Blackmail photos emerge of naked Hunter Biden partying with naked Russian women in West Hollywood

Potential blackmail photos have emerged of a naked Hunter Biden partying with naked women — reportedly Russian women — in West Hollywood (Adam Schiff’s district? How appropriate.) What favors would Papa Joe — “the big guy” — have done for the Russians and/or Chinese to protect his bag man Hunter from this kind of material?

For your quickest answer, ask why the FBI-CIA Deep State traitors worked so hard for so many years to convince American voters the Russians had a (completely imaginary — thoroughly exploded even by Bob Mueller’s Twelve Angry Democrats) tape of Donald Trump encouraging Russian whores to merely “pee on a bed.”

Yet it appears this is still just the tip of the iceberg. The Hunter Biden Laptop — like the Anthony Weiner laptop full of top secret Hillary Clinton emails and compromising videos that the FBI gleefully suppressed before they spent the past 10 months suppressing THIS one — is the Gift That Keeps on Giving.

What MORE do our trade rivals have?

(And no, it’s not “Russian DISinformation” . . . it’s INFORMATION that shows how foreign powers have been systematically gathering potential blackmail material, not on the squeaky-clean (years of investigation, NOTHING found), clean-up-the-town Trump family, but on the make-me-an-offer BIDEN CRIME CARTEL)

Joe Biden could have spared us some of these graphic details if he’d simply admitted the truth, if he’d only said: “Yes, of course my luxurious lifestyle has been enhanced by gifts from foreign potentates channeled to me through my family — everyone in Washington does that! Did you ever see a Senator leave office and go live in a trailer home? You don’t think I bought all these mansions on a salary of $170,000 or $230,000 a year, do you? But please don’t go after my kids. I’m the one who dragged them into this; I should be the only one to take the blame.”

But no. Joe Biden by this time is simply incapable of “coming clean.” Instead Joe Biden has continued to insist there is no scandal, there are no multi-million-dollar bribes from hostile foreign powers who he’s allowed to steal American jobs, there is no blackmail evidence . . . while depending on his paid off, bobblehead tools in the old “Legacy Media” to continue keeping the American electorate in the dark. (Seen any straightforward coverage of all this in the New York Times? On the evening news?)

Anyone want to change their vote yet?

Meantime, former Biden associate Tony Bobulinski, who has come clean about the Bidens and their crooked deals, will sit with Tucker Carlson for an extensive interview today (Oct. 27) – AND WILL REPORTEDLY PLAY AUDIOS:

And yes, in many states (but not all), you CAN still change your vote, especially if you voted early by mail:

or see . . . :

Secure? Postal worker charged with dumping 100 absentee ballots:

Finally! Legislation will seek to defund anti-American propaganda outfit National Public Radio (“NPR”) for ongoing “blackout” censorship of crucial news about Biden Crime Family corruption — 10 DAYS BEFORE A NATIONAL ELECTION! . . . :

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