The ‘Biden won because we say so’ Potemkin village begins to collapse

Sidney Powell: “There is tons of evidence that hundreds of thousands of ballots are going to have to be discarded” (video):

The evidence of fraud is real:

They expect anyone to believe this farce?

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel says she has 500 sworn affidavits on 11,000 incidents of voter fraud:

American Thinker – Trump wins this thing:

Analysis of election night data shows millions of votes either switched from President Trump to Biden or were lost – using Dominion and other systems:

In hour-long video, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, Ph.D. MIT, demonstrates 138,000 votes witched from Trump to Biden in Michigan:

Laws of phycis suspended – Tens of thousands off Pennsylvania ballots returned earlier than sent:

. . . or see . . . :

“No evidence”? Kayleigh McEnany provides examples of ballot fraud in Wayne County, Michigan:

Detroit poll watcher (and former Assistant Attorney General) witnessed election workers counting ballots from “non-eligible” voters, so they kicked him out:

Rudy Giuliani outlines current status of election lawsuits – ten identified locations all with common manipulative procedures . . . :

Media disgrace themselves in calling an election still being contested:

Michigan election fraud lawsuit alleges backdating of ballots:

Trump campaign charges “pervasive” election irregularities in Michigan, seeks audit of Dominion voting software, which is tied to Clintons & Pelosi:

Sworn affidavit states election systems in Michigan were connected to the Internet:

Michigan lawmakers subpoena state election officials in rare weekend hearing:

Post Office whistleblower denies recanting statement witnessing ballot “backdating” fraud – demands Washington Post retract false claims:

Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County Board of Elections votes to count UNDATED ballots:

Twelve ways for Trump to bomb the battlefield:

Wisconsin elections panel guidance led clerks to add witness addresses, contrary to state law. All those ballots now invalid?:

Joe Biden in September: I will not declare victory until the election is independently certified:

Time for the hammer to drop:

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