“I don’t like either of them!”: Why you should vote anyway

Brunette here. First off, don’t get me wrong; I completely understand why many people are reluctant to vote — especially when the choice (or field, don’t forget how vital local races are) of candidates doesn’t appeal to them. Four years ago, much to my retrospective regret, I wasn’t even registered to vote. Although I’d found the (Libertarian Party circa 2016) McAfee show highly entertaining, I guess I didn’t really take it seriously enough — I wish I’d paid more attention to Donald Trump’s campaign. It wasn’t that I particularly disliked Donald Trump at all; I’ve just never had a high opinion of celebrities per se, and DJT was nothing more to me at the time other than a “celebrity.”

Once I finally did start paying attention to the man himself, initially he seemed like an enigma — not at all what I’d expected. I found myself agreeing with him on most things, to my great surprise — “Drain the Swamp” in particular, and he quickly convinced me of the importance of a border wall when he spoke of the realities of human trafficking, something I’d only been dimly aware of previously. A man who speaks from the heart, to me, is a great deal more compelling than one who speaks in polished but deceitful phrases (O’Biden, anyone? “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor — if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”)

Before you decide not to vote on Tuesday, why not ask yourself a few questions that deserve honest answers?

What do you want from a President? A nice guy, like Jimmy Carter (by all accounts, a terrible POTUS)? Were you excited by the prospect of voting for the first black president, in Obama? Did you enthusiastically vote for Ronald Reagan — a great man if a somewhat disappointing POTUS through no fault of his own — as I did, decades ago? Or maybe you’d prefer a fighter, a hard-nosed businessman and deal-maker extraordinaire, even if he seems a bit rough around the edges? A true patriot who loves America, and ordinary Americans (“the forgotten men and women”) and who honors our history and Constitution, who desires to return power to the people who elected him, and wrest it away from unelected bureaucrats who’d sell out their own loved ones for money and the trappings of power. Electing a President is more like hiring a lawyer than choosing a life partner; you want someone tough and strong to advocate for you and your interests, as well as that of your children and their children for decades to come.

What do you love about America? Do you value freedom of speech, the all-important first and second Amendments, freedom of religion and separation of church and state? Does “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” as envisioned by America’s founders ring true, or hollow, for you? Vin has written much on the Biden Crime Family corruption as “the laptop from hell” and other details emerge, and much in defense of Donald Trump so I’ll simply refer the reader to his many posts.

What would you change about America, if you could? Are you sick of the corruption and double dealing, politicians getting rich while pretending to serve their constituents? Politicians making promises (“Read my lips, no new taxes”) that they have no intention of keeping once they’re elected to office? So-called “Institutions of higher learning” that exist to propagandize and brainwash vulnerable young people who’ve been convinced that the key to higher knowledge can be bought by decades of paying off student loans and rising in the corporate world and/or public sector, rather than pursuing their own unique dreams through entrepreneurship or personal initiative?

Donald J. Trump is the antithesis to the corrupt politician. If you haven’t seen that yet, chances are you depend on mainstream media — whether watching TV or reading establishment newspapers and journals etc. There are many reasons why they fear the man — and want you to live in fear of him (and Covid, Covid, Covid) too. Have you ever given the man an honest chance to defend himself in your eyes from the slurs he heroically fends off every day? Have you watched a Trump rally, or listened to any of the many old interviews of Donald Trump readily available online in which his love and concern for America — a Country he clearly loves — shines through?

This is without doubt the most important election of our lifetimes. Not only for America, but also for the world. If you haven’t already done so, spare the man six minutes of your time and watch/listen to this video. It could be the most important six minutes you’ll ever spend, and I mean that.

I’ll be honest; it leaves me in tears every time. And yes, I’m the gal (hey, if we’re honest, haven’t we all played the useful idiot at some point in our lives?) who’s written glowingly of anarchism in the past, and shared my naive enthusiasm for John McAfee’s presidential aspirations in the past. (I have since come to suspect McAfee was recruited to run, and siphon voter attention away from Trump in the 2016 election. It sure worked on me.) So I’ll plead guilty to being dumb and/or gullible, but I’d rather be honest enough to admit it at this crucial point in time even if it hurts a little.

What have you got to lose? For a long time I believed the lie that “your vote doesn’t matter,” “it only encourages them.” Well, HELL YEAH, in this case I want to encourage Donald J. Trump and other good men and women who are stepping up to take our country back from the precipice. I had no real idea how close we had come to losing our country four years ago. I’m sure most of us didn’t; that has only become clear in hindsight, but “once you see it, you can’t unsee it.” The mainsteam media won’t show you or tell you; that’s why DJT rightly calls them “the enemy of the people,” while Movements like Blexit, and the Walkaway movement, do offer an important alternative view of what’s really going on. Q does too; but that’s another story . . . 😉

Let’s make America Great Again (Again!) and Where We Go One We Go All, my fellow Americans. I love you all! God Bless America. A Beautiful dream, long may she live peacefully and prosper.

3 Comments to ““I don’t like either of them!”: Why you should vote anyway”

  1. R. Hartman Says:

    Hi Cat,

    You know my stance on voting, especially after my involvement with the LP, so I won’t elaborate on it here.

    I totally get you. In the US, with its two-party system, the LP will always only work in favour of the Democratic Party, as it splits the conservative vote, even when most Repubs are RINOs anyway.

    Whatever one’s opinion of Trump, when looking at it objectively, without #TDS, one can only admire the man’s stamina, his joie de vivre, his unbroken spirit, especially in the face of all the crap he’s had to endure, and still does.

    Having said that, I can only imagine how much worse the Dems will still get if they lose again. Michael ‘Obama’ already promised as much. A Trump win may buy us some time still, but it’ll only delay the inevitable for our kids.

    I say this not out if pessimism, but out of devestation from the stunning level of submission of the #sheeple to government ‘authority’, including a flabbergasting level of preparedness to snitch on everyone not buying the ‘covid’ hoax and not wanting to live in fear. But we’ll have to take it one step at a time.

    I’m not convinced Trump can block the Great Reset, as he’s not that omnipotent as many people (including Tucker Carlson) appear to think. He can’t just overrule a Dem state’s corrupt governor or mayor. The corruptocrats have a lot invested in it, with a lot of people having sold their souls to the devil.

    As stated below the other article, wait and see.
    Take care.

  2. Leslie Fish Says:

    If you can’t stand either candidate, then vote Libertarian — as a protest vote. Enough LP ballots would make the Big Two parties sit up and take notice that the voters don’t like either of them, and they should trim their sails accordingly.

    –Leslie < Fish

  3. Steve Briggs Says:

    Thank you for the words of support! While I’m strongly A-Cap in attitude, I understand that that’s an ideal which will take a lot of individual education to reach practicality. We are a long way from being there.

    It’s clear that the level of State interference in life is at a totally intolerable level. Those of us who can clearly communicate facts must continue to do so in such a fashion that we reach the emotions of the arrogantly ignorant and persuade them to recheck what they think they know. It will take at least two generations of enlightened students to reach the critical mass to prevent the dark ages from arriving again.

    Happily the prols are starting to defy the state in Europe. Sadly, the Germans, French, and Italians have never hesitated to get violent when the prols get uppity. Americans who wonder at the increase in covid deaths and cases should remember that in those three States one cannot simply wander down to the local health food store and stock up on Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, and Zinc supplements.

    I’m strongly hoping that we do see the “Red Wave” wash over the nation.