Big city Democrat machines attempted biggest election fraud in American history

Giuliani update on the largest election fraud in American history:

Giuliani tells Lou Dobbs votes were sent out of the country and counted by a company from communist Venezuela:

Trump teams plans press briefing for noon Eastern, Thursday:

Wayne County (Detroit) Elections Board rescinds previous vote to certify massively fraudulent 2020 election returns, citing left-wing threats to their families to explain their earlier (temporary) cave-in:

Wednesday night, Republicans on the Wisconsin Board of Elections were able to block efforts by Democrats to enact last-minute changes to the state’s recount procedures after the Trump campaign filed and paid earlier Wednesday for a recount in two counties, Milwaukee and Dane:

“They were like a pack of dogs!” – Detroit election fraud witness describes election night chaos:

The Democrats are about to be in shambles . . . for years:

Election fraud expert Russ Ramsland files affidavit demonstrating “physical impossibility” of Michigan election results:

Dominion voting machines all include “weighted race” feature, the only purpose of which is to rig elections:

Other than Rudy Giuliani, who’s left to trust?:

Out of 176 workers for Wisconsin recount, only 12 are Republican?

Several Georgia recount monitors describe “odd batches of ballots” that stood out, pristine, neatly stacked & folded sheets on paper with a different “feel” and perfectly marked bubbles – 100 percent for Joe Biden (but there’s “no evidence of fraud”?):

It appears Trump got more than 72 million votes, but don’t expect the liars to tell you that:

Trump campaign files for emergency injunction in bogus Georgia ballot “recount”:

On Amy Coney Barrett and “judicial notice”:

COVID-19 is getting far less deadly:

Conservative Treehouse will move to new site after far-left corporate censors at WordPress decide to start “deplatforming” anyone with conservative or pro-Trump content:

University of Wisconsin votes to remove large rock because it’s “racist”:

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