‘With the stain of dishonesty, liberals will lose everything. Stripped of righteousness, none of the data they cite to promote their views on climate change, immigration, or anything else will hold weight’

At . . . https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/11/2020_stakes_are_high_for_everyone_but_theyre_higher_for_democrats.html , Robert Oscar Lopez, an academic of Puerto Rican descent who’s also “the descendant of African slaves,” B.A. Yale, M.A. University of Buffalo, Ph.D SUNY Buffalo, writes:

“The election of 2020 is different. Having been through a year of COVID and urban unrest, issues that would normally remain distantly political felt extremely personal to Americans. Both issues developed a partisan taste, because the left weaponized COVID against the right and the right weaponized urban unrest against the left. Both issues produced an obvious disconnect between what people experienced in their daily lives and what liberal-dominated commentators were saying in the media.

“Carrying a newfound personal urgency with them to the polls, many people went to great lengths to cast their ballots. Their voting felt intimate and important. And then the election became a disaster that dragged on for weeks. Prior to the election, the left told us there would be no problem with mail ballots.

“Then when the mail ballots caused nightmares in terms of tabulation, verification, security, and timeliness, the left told us there would be no proof of fraud,” Mr. Lopez continues. “Then, as more testimonials of fraud surfaced and the strange statistics heightened our suspicions, the left told us there was fraud but it was not widespread. This, too, broke down as we saw more solid evidence of voting ‘irregularities’ in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada, enough states to make us consider ‘widespread’ a perfectly appropriate adjective.”

(Mr. Lopez could well have added Virginia, New Mexico, and even Illinois.)

“Finally,” Mr. Lopez continues, “the left said these widespread frauds would not reach an amount large enough to reverse the election. And then Sidney Powell released the Kraken, revealing cold statistics about the millions of votes tabulated by a digital balloting company that nobody sane could trust.

“People can disagree about abortion, military policy, homosexuality, education, health care, or any major issue. But nobody likes liars. Nobody trusts liars. The worst thing that can happen to a group of people is to develop a reputation for lying, especially in the realm of democratic politics, where your entire right to hold office depends upon the public’s faith in your word.

“Perhaps worse than lying is cheating. . . . The left lied and cheated — not everybody on the left, but enough so that Joe Biden, no matter what happens in the future, will be associated permanently in the minds of Trump-supporters with lies and cheating.

“Unlike earlier scandals, the dishonesty surrounding Biden’s 2020 election margins has taken hold of an enormous number of Americans,” Mr. Lopez continues. “A recent poll found that 47 percent of people responding to pollsters believed it likely that Biden’s victory came from cheating.

“That statistic is simply catastrophic. Even worse is the probability that the ‘shy Trump voter’ who skewed the polls prior to the election is probably also afraid to tell a pollster what he really thinks about voter fraud.

“I don’t believe that the percentage of Americans who think the liberals cheated will go down,” Robert Oscar Lopez continues, at the Web site American Thinker. “It will only increase. While only God knows the full truth, all the evidence I’ve seen from Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis points to the high chance that more evidence (and increasingly substantial evidence) will come out revealing massive, nationwide fraud perpetrated to steal a presidential election. . . .

“Over time, liberals will have to concede that they’re caught. Their loss of righteousness will cost them more dearly than anything that they’ve ever lost in the past, because their righteousness was the fuel that animated them for so many decades. Eventually, it will sink in that they were on the side of lying and cheating, not only through silent complicity, but also through their vicious mockery of Trump-supporters during the naïve weeks when they maintained the façade that no fraud took place. . . .

“It shocked liberals that after four years of demonizing Trump, they found that he won ten million more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016. Liberals must confront the reality that we haven’t believed them in a long time and that much of their passionate rhetoric has been falling on deaf ears, unbeknownst to them.

“But it will get worse,” Mr. Lopez concludes. “Millions of Trump-supporters who were content with shyness and silence before will now feel emboldened to stand up to liberals. They have nothing to lose, since this election fiasco has made it clear that liberals will lie and cheat, so we can’t trust any of their conciliatory measures or promises of collaboration, healing, or unity.

“With the stain of dishonesty, liberals will lose everything. Stripped of righteousness, none of the data they cite to promote their views on climate change, immigration, or anything else will hold weight.

“They have to decide whether it is worth it to continue pretending Biden’s ‘win’ came with no reasonable suspicions. I don’t think it is. I think if they trudge ahead, sticking to the same story, they face a catastrophe that will be far worse than swallowing their pride, admitting they got the fraud issue wrong, and letting a real investigation play out.”

( Find Mr. Lopez’s entire post at: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/11/2020_stakes_are_high_for_everyone_but_theyre_higher_for_democrats.html#ixzz6ejXs8x6M .)


Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona announce election fraud hearings:

Group files emergency petition in Wisconsin after finding 150,000 potentially fraudulent votes:


Dr. Steve Turley does a video wrapup on the status of Trump / Powell challenges in the six crucial states as of Nov. 24 (skip ahead to about 4 minutes 40 seconds):

Dominion’s Trump-hating executive Eric Coomer performed a suspicious “update” on Georgia’s crooked Dominion somputers a week before early voting began:

Youtube suspends, demonetizes One America News Network – but not Rachel Maddow, or Antifa thugs.

(Paging William Barr — do you suppose these “Tech guys” ever got together and TALKED about silencing conservative or pro-Trump voices? I know it might involve standing up and turning around, but do you have any “law” books there in your office where you might look up statutes comncerning “conspiracies,” “Racketeering,” or maybe something called the “Sherman Anti-Trust Act”?

Paging Donald Trump: If Chris Wray’s FBI doesn’t know how to INVESTIGATE and GATHER EVIDENCE of such crimes (or blatant, in-your-face election fraud, for that matter), and Bill Barr can’t find anyone who knows how to PROSECUTE such crimes by, you know . . . INDICTING anyone, surely Mr. Giuliani, Mr. diGenova, and Sidney Powell should be able to recommend 28 people who know how to do those jobs.

Name the more vicious 14 as your ACTING Attorney General, FBI chief, and six top deputies apiece, then submit the names of the slightly more polished 14 to the Senate for confirmation. If Mitch and his RINOs refuse to confirm, I believe your “actings” get to stay in place for about a year, at which time you can name the rejected nominees as your new “actings,” and submit the FIRST dozen “actings” for Senate confirmation. Rinse and repeat:


6,000 extra Biden votes show up in Arizona due to “upload error.” Isn’t it interesting how all the “errors” seem to favor one candidate?

Pennsylvania governor congratulates crooked election workers who kicked out Trump campaign poll watchers, says the lawbreakers “performed admirably and honorably”:

Pittsburgh Antifa leader tweets a warning to Trump: “We are armed. . . . If you do not concede by Sunday at noon, we will begin to block roads in conservative areas”:


Poll finds that if the media had accurately reported Trump’s economic achievements – including American energy independence – and negative news about Biden’s family accepting bribes from Red China and Ukraine – at least one sixth of Biden voters, who remained unaware of most of those facts, would NOT have voted for “China Joe”:


Lin Wood posts video of destruction and shredding of election fraud evidence in Cobb County:

Happy Thanksgiving! Lin Wood says Sidney Powell will file major lawsuit in Georgia Wednesday:

Well-known lunatic Rachel Maddow says people who contest fraudulent elections “should go to jail.” (Then what about the people who CELEBRATE the fraud, cupcake?) :



Meantime, retired California prosecutor Robert Kirk says lots of cases are won on “circumstantial evidence,” and the “circumstantial evidence” presented by Sidney Powell looks compelling:

“Ms. Powell’s summary of the facts, as presented at last Thursday’s press conference and as expounded upon during the past few days, is the kind and quality of substantial evidence, which, if presented to a jury, would easily result in a unanimous verdict by all twelve jurors, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the re-election of Donald J. Trump was stolen through the use of the Dominion voting software systems installed in states throughout our country,” Mr. Kirk explains.

“For those who want a refresher on that evidence, I recommend Jim Hoft’s excellent article, published Nov. 23 in Gateway Pundit,

( https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/11/note-fox-news-president-team-enough-solid-information-prove-case-see-attached/ )

where he summarizes not only our commonsense observations regarding the national enthusiasm for Donald Trump in comparison to Basement Joe, but also provides a litany of expert and statistical analyses, including that by MIT Ph.D. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, all converging on one inescapably reasonable conclusion: the election was stolen.

“Some may argue that we have no ‘direct’ evidence such as the data from the servers. The only evidence Trump has is ‘circumstantial’ such as the opinions of the experts.

“In my work as a prosecutor, many of my cases were won solely on ‘circumstantial evidence,’” Mr. Kirk continues. “A seminal rule of criminal law and one of which every juror in a criminal case is instructed informs the jury that ‘Both direct and circumstantial evidence are acceptable types of evidence. . . . Neither is entitled to any greater weight than the other.’

“The jury is further informed that if you are presented with two interpretations of circumstantial evidence, one of which is reasonable and the other is unreasonable, ‘you must accept only reasonable conclusions and reject any that are unreasonable.’

“So we saw with our own two eyes the massive enthusiasm for Trump during campaign after campaign with tens of thousands showing up at each of his stops at airports across the country. Trump during the last several days doing four and five stops a day as he crisscrossed America. And we contrasted that with Ol’ Joe and the six or eight, or, at his few blockbuster rallies, a few hundred who would show up.

“And then on the night of the election. Trump ahead hundreds of thousands of votes, and then the vote-counting suddenly shut down in all the key swing states until, in the early morning hours, under cover of darkness, tens and hundreds thousands of votes were found — most, and in some instances all, cast for Biden.


“And then we have the experts such as Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, who have explained the statistical anomalies affirming what we know — the impossibility of that having happened in fact and in truth. Yes, there is only one reasonable explanation from the evidence. The ‘election’ of Joe Biden was ‘won’ by fraud. It doesn’t matter how many cute or clever media pontificators tell us otherwise or that there is no ‘evidence’ to prove it. We know by substantial evidence who won this election and who won it by a landslide.

“So why did the Trump legal team throw Sidney Powell under the bus?” Mr. Kirk asks. “My theory is consistent with Sidney Powell’s character. She is a courageous woman who is absolutely dedicated to the truth. But Sidney Powell does not do politics.

“Everything was fine between Sidney and the Trump legal team until, a few days after the joint press conference, she gave an interview on Newsmax

. . . ( https://www.newsmax.com/newsmax-tv/sidney-powell-campaign-lawyer-dominion/2020/11/21/id/998181/ ) . . .

where she claimed that the governor of Georgia and the secretary of state (both Republicans, by the way) had conspired and received bribes to install the Dominion voting system in their state. I can assume there were a few phone calls to the White House from individuals angry at the allegation.

“I don’t know if those allegations are true, but whether higher-ups in the Republican Party received kickbacks or were complicit in installing the Dominion system is an issue far secondary to whether the cancer of the Dominion voting machines and its pernicious software will be ripped root and branch from the machinery of the American election process. If Sidney Powell and the Trump team fail in that goal, then not only will Trump lose this election, but so also We the People will have lost our constitutional republic.”

Read Mr. Kirk’s whole piece at:

https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/11/theres_a_case_for_sidney_powells_circumstantial_evidence.html#ixzz6ejcHxyuB .)

Days after he whined that there was no evidence of fraud (meaning “Sidney Powell won’t deliver it to me on a silver platter – what am I supposed to do, go out and do my own INVESTIGATING?!”), Tucker Carlson explains the censorship and fraud that stole the 2020 election before our eyes:


Former Democrat Gov. Ron Blagojevich defends Trump legal team – “You can’t show your cards to this anti-Trump media” (VIDEO):

Three weeks after the election, Milwaukee mysteriously finds another 386 unopened ballots:

Graciously concede? No, Trump’s defiance is more appropriate – and exactly what Democrats have been doing for years (The 2016 election was “stolen from Hillary,” after all, and that fat broad is governor of Georgia . . . right?):


A petition to the state Legislatures to do their constitutional duty:



Former FBI agent Tadas Klimas, on “Awaiting the Kraken”:

“The only way the Left could win this election was by massive fraud. That is what they realized during the early morning hours after midnight of Election Day.

“So they piled it on.

“This really is startling. Not that the Left cheated, not that they engage in psychological warfare to cover up their cheating.

“But that all the constant pounding, the immense effort by the enemy-of-the-people, false and fake, media, the near-criminal defalcating do-nothingness of the DOJ, even the held-back news of Trump’s vaccine — failed miserably against the forces of MAGA.

“We Republicans, or whatever we are, gained a governorship, at least ten seats in Congress, several statehouses, and, regarding the presidential race, support from nearly every demographic, including a tremendous gain amongst black and Latino voters.

“President Trump himself garnered 73 million votes – 10 million more than in 2016.

“It was the forces of MAGA that triumphed, not the Democrats,” former agent KIlmas explains.

“Why did this happen? Because under the administration of President Trump, our blinders were removed. The curtain was drawn back. The sick cult of the left is the state religion no longer. Its high priests have been exposed as frauds and hucksters.

“And we’ve realized we don’t have to lose. Trump taught us that. . . .

“Moreover, there is no set-in-stone reason the shift should not continue.

“There are even indications that the pace of the shift, the awakening, will continue. There are new social media replacing the old, censored and propagandizing, media, and a large shift to them is occurring. People are also fleeing a newly leftist, propagandizing, news network for more objective ones,” former agent Klimas continues.

“All of this in the face of a concerted effort to make us accept results of an election; we are supposed blindly to believe everything is OK with it. Anything claimed is at once condemned; even Trump’s attorneys are being told – by other attorneys, a big no-no – that they are traitors.

“That is the measure of their desperation.

“They are relying on deep state bureaucrats, the ones placed in positions by the various states to monitor the election process, to maintain the party line that everything is all right.

“(Remember when no one believed in the deep state because, well, there wasn’t one?) . . .

“They do not realize that they give themselves away by seeking to brand as illegitimate ab initio any questioning of the voting process,” says former agent Kilmas of the gaslighting media, who insist on calling paid-off Red Chinese agent Joe Biden our “President-elect,” even writing feature stories about the cute new pets the Biden family “will bring” to the White House, while shrieking that President Trump must “concede” before the evidence of massive election fraud is even first presented in court.

“This in itself is a hijacking, a perversion, of the process. It militates necessarily to the conclusion that any proclamation of their favored candidate is illegitimate as well.

“And such an illegitimate outcome, if that is what is to occur, will only serve to galvanize us further.

“Indeed, no matter whether our well-founded objections to the chicanery and discrepancies in this election will play out in a very un-level playing field, with the electoral gains we’ve made and the growing strength and size of our movement, there is little doubt that, with some effort, we will restore real, not feigned, democracy,” former agent Klimas concludes.

“Our efforts will be energized by our righteous anger.

“Paradoxically, we forbear only because of our lingering faith in the process, the same process that the Left has hijacked and perverted. But a day may soon come when we are provoked beyond the limits of our forbearance.

“Then truly shall the kraken shall awaken.”

(read the whole piece at:

https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/11/awaiting_the_kraken.html#ixzz6ejedPb47 .)

In Virginia and Minnesota, vote-manipulators actually made the vote totals DROP – how can votes DISAPPEAR in the course of a vote count? How can the count ever go BACKWARDS?)


The totalitarians are at war against America:


Republicans who are traitors to Trump are writing their own obituaries:


Seeking to define our national nightmare, Thomas Lifson recommends David Horowitz, and a video from Paul Joseph Watson:


(Paul Joseph Watson on “The Great Reset”:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQxaGm7eK4U&feature=youtu.be )

“Benito” De Blasio setting up “COVID checkpoints” to arrest NYC travelers violating his political Thanksgiving “quarantine” based on a seasonal flu that’s killing basically no one:


“Recent history can be disheartening: four-plus years of a concerted effort to destroy the president. Media, moguls, and mega-donors united in what seems like a conspiracy of epic proportions to destroy our Republic . The federal justice system is playing rope-a-dope, quashing every single “new hope” because the FBI and Justice Department never even start investigations into leftist malfeasance, or they drag on forever, or they just disappear like sand through dry fingers.

“Now we have swirling and conflicting information about this election. There’s so much that we see with our own two eyes, and we cannot understand how ‘they’ can’t see it. In this case, ‘they’ are our friends, our families, our neighbors, elected officials, the press. Deliberately or not, they are blind. But we see all the evidence and cannot understand how it’s possible we won’t prevail. And then we see that the cogs of the leftist machinery are so well oiled and the clock ticking so loudly. . . .

“But just when hope seems gone, when my personal situation and the political situation overwhelm me, I look up and see those who are putting all their efforts into the fight as the vanguard for all of us. Trump, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, and so many others are not giving up. I am awed when I see their determination to rally on through the frustrating strictures of the law and the endless rules of gamesmanship, all the while keeping up their spirits and fighting for all of us. . . .”

Read the whole piece at:

https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/11/fighting_back_against_that_hopeless_feeling.html#ixzz6ejdGTcVS .)

2 Comments to “‘With the stain of dishonesty, liberals will lose everything. Stripped of righteousness, none of the data they cite to promote their views on climate change, immigration, or anything else will hold weight’”

  1. R. Hartman Says:

    “The worst thing that can happen to a group of people is to develop a reputation for lying”

    Well, the prominent group of people who earned that reputation a long time ago already are… politicians.
    And still people keep voting for them.

  2. Vin Says:

    Hi, Rene (et al.) — Americans have long embraced a fairly-good-natured cyncism (certainly dating back to Will Rogers, doubtless long before) about their politicians as ponitifcating windbags, voicing exaggerated enconiums to motherhood, the flag, and apple pie, promising to cut our taxes and do other stuff which the people clearly favor (like enforcing our immigration laws, deporting the illegal aliens, halting the export of our machine tools and the jobs that go with them to Red China and elsewhere) . . . and then seldom finding the time to actually “get around to it.”

    But I sense we’ve finally crossed the line beyond anything “good-natured.” Voters had to be pretty fed up with the current Augean stables on the Potomac to take a chance on Donald Trump, crossing their fingers that this political outsider meant at least a fair portion of what he promised.

    The smug and well-larded political culture should have taken notice. They should have been smart enoguh to say, “OK, there’s a signal here that our nest-feathering, our wallowing in millions of corporate bribes, our shutting out of the possibility of those great unwashed masses out in Flyover Country getting ANY of what they want, has gotten a bit obvious, a bit out of hand. We need to tamp down our excesses, go along with Trump on at least a MODEST level of reform, and wait him out. Eight years from now, we can start to again advance State Socialism, rule by the greedy Corporate Oligarchs who are willing to turn America into a nation of docile junkies and underpaid busboys, but a bit more CAUTIOUSLY, this time . . .

    Instead, they’ve been trying to destroy this lonely people’s champion by unrelenting CRIMINAL MEANS for four years (despite which he has delivered on most of his promises, in spades, with American energy independence and Peace in the Middle East as two unadvertiased bonuses), culminating in the STEALING OF THE 2020 ELECTIONS THROUGH THE USE OF CROOKED VOTE-COUNTING PROGRAMS INVENTED BY COMMUNISTS IN VENEZUELA.

    They could still pull it off, of course, if they can threaten, intimidate, or buy off enoguh judges and state legislators. (Didn’t four U.S. Supreme Court justices just vote that it was OK to BAN RELIGIOUS SERVICES in New York, in blatant violation of the First Amendment, based on a virus for which the “death count” has been hilariously exaggerated?)

    But the tide is turning. And providing Trump prevails — as he should, especially given the backing of the 100-million-American supermajority who actually voted for him — I believe they’ve seen the end of “Mr. Nice Guy.” Either Sidney Powell or Rudy Giuliani would make a fine Attorney General, and the Forces of Darkness may be about to reap the whirlwind.

    — V.S.