What does an orchestrated Democrat/RINO false-flag operation look like?

Strange Video — Corrupt Capitol Police remove barriers and allow (likely Antifa) protesters to enter U.S. Capitol Jan. 6:

More Video – Capitol Police LEADING protesters into the Capitol:

Mitch McConnell lies on the Senate floor — says there’s not enough evidence to justify challenging Biggest Election Theft in History . . . when there are MOUNTAINS of evidence:


Utah man with a history of organizing violent Antifa, Black Lies Matter protests was inside the Capitol Jan. 6. (Sound like a “Trump supporter” to you?):


Independent journalist Tayler Hensen described to Laura Ingraham Antifa activists in U.S. Capitol Jan. 6:

Video – Trump supporters stop Antifa agents provocateurs from breaking windows at U.S. Capitol Jan. 6:


. . . or see . . . :

Trump supporters pulled violent protesters away from U.S. Capitol when they started causing damage:

New camera angle shows how unarmed Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt was executed by Capitol Police:

. . . or see . . . :


Who shot and killed unarmed Air Force veteran trying to enter U.S. Capitol – a public building?

Chief of corrupt Capitol Police is fired:


Mike Pence praises Capitol Police after they shoot unarmed Air Force veteran dead:

Mike Pence would be happy to attend Biden inauguration – evidently angling for the post of U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela:


President of Chicago police union defends Capitol protesters: “There was no arson, no looting” (unlike what Democrat Storm Troopers have been getting away with all over the country for the past eight months):

. . . or see . . . :

On the other hand, Ted (Comanche name “Shifts-With-The-Wind”) Cruz calls peaceful demonstrators against the Biggest Election Theft in American History “despicable terrorists”:

Activist interviewed by CNN who stormed U.S. Capitol is a radical leftist from Utah who threatened to “rip Trump from the White House”:

Back-stabber and Bush Old Boy Bill Barr criticizes President Trump for challenging same ballot fraud Barr previously outlined:


Pantywaist Schumer calls for President Trump to be “immediately removed from office” after carefully planned and staged false-flag attack on U.S. Capitol by Democrat-backed Antifa activists:

All-talk, do-nothing backstabber Lindsey Graham agrees:


Lindsey Graham says FBI has video of Capitol protesters and are actively at work. (Gee, how long have they had video of ballots being run through the scanners again and again in Atlanta, Georgia and trucks backing up to the back door with fake ballots at 3 a.m. in Detroit, Michigan the night iof Nov. 3 and 4? Are they “actively at work” on those federal crimes?)

. . . and — confirming her shrieking depravity – Nancy Pelosi also wants to remove Trump, but she ADDITIONALLY seeks to impeach the president AGAIN, in order to ban the President from ever serving a second term, because he, you know . . . brought our jobs home from Red China (without any “magic wand”), gave us a great economy with much-improved trade deals, made America energy independent again, cut North Korea down to size, cut taxes and regulations, restored our military, enacted prison reform and thus freed many non-violent black offenders, sought to stop our troops dying in foreign hellholes, enforced the immigration laws ENACTED BY CONGRESS . . .

(Gee, whatchu afraid of, there, Mafia Nan? Something about never being able to beat him and his 80 million patriotic followers in a fair fight?):

. . . or see . . . :

Anyone surprised? Disloyal NeverTrump cockroach and former Pentagon paper-shuffler John Kelly again says he’d happily vote to remove America’s best president in living memory for being “insane”:


Confirmed – George W. Bush is also a lying scumbag:


The heroes: Six senators stood with Donald Trump, protesting the Biggest Election Theft in U.S. History:

And Marsha Blackburn isn’t one of them:

Because the Intelligence Community Assessment on Foreign Interference in the 2020 Election could have established grounds to block acceptance of the corrupt & stolen Biden Electoral votes under the Guarantee Clause, the “Intelligence Community” waits to deliver that assessment to Congress . . . hours AFTER the acceptance of the corrupt & stolen Biden Electoral votes. But some still doubt “the fix was in”? Some stiil doubt the only solution is the total elimination of the alphabet “intelligence” agencies?:

After deleting Trump tweets and videos in which he urged calm and condemned violence, using rules from the Saul Alinsky playbook, Traitorous “social media” scum ban President Donald Trump, like, forever:

Fascist tool Ajit Pai says censorship of President Trump is A-OK:


Sick of censorship, Dan Bongino will leave Twatter for Parler:

83 RINO traitors refuse to resist or condemn the stolen election:

GOP traitor Adam Kinzenger says President Trump should be removed from office before his term expires in two weeks — ending his own political career, unless he’s willing to pay manufacturers of electronic vote-manipulation machines six figures to rig his next election:

Traitor Mike Pence thinks the Greatest Election Theft in U.S. History is just Hunky-Dory:

Jackals swarm – Snapchat bans Trump account, Shopify takes Trump organization and Trump Campaign stores offline:

After doing nothing while Antifa spent months burning down our cities, traitor Chris Wray of the FBI announces he’ll charge those U.S. citizens who attempted to enter the U.S. Capitol – a public building . . . except for the ones who belong to Antifa, of course:

Millionaire wife of Never-Trump traitor Mitch McConnell to resign from Trump cabinet . . . as though she was ever a Trump supporter in the first place:


. . . and Cockroach Mick Mulvaney got lined up to be part of the false-flag gaslighting, too — says he doesn’t want to be in Belfast, any more (sob):


Though it’s a little late, Pence chief of staff Marc Short banned from White House:



Wife of ‘very healthy” physician who died soon after receiving COVID-19 vaccine speaks out:


Trump campaign announces court settlement that will allow them to review all (remaining) Georgia election data:

What a surprise! – In Crooked Fulton County, Georgia, credentialed Republican poll watchers are blocked from overseeing Jan. 5 runoff absentee ballots and verifying signature DESPITE A COURT ORDER. (No one’s figured out yet that the only thing these scum respect is firearms held to their temples?)

Data scientist – It was “physically not possible” for Fulton County to “adjudicate” 106,000 questionable ballots in the time claimed:


Project Veritas identifies exact mopment criminal Ralph Jones was ordered to stop blocking access of poll watchers in Atlanta:


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