receipt, nor placed in a padlocked lockbox under armed guard. (Any “police” in or near the building actually appeared to be un-armed auxiliaries, dealing solely with traffic flow, while showing no concern for how these ballots were handled.) We saw these unused ballots simply tossed by the score into open-topped clear plastic tubs sitting on the floor against the wall.

These people — even if your individual name-checker means no harm — wouldn’t know a “secure chain of legal custody” if it bit them in the ass. (When we took our PRIMARY ballots to the Pahrump County Clerk’s office rather than mail them, last June, someone named “Rachel” — not even wearing a nametag — simply grabbed them out of our hands and slammed the door in our faces. There was no lock-box. For all we know, she could have shredded those ballots immediately — after checking to find out if we’d voted Republican, of course. How would anyone know?)

When your name-checker goes off duty, what becomes of his/her plastic tub full of unused mail-in ballots? He or she may well be assured, “Oh, just leave your tub here in the back room; they’ll be properly disposed of later.” But what’s to stop anyone – even a creative janitor – from gathering those up, taking them home, filling them out, and VOTING THEM?

At best, you could then be questioned on suspicion that you violated federal law by “voting twice in a federal election.” At worst, they could simply be counted . . . FOR CANDIDATES YOU DESPISE AND WOULD NEVER VOTE FOR.


Creepy Joe Biden now announces he plans to use the absurd, ongoing “Covid” virus scare to impose a PERMANENT heavy-handed federal police state through a “national mask mandate” – even when you’re DRIVING YOUR CAR. This would be part of a nationwide regime deciding which businesses or professions are “essential” (don’t want to close those liquor stores!) versus “non-essential” . . . you know, places selling sippy-cups or heavy winter coats for your child, which will be judged “non-essential” . . . until business owners pony up the required bribes, of course. “Normal” America would be gone for good. See:

Meantime, in more news the Corrupt Democrat Dinosaur Media won’t tell you, it turns out Hunter Biden and his crooked partners set up shell corporations to help the Chinese military take over a sensitive “dual use” Michigan manufacturer . . . :

. . . while Kimberly Stassel of WSJ shreds claim that Joe has been “cleared” of China corruption concerns . . . :

. . . or read Stassel directly (though you may have to subscribe, if the Journal will let you — we keep getting caught up in an “unrecognized password” loop):

Though fortunately, despite the planned massive Democrat vote fraud, Trump is on track to win by a bigger landslide than in 2016 – compared to 2016, Trump is up in all voter demographic segments:


And finally (for this evening): Through their blatant censorship to protect Crooked Joe from revelations about the way he’s sold out our country to his pals the Communist thugs for million in bribes (channeled through his ne’er-do-well son, crack-smoking Hunter, to “the big guy,”) Facecrook, Twatter et al. have thrown away the “Section 230” protection from lawsuits and regulation granted them when they claimed to be mere “public bulletin boards” providing access for a free flow of news and opinion. (Ha!) Caught red-handed, they now stand to be broken up like Standard Oil . . . real soon. See:

Tomorrow: The Hunter Biden laptop is the Gift That Just Keeps On Giving!

3 Comments to “Don’t ‘turn in’ your ballots for someone else to fill in!”

  1. Thomas Mitchell Says:

    Concerned about ballot security at the in-person voting site, I asked a poll worker outside about this and she suggested we tear our ballots in half, which we did.

  2. Vin Says:

    Hi, Mitch — Good for you. Though it would be interesting to know if Nevada’s Democrat machine would count a “Biden/Steve Horsford” ballot which had been pieced back together with Scotch ™ tape. I suppose a creative voter could always carry along a red ink pad and a “VOID” rubber-stamp. 🙂 — V.

  3. Peter Basha Says:

    Hi Vin. Long time lurker here, and reader of your writings since the early 90s when I moved to the Vegas area. I too didn’t trust turning in our blank mail in ballots when we went to early voting. Like you, I had read the instructions in the sample ballot and realized we would have the option to sign the affidavit, and we therefore left our mail in ballots at home. There were no problems signing the affidavit and voting. When we got home I shredded our mail in ballots, including the one they sent for my mom, who moved out of the state in 2017 and passed away last year. (They have been sending sample ballots, and now mail in ballots, for my mother like clock work ever since.)