Hunter Biden acted as ‘personal attorney’ for Chinese CEO Ye Jianming in deal to help out Russia’s state oil company, per Biden partner Tony Bobulinski

Hunter Biden acted as “personal attorney” for Chinese CEO Ye Jianming in deal to help out Russia’s state oil company, Biden partner Tony Bobulinski tells Tucker Carlson in Fox News broadcast:

Bobulinski describes the May, 2017 meeting — in the Beverly Hilton hotel bar, Los Angeles — where he “brought Joe Biden up to speed” on his & Hunter’s Chinese dealings:

or see . . . :

Though Joe, of course, continues to claim he knows nothing about all the bribe money flowing to him from the Chinese Communist Party via his otherwise unemployable son Hunter the crack addict:

Former Biden partner Bobulinski says “Joe Biden and the Biden family are compromised”:

Brother Jim Biden told Tony Bobulinski the Bidens get away with their compromising foreign business deals because they maintain “plausible deniability”:

Feds obtained FISA warrant against Hunter Biden Chinese associate, indicating they believed he was a Chinese spy:
In audio recording, in his own voice, Hunter Biden audio confesses partnership with China “spy chief” (but he’s never been charged for failing to register as a foreign agent?):

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Naked with 14-year-old girl, but Joe says ‘My son has done nothing wrong’

Photos show Hunter Biden naked in bedroom with 14-year-old girl; Hunter Biden in bed with 14-year-old girl. Joe Biden knew about this; were child-abuse authorities called? Would threats to reveal this kind of stuff open the Biden clan to blackmail by foreign governments?

Irony fail: Unamerican “social media” tyrants who have blocked and censored the vast majority of conservative news and commentary from their platforms — including ANY MENTION of documentary evidence from the abandoned Huinter Biden laptop demonstrating how Joe Biden has sold out to Communist China for tens of millions of dollars funneled to him through son Hunter and brother Jim — now claim stripping them of “Section 230” protections against lawsuits and regulation would “harm free speech”!

Jack Dorsey lies outright under oath, denying Twitter censorship of scandalous Hunter Biden revelations

Wondering why a lot of this sounds new to you? Google has blocked searches relating to Biden on major new source Breitbart News by 99 percent since way back in May!:

Sen. Gardner asks Jack Dorsey why he’s hidden President Trump’s tweets, but not the Ayatollah’s:
As the mainstream media show you (or let you hear) a 12-second clip of Trump followed by a 12-second clip of Biden — implying an equality in energy between the two campaigns — they never mention Trump’s remarks were made before 29,000 cheering people, whereas Biden was addressing only 17 staff and TV cameramen. Are they trying to mislead you? Since Labor Day, Donald Trump has campaigned before 640,000 cheering fans. Joe Biden’s supporters don’t seem all that excited or demonstrative, but at least there have been . . . oh dear: 762 of them.

No vote fraud? Texas “ballot chaser” gets old lady to change her vote to Democrat, rewards her with a pretty shawl:

Is there a purpose to the curiously large gap in the ‘polling’?

Two rare pollsters not delivering up results-to-order both report races in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina are very close, note concern about Pennsylvania ballot fraud:

Yet supposed “polls” published Wednesday Oct. 28 by The Washington Post and ABC showed Joe Biden leading Trump by 17 points among likely voters in Wisconsin (57-40), while the Ipsos/Reuters poll — also published Wednesday — gives Biden a 9 point advantage among likely voters in the same state. Curious.

Democrat Sen. Coons says Trump’s court appointees shouldn’t be allowed to “sit comfortably.” What does that mean? Burn down their courthouses? That’s clearly what the Brownshirt wing of the Democrat party – Antifa and ”Black Lives Matter” – have in mind.

Remember these numbers: One week before the election, Biden leads Trump by 9.2 points nationally, and by 7.1, 8.3 and 5.4 points in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, according to FiveThirtyEight.

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“The Economist’s model gives Trump just a 4 percent at winning reelection, while FiveThirtyEight’s model gives the president a 12 percent chance.”

There are three possibilities: 1) They’re right, and a corrupt, senile Washington insider who thinks he’s running against George Bush will be our next president; 2) They’re so hopelessly, destructively wrong they should all seek new careers, or 3) they’re lying.

(You doubt Biden thinks he’s running against George Bush? See . . . :

or see . . .:

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  1. Henry Says:

    I’m amazed to see ABC giving actual coverage of the scandal, but even then, look how they spin it: “Did Hunter profit off Joe’s position?” The real issue is, “Did Joe sell his own position and task Hunter to funnel the brive money to him?”