In their hour of trial, the besieged American majority pray for a new dawn

Third Circuit Court of Appeals grants expedited review of Team Trump’s appeal in Pennsylvania:

If late fake votes are removed, Trump easily wins Georgia – as he did in 2016:

Discouraging: Citing threats to his personnel, their children, even their pets, President Trump OKs GSA beginning to fund “transition” to bribed-up Red Chinese agent Joe Biden:

Giuliani’s suits will stress misconduct of the election by local election officials – not clear if there will be any focus on the Dominion / Smartmatic machines and software, which were designed to allow elections to be rigged, and were used in just that manner:

Sidney to sue Dominion, Smartmatic:

Rush Limbaugh faults Trump legal team for failing to presents the bombshells they promised:

Democrat-dominated state legislative committee blocks majority-Republican initiative for a statistical-level audit of the Pennsylvania vote:

Ignoring countless affidavits detailing blatant fraud, Michigan Board of Canvassers votes 3-0 to certify election results:

Team Trump shepherding 16 post-election challenges in four states:

New York Democrat attorney general wants business leaders to pressure Trump to concede: What’s the rush? What are they afraid of?:

House Democrat seeks to disbar Rudy Giuliani, 22 other lawyers for representing Donald Trump in election fraud lawsuits as stipulated in the Constitution. What are they afraid of?:

Joe diGenova reiterates to Howie Carr – hundreds of thousands of fake ballots must be thrown out:

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