Dem presidential candidate Kamala Harris personally endorses Communism — NOT ‘equality of opportunity,’ but government enforced equality of OUTCOME

Incredibly, the day before the Nov. 3 election, Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris endorses Communism — not equality of OPPORTUNITY, but redistribution at gunpoint through which government forces equality of OUTCOME . . . just like in Russia under Lenin from 1917 to 1921, at which point Communism COLLAPSED:

. . . or see . . . :

On the other hand, Donald Trump’s final argument is: “We believe in America”:

Epoch Times says the Bidens have ALWAYS been the real national security threat:


By “assault weapons,” he means the kind of self-reloading, one-short-per-trigger-pull rifles first introduced by John Moses Browning and Winchester in 1901. By “high-capacity magazines” he means the common, normal capacity magazines with which such perfectly legal civilian firearms are designed to function.

Two days before the election, Joe Biden reminds us he wants to DISARM THE VICTIMS OF CRIME – including Democrat/Antifa loot-burn-&-intimidate crime.

Raising taxes, taking away your guns, and by the way the Chinese Communists who have bought him off with tens of millions of dollars in bribes so he’ll continue shipping our jobs overseas are “Not bad folks, folks” — possibly the most brazen & insane campaign platform in history . . . yet CNN claims Joe Biden is 37 points ahead!

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Trump’s last big Florida rally is in MIAMI-DADE. Yes, in onetime Democrat bastion MIAMI-DADE. What is going on? Huge cheering crowds for Donald Trump in MIAMI, home of New York’s wealthiest retirees? Crowds taking to the streets to march for Trump (who isn’t even present) in Beverly Hills? In CONNECTICUT? If he had a few more days, Donald Trump would be holding rallies in New York and Illinois!

Why are Latinos swarming to Trump? Maximo Alvarez has heard the promises of these Communists, before:

Massive spontaneous Trump caravans swarm the country!

No one has ever seen anything like this before:

Robert Cahaly of the Trafalgar Group: Trump winning 20 percent of black vote in battleground states means he can’t be beat:

In every Presidential re-election campaign, the incumbent is presumed to start out with the states he won last time; the narrative is about whether the CHALLENGER can “take away” enough of those states . . . except for ONE presidential re-election campaign. When it’s DONALD TRUMP seeking re-election, the lying media gin up fake polls (which always coincidentally “collapse” two days before the election) so they can pretend the incumbent STARTS OUT BEHIND, and has to “WIN” states away from THE CHALLENGER!

Liz Harrington – The Choice:

Biden campaign won’t say whether Joe will cooperate with FBI probe of Hunter’s money-laundering, operating as unregistered foreign agent:

FBI lies (now there’s a surprise) – turns out they DO have more documents on murder of Seth Rich, who probably sent Hillary Clinton DNC documents to Wikileaks:

In 200 years, Philadelphia fire and police unions have never endorsed a Republican presidential candidate . . . until now

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  1. NotChuck Says:

    “Equality of outcome?” Is that when my net worth is equal to hers, or is that when her net worth is reduced to my projected level (much less than it is today)?