The Uniparty decepticons must get rid of Trump because he has stood up to their paymaster, our one true ruler – the Communist Party of China

Horns of Jericho – 12 noon Eastern, 9 a.m. Pacific Jan. 6:

Chaos in Georgia Senate runoffs . . . of course. Voters told poll workers will process or destroy their ballots later, as proves convenient:

David Solway – The stolen election will not stand:

How the hell did 432,116 votes get taken away from Donald Trump in Pennsylvania?

. . . or see . . . :

The Uniparty government is our enemy. They are so sure of themselves they no longer even bother to disguise their rampant fraud and corruption. Because we are cowards, we are screwed:

The Uniparty decepticons have to get rid of Trump because he has stood up to their boss, our one true ruler – the CommunIst Party of China:

Biden handlers “privately skeptical” of electing two dimwitted Communist lightweights to Georgia Senate seats:

Congressman Chip Roy tells Tucker Carlson current “cold Civil War” will become a “full-scale hot conflict” if Democrats seize Georgia Senate seats with their ongoing vote fraud:

In the style or Hitler’s brownshirt thugs — or the Night Riders of the Klan — violent leftist mob attacks Sen. Josh Hawley’s D.C. home AT NIGHT, terrorizing his wife and newborn child:

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Wisconsin Legislature announces resolution to be introduced Thursday which could confirm Trump’s November victory there:

“You’ll see what’s going to happen. . . . They’re not taking this White House. We’re going to fight like hell”:

State senators call on Mike Pence to delay Electoral vote count:

PROGRESS — U.S. attorney who has not prosecuted ANYONE for massive November vote theft in Fulton County (Atlanta) – despite its being CAUGHT ON SURVEILLANCE VIDEO – suddenly “resigns,” effective immediately, to spend more time with his family:

Hard evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop that Chinese Communist Party was advising him IN DETAIL on how the Biden Crime Family could defeat President Trump:

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer confirms mail-in ballots came with votes for Biden already filled in by machine:

Project Veritas – thousands of hobos, vagrants, bums registered to vote from same address in Fulton County, Georgia:

Dominion vote-manipulation machines have “Made in China” labels:

“I hope that our great Vice President comes through for us”:

Sen. Chuck Grassley first appears to say he will handle certification of Greatest Election Theft in American History Wednesday in Mike Pence’s absence – then backtracks:

SOMETIMES, HYPOCRICY IS HILARIOUS: DC mayor saw no need to call out National Guard when Antifa, Black Lies Matter terrorized city last summer . . . but will now call out National Guard as millions of so-far-peaceful Trump supporters approach for “Stop the Steal” tally:

Bloomberg pushes “violence coming to D.C.” narrative – Congresscritters terrified that actual Americans from flyover country may be present to watch them endorse Greatest Election Theft in American History:


Former corrupt Weissmann/Mueller prosecutor Jeannie Rhee tied to arrest of Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio on trumped-up charges as he arrives in D.C. for huge “Stop the Steal” rally:

Colorado Congresswoman laughs at D.C. police chief’s attempt to intimidate her over her right to carry a self-defense handgun:

John Spiropoulos en route to the giant D.C. election-theft protest & rally:

Husband waits till President Trump actually starts endorsing wife onstage in Georgia before announcing his New York Stock Exchange will defy Trump’s executive order, accept huge fees & kickbacks to list three dangerous, anti-American, Communist Chinese telecom front companies:

Mo Brooks warns Josh Hawley is still only Senate challenger to massive election theft – Ted Cruz may be pulling a political stunt:

Hero Sen. Josh Hawley outlines his intent with Jan. 6 Electoral vote challenge:

Sen. Kelly Loeffler says she will object to certifying election steal:

Trump attorney blasts corrupt Raffensperger for secretly taping confidential call:

Loathsome Georgia toad Raffensperger, while not admitting his “team” purposely recorded and leaked confidential litigation resolution phone call with President Trump . . . explains why his “team” purposely recorded and leaked confidential litigation resolution phore call with President Trump:

Mainstream media lies about Giant Election theft, and about Trump’s phone call with Raffensperger:

COVID madness – thousands of M.D.s and public health workers declare shutdowns unnecessary:

Last sane Democrat? Tulsi Gabbard points out those who claim to champion women now “deny the very biological existence of women”:

President Trump awards Medal of Freedom to Devin Nunes:

Joe Biden (after being flunked out of first-year law school for plagiarism) stole his life story from British politician Neil Kinnock. Is Heels-Up Harris now cribbing hers from Martin Luther King?

Rep. Richard Hudson introduces national concealed-carry reciprocity. (How horrible. Next they’ll be proposing that North Carolina drivers’ licenses should be honored in Ohio! Oh, wait . . .)

2 Comments to “The Uniparty decepticons must get rid of Trump because he has stood up to their paymaster, our one true ruler – the Communist Party of China”

  1. vic ardis Says:

    Well ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it looks like the dems are doing it again, with an assist from the rinos , as always,,,,,,,
    CW2 looks to be starting in the morning , ,,,,

    thanks republican party
    for always caving
    but i guess
    i was the insane one
    for even thinking you would do any thing other then what you always do ,,,,

    cave !
    and give the democrats 90% of what ever they wanted ,
    you said you would defend my rights
    you didnt

    yup im the fool

    this keeps echoing in the back of my head,,,,,,,,,,,,

    its a republic – if you can keep it !

    i guess we couldnt keep it ,,
    now we might be getting a dem dictatorship ,ala mao, stalin, lenin, pol pot, saddam hussian, xi, with many overtones of robert mugabe and idi amin ,, harris (if given the chance)will go full boko haram on the trump supporters and anyone else she deems “racist” look for asians to be targeted too,,,,

    at this point they have called both georgia senate seats for the dems,,

    now it all comes down to mike pence ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    either way it goes , it looks like war .
    maybe im gonna wake up in a state that didnt exist ,
    when i went to sleep…………………….
    a state of WAR !

  2. Brett Middleton Says:

    “Resolved, That the members of the Wisconsin State Assembly place the redress to these and other election law violations and failed administrative procedures as its highest priority and shall take up legislation crafted to ensure civil officers follow the laws as written.”

    So, their plan is to pass a law saying that election laws must be followed? What are they going to call it, the “Seriously, We Really Mean It This Time Act”? Or the “Hey, We Didn’t Pass Those Laws Just For Fun Act”? Do they think that civil officers currently have the impression that laws are optional in the absence of legislation that requires them to follow those laws? If they ignored the existing laws, I see no reason why they wouldn’t ignore a new one. Just more useless, feel-good lawmaking. And not a single thing in that resolution appears to actually revoke the certification of the 2020 election steal.