If your ‘news’ source continues to insist there’s ‘no evidence of widespread election fraud’ — or even ‘irregularities’ — what they’re peddling isn’t ‘news’

Pennsylvania House majority GOP members to call for legislative-led audit of election, demand results not be certified, nor electors seated, until the audit is complete:


Republican attorneys generals taking legal action over Pennsylvania mail-in ballots, processed in contravention of Pennsylvania state law, which (according to the U.S. Constitution) can be formulated only by the state legislature:


Ex-Michigan Deputy Attorney General alleges Detroit counters assigned the names of non-voters to fraudulent ballots, then accepted them:


Former Solicitor General and Whitewater investigator Ken Starr tells Mark Levin: Pennsylvania mail-in ballot extension a “Constitutional travesty”:

Attorney General William Barr authorizes DOJ to look into voting irregularities: https://www.breitbart.com/2020-election/2020/11/09/attorney-general-william-barr-authorizes-doj-look-voting-irregularities/

Real Clear Politics say they never called Pennsylvania for Biden; Biden is not “president-elect”:

Trump campaign files lawsuit in Pennsylvania over ballot “curing” and “over 682,000 ballots that were tabulated outside of the view of our ballot observers who were entitled by law to view those ballots.”


Trump campaign files lawsuit in Pennsylvania alleging “creation and implementation of illegal ‘two-tiered’ voting system for election”:

Wayne Root: Trump has a pathway to victory — you’re about to learn a lesson in “Trump Rules”:

Republican congressmen call for recount, audit, and full review: “Fewer than 100,000 votes” separate key swing states:


Robert Charles of the 2-million strong, non-partisan Association of Mature American Citizens summarizes an election that’s “Not over yet”:


James O’Keefe releases video exposing ballot destruction in Pennsylvania; immediately gets censored by Twatter:

Detroit City Elections employee: workers coached voters for Joe Biden, changed dates on ballots:


(Sordid history of British mail-in vote fraud):


Trump LOST 32,000 votes in Pennsylvania in one hour according to AP totals – even as the reported percentage of votes which had been counted DROPPED:

Another system “glitch” discovered in Wisconsin – reversal of swapped votes removes Biden’s lead in Rock County:

Lawsuit: Detroit election worker was told to backdate mail-in ballots by city officials:

Polls watchers in Wayne County file lawsuit alleging Detroit officials knowingly committed mass voter fraud:

Poll challenger asserts Detroit poll workers tasked with duplicating ballots were functionally illterate:

Corrupt Michigan AG Dana Nessel sends cease and desist order to journalist demanding he erase his “#DetroitLeaks” video showing voter fraud training – or face criminal prosecution:

Fair and balanced? Fox News cuts off White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany when she starts to address vote fraud:

. . . or see . . . :


CNN’s Jake Tapper warns Republicans they may lose their jobs unless they rush to accept fraudulent Biden vote results:

Biden’s lead in Arizona shrinks below 1 percent after latest ballot dump in Maricopa County favors President Trump – with 76,000 votes still to be counted as of Nov. 9:

Nevada poll worker alleges rampant electoral fraud in crucial county in sworn affidavit:

More “glitches” in Pennsylvania: Votes for Trump dropped in three different counties simultaneously, almost as though it was coordinated:

“Three reasons to remain hopeful about Trump’s 2020 vote challenges:


2 Comments to “If your ‘news’ source continues to insist there’s ‘no evidence of widespread election fraud’ — or even ‘irregularities’ — what they’re peddling isn’t ‘news’”

  1. Stephen Reinschmidt Says:

    Vin, you once told me years ago that we are in an awkward phase where it is too late to fix things within the system but too early to start shooting (words to that effect). Wise words indeed. This election is proof positive that it is too late to fix anything. It’s beginning to feel like now is the time for “diplomacy by other means”.

  2. Vin Says:

    Hi, Stephen — I believe that’s a paraphrase of Claire Wolfe, from “101 Things To Do ‘Til The Revolution,” actually. ( https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?cm_sp=SearchFwi-_-SRP-_-Results&kn=101%20Things%20To%20Do&sortby=0&vci=51238921 )

    Meantime, we’re all frustrated. But if the courts and the state Legislatures have the cojones to simply enforce existing laws, to stand & answer their call of destiny, using legitimate steps authorized for them by the U.S. Constitution, they can take testimony from IT analysts and statisticians, correct for the illegal vote-switching (and eraasure of hundred of thousands of Trump votes) by the Dominion computer system (they’re not “glitches”) and then additionally throw out all the fraudulent Biden ballots that were trucked in after 2 a.m., when the Democrats realized their “Plan A” Dominion scam WASN’T GOING TO BE ENOUGH.

    But merely demonstrating Trump won, so that he can get to work on his second ianuguiral address, isn’t enough. It’s time to stop saying “Oh well, that’s how the game is played.” No, these are serious felonies. There’s racketeering here, organized crime, and treason. Those who rigged the computer systems and ordered the fake ballots prepared and hauled in and counted have to be identified, arrested, charged, put on trial, and — if found guilty based on the evidence — jailed.

    The way conspiracies and rackets are broken, is you arrest the truck-drivers and mechanics and programmers, explain to them the jail time they’re facing unless they turn state’s evidence against those who gave them their orders, and so “work your way up the chain of vommand.”

    Chris Wray has shown us his FBI is going to do none of this. He’ll order another Thursday morning PowerrPoint presentation on “Why We Must Follow The Rules,” wth plenty of free finger foods. Bill Barr and the DOJ have had years to prosecute the original “Russia-gate” coup plotters, but he’s more interested in making sure the “institution” is allowed to keep humming along, everyone eating their jelly donuts for 30 years till they get their six-figure pension.

    A new team is needed. And the first orientation lecture has to begin with “These are handcuffs. This is a service pistol. Can anyone tell me why we carry these? Can anyone point to the page in our maunals on how to arrest criminals that says ‘unless they’re Democrats; unless they work for the CIA’?”

    Meantime, I know working in a short time frame, the legal teams jhave to concentrate on the most crucial states — Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, maybe Arizona. But I believe the Forces of Evil pulled this same crap in Virginia and elsewhere. And if ALL the purposely corrupt vote ttotals were corrected, I think the Trump Republicans won both houses of Congress, as well. In which case, Congress could quickly outlaw the mass mailing of unsolicited mail-in ballots, require voters to show a photo ID, etc. Why didn’t they do this stuff YESTERDAY?

    — V.S.