Carlson, Greenwald: The mass media, now working hand-in-glove (quite illegally) with the Democrats and the CIA, are lying to you

Tucker Carlson: ‘The Media are your enemies. They are misleading you so that you will obey.’

Glenn Greenwald — a voice from the Left — lays out the ongoing (illegal) conspiracy among the CIA, the Mass Media, Silicon Valley, and the Democrat party — an attempt to remove Donald Trump while sheltering the obvious treason of bribe-hustling Joe Biden:!

Democrat Hunter Biden associate: “History will not judge kindly those in the media that are sweeping under the rug one of the most significant and legitimate national security scandals involving a candidate for the presidency.”

Registered Democrat makes documentary about illegal immigration. Once she learns all the facts, says she’s voting for Trump:

At campaign event, Democrats introduce Kamala Harris as “next President of the United States”:

And just take a gander at that HUGE Turnout for Kamala Harris, best known for keeping thousands of black men in jail after their sentences had expired! (Does this look like a winning campaign?):

(What? You didn’t know about the “keeping black men in jail” part?)”

Dem Presidential nominee Kamala Harris vows to raise taxes (by at least $2,000) NOT just on the rich (as Walking Dead Biden’s scripted teleprompter speech claims), but on ALL Americans who pay taxes:

Democrats cancel Texas event for presidential candidate Kamala Harris and her running mate, what’s-his-name Biden, after embarrassingly small turnouts, and after Trump fans surround their bus and escort them out of town!:

Florida sky banner: “USA for sale — Call Biden Family”

Tom Perez? Chuck Schumer? Uh-oh: Most cheering attendees at Trump’s recent rallies are NOT Republican:

Pollster who correctly predicted Trump’s 2016 win says it’s happening again:

Whereas the Daily Caller reported on Oct. 31 – four days before the Nov. 3 election – that “Biden currently leads in Pennsylvania” by 5.1 points, that Biden leads in Michigan by 8.8 points, that Biden leads in Minnesota by 8.9 percent, in Iowa by 0.1 points.

They further told their readers Oct. 31 that “Biden also leads Trump in Arizona, North Carolina, Florida and Georgia,” by 3.1, 2.4, 2.1 and 1.6 points, respectively. . . .

. . . and that “The Economist’s forecast gives Trump just a 4% chance at winning reelection, while FiveThirtyEight’s forecast gives the president a 10% chance.”

Sure you don’t want to check a few other sources, Mr. Patel?

4 Comments to “Carlson, Greenwald: The mass media, now working hand-in-glove (quite illegally) with the Democrats and the CIA, are lying to you”

  1. Henry Says:

    “And just take a gander at that HUGE Turnout for Kamala Harris”

    I live in a hamlet of 1,400. More people than that turn out for weekly Bingo at our nondenominational church.

  2. R. Hartman Says:

    “Does this look like a winning campaign?”
    The don’t seem to care.

    Did you happen to see this video?
    How can she say this unless they’re planning to pull a JFK on DJT?

  3. Vin Suprynowicz Says:

    Hi, Rene — Although the CIA is barred by law from carrying out operations in this country, they of course do so anyway. (I’m not sure when the last holdout in Washington City concluded “the laws are for little people; they don’t apply to ME,” but it may have been 25 years ago. And certainly the CIA had a role in taking out Kennedy, FIFTY-five years ago.)

    So I’m not going to dismiss the possibility that — as President Trump pretty much HAS to decapitate the current leadership of the FBI and CIA early in his second term, if he’s going to restore any semblance of a standard of justice in which none of these scum are “above the law” — they could try to take him out. We regularly pray that his security team(s) know this, and that there’s been some proactive effort to infiltrate & watch what these Forces of Darkness are planning. (The very fact that rifles have been the weapon of choice in the past leads me to hope the White House team also employs food tasters.)

    That said, however, no such plotters, presuming they’re serious people, would be likely to share any of their planning with a failing frazzlewit like Nancy Pelosi.

    Her comment you refer to is indeed further evidence of her failing ability to keep a secret. But I believe the “secret plan” she alludes to is the more obvious one — the Democrat Party leadership has known all along that the fake polls are fake, that Trump was likely to win enough states (against their lackluster candidate, who had no enthusiastic support even BEFORE son Hunter abandoned his laptop at the cleaners) to beat them ON ELECTION DAY.

    The plan, then, was to use the excuse of the “COVID emergency” to ram through changes of law in their Democrat-run “blue” states this summer to guarantee the vote count would be stretched out many days after Nov. 3, supposedly waiting for all those late “unsolicited mail-in ballots” to arrive, during which time their operatives could deliver thousands upon thousands of fake or stolen Democrat ballots through the back doors of the vote-counting stations, to manufacture their (wink wink, nudge nudge) “predicted Biden victory” by about Nov. 11.

    Three things went wrong. First, Trump’s Republicans were very prompt in challenging those state-by-state vote tabulation rule changes. I believe Republicans have now won 11 of 14 lawsuits (even BEFORE ninth Justice Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the high court last week), blocking the ability of Democrats to count ballots arriving after election day, to count supposed “mail-in” ballots which in fact show no postmarks, to count ballots which lack demonstrably matching voter signatures,. etc.

    The second thing that went wrong for them — very wrong — is that, in September, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg finally died. Any further lawsuits about vote counting (and there will be more) to reach the Supreme Court will now encounter a conservative MAJORITY. That’s the real reason the Democrats went batshit about Trump and the Republican Senate proceeding with the Barrett confirmation on a perfectly normal timetable.

    And third, of course — as in 2016, when there were literally planeloads of Democrat lawyers ready to descend on any single state where the vote count was close enough to contest (as they did in Florida for Bush-Gore) — Donald Trump doesn’t appear willing to sit back and LET this election hinge on the disposition of a few thousands ballots in one or two such “swing states” as Florida or Pennsylvania. If he wins 37 states, their plan can’t work. And at this point, it looks liker he could win 39 or 40 . . . or more. If he takes even a few additional “small” states like New Hampshire, Nevada, New Mexico, and Minnesota, Nancy will have plenty of time to go home and eat her freezer full of gourmet ice cream, in peace.

    — V.S.

  4. R. Hartman Says:

    Thanks Vin.

    As I tweeted some weeks ago when asked who would win, Trump wins, until Biden wins a week later, after which Kamala ‘heels up’ Harris becomes POTUS.

    So I agree that was their plan. What struck me was her ‘regardless of the count’ reference. By the way, Harris already mentioned ‘the Harris administration with Joe Biden’, so they’re not hiding the agenda.

    I had noted the scheme was being blocked in a number of states.

    It’s going to be ‘interesting’, as I’m pretty sure the Dems (and Antifa/BLM) are not going to accept defeat. The NWO has too much riding on this, with the CovidHoax and all.

    Wait and see.
    Regards to Cat.