Screeching anti-Trump networks demand evidence, Trump attorneys roll out evidence, anti-Trump networks report ‘There’s no evidence’ — rinse and repeat

“There is a pattern of planned voter fraud in multiple states”:

. . . or see. . . :

Key points from Rudy Giuliani-Sidney Powell-Jenna Ellis “Opening Statement” election-fraud press conference:

Affidavit: Dominion voting machines were Online:

Sidney Powell confirms Dominion severs were seized in Germany . . .

. . . later tells Lou Dobbs “There could be scads of evidence of frankly an international criminal conspiracy” . . .

. . . and calls on Dominion employees to step forward with reports of their fraud:

Joe DiGenova to Newsmax’s Grant Stincthfield: Statistical anomalies in vote count “so out of bounds that the results are not believable”:

Trump’s lawyers warn Democrat thugs: “We will not be intimidated”:

Floyd County,. Georgia terminates Elections Director after half-assed statewide audit discovers thousands of uncounted votes:

If Dominion Voting Systems have nothing to hide, “Why are they hiding from us?” ask members of Pennsylvania state legislature:

Apparently worried about evidnce Trump lawyer Sidnwey Powell may present in court, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson wants to see it first:

Pennsylvania judge throws out 2,3000 Allegheny County absentee ballots where voter did not date their declaration:

Arizona governor will not accept election results till court cases conclude:

Hundreds of thousands of Trump votes electronically “laundered” through third party candidates (whose ongoing tallies the major media never report) to Biden:

Facebook censorship case hits Supreme Court docket:

Top Canadian pathologist calls COVID “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public” (as we’ve been saying for seven months):

. . . or see . . . :

Armed child sex offender arrested for aggravated assault on Million MAGA marcher, charged with gun crime:

Rudy Giuliani exposes foreign interference that contributed to widespread voter fraud:

Trump called, concerned for safety of members of Detroit Board of Canvassers:

Former “Dominion” project manager executed $25 million contract while serving as Democrat Party vice chairman:

Nevada election lawsuit alleges substantial fraud:

Parler CEO predicts free-speech platform can outgrow Twatter within one year:

Dr. Scott Atlas recommends “people rise up” against next round of unnecessary, Draconian, Democrat Chinese Flu lockdowns:

Cash-for-votes in Nevada:

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