Treacherous White House lawyers urging Trump to do nothing but concede, when he knows he actually won – says former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne


Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, who was present for all 4-1/2 hours of Friday evening Oval Office meeting, says Sidney Powell & General Michael Flynn offered Trump options that give him a “50 to 75 percent chance of winning,” but Chief of staff Mark Meadows and traitorous lawyers “Eric, Derek, and” (N.Y. Times leaker) “Pat Cipollone” are stalling, while telling staff to ‘get him to concede.’

“It is 100 percent winnable. No martial law required. Sydney and Flynn presented a course that I estimate has 50 percent-75 percent chance of victory. His staff just try to convince him to do nothing but accept it. As a CEO, my heart broke to see what he is going through. He is betrayed from within. . . .

“He truly believe he won and he truly did win. I did not vote for him, but I don’t want to see our country hijacked in a psyop. . . . Too nice. Thinks he will look bad in press. Nonsense like that. . . . He wants to fight on. They are bending over backwards to come up with reasons to tell him he can’t do anything. He needs to fire them all or he loses.

“Meadows and legal staff led by GC Cipollone reflexively shoot down every sober discussion or idea presented. Their frame of mind is automatic: ‘We better not try that, it may not work, it would hurt your reputation in the press. . . .’ No kidding, they say stuff like that. . . .

“I’m not afraid of these weasels. A greasy slickster like Pat Cippollone leaks lies to the NYT. I tell the truth publicly. . . . No intelligence was involved. It was the White House general counsel and his team.”

Says claims that “military coup/martial law were discussed” are “100 percent fabrication.”

Sidney Powell spotted leaving White House on Sunday evening:

Mark Levin – Supreme Court sits there, watching, silent, worthless, as our voting system is corrupted:

To block voters from learning about explosive results of forensic audit of Dominion vote-manipulation machines in Antrim County, Michigan (which is to say, the fact that they SWITCH VOTES), Fox New and Fox Business News block attorney Matthew DePerno from appearing on Hannity or Lou Dobbs, instead decide to promote bogus “COVID Forever” scam:

Trump tells Maria Ryan and Rudy Giuliani “We are actually very close” to proving 2020 electoral victory – keys are forensic audits of voting machines, checking actual signatures:

Trump campaign files first direct formal request to U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in Pennsylvania election, which was conducted in violation of Pennsylvania state law:

Devin Nunes lays out the election fraud, the COVID-control scam, etc. – says long-hidden Strzok-Page text messages will result in another criminal referral:

COVID-19 stdy of almost 10 million finds no evidence of asymptomatic spread — media just huinker down and don’t say nothin’:

Lin Wood confirms compromised Chief “Justice” John Roberts was on Epstein’s Lolita Express, has documentation:

DNI declassifies handwritten notes from John Brennan, 2016 referral on Clinton campaign’s collusion operation – meaning Brennan and the U.S. intelligence community knew months prior to the 2016 election that the collusion smear against innocent Donald Trump was the result of a campaign operation hatched by the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Yet not one person has been indicted. Because they covered it up:

Peter Navarro discusses his election-fraud report:

Chinese spy who Rep. Swalwell was humping shows up in photo with Chinese spy who spied on Sen. Dianne Feinstein for 20 years . . . and was allowed to “retire” without punishment:

Gowdy says Pelosi scan’r find a single Democrat who didn’t date a Chinese spy:

Kerchief Royalty Dr. Deborah Birx imposes holiday travel restrictions on a nation of peasants – then travels to spend Christmas with her family (who are exempt, since they work for Bill Gates):

Screwtube removes video of Trump lawyer’s opening statement at Senate election-fraud committee hearing – peasants don’t need to know about any EVIDENCE!:

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