‘I think we’re going to have a great night’


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PANIC: Biden campaign now says they can still win the presidency EVEN IF THEY LOSE FLORIDA AND PENNSYLVANIA. But, um . . . we thought Joe was up by 30 points or something.

Stock market traders seem to be betting on Trump:

As of Monday Nov. 2 , Biden was leading Trump 51 percent to 44 percent in the national “Real Clear Politics” average of polls. With NOT A SINGLE INCLUDED NATIONAL POLL showing Trump with a lead:


But Biden campaign is already filming “Red Mirage” ads, claiming that — despite an Election Day loss — Biden could still win if Dems are just allowed to haul in their plastic tubs full of fake ballots FOR ANOTHER WEEK OR SO AFTER ELECTION DAY:


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If Biden’s handlers think he’s way ahead, why are they desperately seeking funding to fight a “long, expensive” legal battle, challenging Tuesday’s results?


Three days before the election, Pennsylvania’s Democrat attorney general announces his state’s election has been rigged for Biden:


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But the Trump team is forecasting a million-vote Trump landslide over “phase-out-the-oil-industry” Joe Biden in Pennsylvania; victory margins of 400,000 in Ohio, North Carolina and Michigan, and tighter victories in Wisconsin and Nevada:


On Monday, Joe Biden’s campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon, bragged there “will not be any scenario” where Trump will be “declared a victor on election night.”

And Mark Zuckerberg, working for Democrats without declaring the value of that campaign contribution, says Facebook will not allow President Trump to declare victory Tuesday night, in hopes Dems can gin up enough fake ballots in the ensuing days to steal the thing.

Will Facebook suppress vote tallies, and prevent posting of state-by-state election maps? Bonus question: By the end of 2021, will Facebook be broken up like Standard Oil?


Shane Trejo urges The Remnant to stand up to the Deep State’s lies:

2 Comments to “‘I think we’re going to have a great night’”

  1. Henry Says:

    Time to tell the left we’re tired of their 24/7/365 coup. They obviously don’t understand anything south of Extremely Strong Language. I’m looking much further north.

  2. Kingsnake Says:

    If by “great night” you mean being the USA raped to death by the DNC / media and the rest of their communist fellow travellers, sure …