The pretendpresident gets busy, destroying America for his foreign bosses

Chinese Communists really happy to have their docile, obedient paid agent running things (when he can remember where he is) in Washington:

Usurper Biden forgets to salute Marines during inauguration, looks lost – Heels-Up Harris waves to try to bring him back to reality:

Pennsylvania GOP moves to repeal mass mail-in ballot provisions – now that it’s too late to keep DemBolsheviks from consolidating their illegitimate power:

Why is the Uniparty covering up the shooting death of Ashli Babbitt at the U.S. Capitol?

It’s been two weeks and they still won’t tell us who shot unarmed Ashli Babbitt for climbing through a broken window at the U.S. Capitol (a public building) on Jan. 6 . . . nor will they tell us why no one will examine the evidence of the Giant Vote Fraud she was there to protest:

Pretendpresident wants to return to dependence on Mideast oil; plans on sending more young troops (but no one named Biden) to get killed or maimed as he trades blood for oil:

Usurper Biden launches attack on vital American energy industry:

Putin’s puppet – SlowJoe’s executive order blocking keystone pipeline will force imports from Russia and Venezuela’s Chinese-controlled Marxist regime (Video):

Daines of Montana, other GOP senators will try to continue Keystone pipeline construction, block pretendpresident Biden from re-joining Western-economy-crippling “Paris Climate Accords”:

Economic experts: Paris Climate Accords – which give Third World countries a free pass – would have devastating impact on American families:

Pretendpresident issues TEN executive orders aimed at weaponizing COVID to justify further massive takeover of our lives:

Masked Usurper Biden tosses President Trump’s economy-boosting deregulation orders:

Usurper Biden “unilaterally eviscerates women’s sports” (“How dare you say I’m in the wrong high-school shower room? I’m a woman with an erection!”:

. . . or see . . . :

pretendpresident Biden gets to work on behalf of illegal aliens; top House RINO pretends to object:

Texas attorney general to sue pretendpresident Biden over “illegal deportation freeze”:

GOP lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene introduces articles of impeachment against Biden the Usurper – and they’re no joke. Charges detail how he’s abused the powers of office to protect his crooked son Hunter, who’s been part of the operation which sees SlowJoe paid off to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars by his smiling boss and paymaster, President Xi of China:

Screwtube caught red-handed removing “dislikes” from page of pretendpresident Joe Biden:

Back-stabbing RINO Mitch McConnell Chao (with heavy financial ties to Red China) to launch impeachment of President Trump in February – thus acknowledging Trump is still President:

Backstabbing traitor Mitch McConnell Chao postpones “impeachment trial” of President Trump till February to keep Trump under his thumb:

DemBolshevik “Funhouse Mirror” version of impeachment:

Kentucky Republicans censure Mitch McConnell Chao for his attacks on President Trump – “This has shown his true colors,” Nelson County GOP Chairman Don Thrasher says. “We felt today during his floor speech on the senate where he impugned the character of President Trump was unacceptable to us. his whole behavior overall through this whole process of the last week is not consistent with what he promised us when he was running for re-election.”

Trump-hating Deep-State backstabber Liz Cheney in trouble, too:

. . . or see . . . :

But fellow turncoat RINO McCarthy defends her, of course:

Texas grassroots leaders warn GOP – abandon Trump, and your party is dead:

No longer needed as a prop to signal “Trump followers are dangerous,” National Guard troops relegated by the same Deep State scum who stole most of the military’s mail-in votes on Nov. 3 to a freezing parking garage. President Trump responds by offering to let them enjoy central heating at luxurious Trump Hotel D.C.:

Madison Cawthorn delivered pizza to chilly National Guard troops:

Gov. Gregg Abbott recalls Texas National Guard troops from D.C. after troops housed in cold parking garage:


What a coincidence – corrupt DC mayor lifts indoor dining ban two days after “inauguration” of the Usurper, pretendpresident Biden:

Hungary will oppose Social Media censorship:

DemBolshevik stooge Clyburn calls Donald Trump, greatest president in living memory, “a cancerous growth (that) we had to get rid of”:

Like it’s a surprise – so-called Republican George W. Bush responds by praising DemBolshevik stooge Clyburn, calls him a “savior” for helping to (supposedly) get Basement Joe “elected”

The CIA’s Troll Under the Bridge, Marxist Muslim has-been John Brennan, promises a Soviet-style purge – administration of pretendpresident Biden will use Homeland Security to purge, destroy Trump supporters:

Oh well, he IS a Republicrat – Jim Jordan thinks Deep State foot-dragger Chris Wray is just fine at the FBI:

Multiple banks close Donald Trump’s accounts:

Majority no longer trust “Mainstream” fake news:

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  1. Kingsnake Says:

    Oh well. It was a good run, while it lasted. I’m 58, so I won’t have to put up with the Decline & Fall for long. I feel bad, though, that my son & grandaughter will bethe ones suffering …