What if it wasn’t incompetence? What if it was . . . treason?

Thanks to Joe Biden, it appears the Open-Borders globalists will now see one of their big dreams come true – 100,000 Afghans, many of them military-age males taught by “Sharia law” that women should be slaves and should never be allowed to learn to read, who firmly believe U.S. taxpayers should support them and provide them with free whores while they plan which of our major cities or landmarks to blow up next – will now be airlifted out of Kabul AHEAD OF THE AMERICAN CITIZENS TRAPPED THERE, and promptly air-dropped into Middle America WITHOUT BEING VETTED FOR ANTI-AMERICAN SENTIMENTS, OR EVEN CHECKED FOR INFECTIOUS DISEASE!

Yay! Let’s quickly register them to vote, too! Surely one America lover like Rashida Tlaib (though I think that last name was originally spelled a bit differently) is not enough!


What’s that? The Taliban will treat women nicely this time — they promised? Oh dear:

Furthermore, thanks to the confused Obammy-Jarrett sock puppet installed in the White House seven months ago due to the fact America now lets her elections be decided by Chinese-made “voting machines” (and boy, them machines sure do a lot of “voting”!) it turns out the U.S. abandoned in tribal Afghanistan – which means the Taliban now have (and are doubtless now sharing with Beijing technical details about, and maintenance manuals for) – 174 Humvees, 10,000 modern U.S. rockets, and numerous attack aircraft, possibly including 45 UH-60 Blackhawks.

Meantime, with the White House occupied by said stumbling sock puppet rather than strongman Donald Trump – who let the Taliban know what would happen to them if they ever harmed another American, and who was re-elected so overwhelmingly last November that he even flipped California red (before the Democrats and their Red Chinese paymasters got to work constantly “updating” their internet-connected vote-rigging machines and hauling in their hundreds of thousands of fake mail-in ballots) – thousands of Americans have now been abandoned behind Taliban lines in Afghanistan, to be either executed or ransomed:

It sounds like gross incompetence by the Obammy-Jarrett cabal now pulling the strings on marionette Biden (on the rare occasions when he’s still awake enough to stand upright), doesn’t it?

But what if it’s not incompetence? What if it’s treason?


And as for that business about some of our military aircraft being flown out of the country by Afghan pilots . . . but the Pentagon has no idea where they went? . . .

As one reader already commented, “I can find my $300 cell phone anywhere in the world, but they can’t find their military aircraft?”

Actually, I believe the real first question should be “Given that all the electronic systems on those aircraft are presumably fully functional — IFF, targeting systems, electronic countermeasures, terrain radar, look-down-shoot-down — what’s their current cash value to China, Russia, or Iran? Whereupon the second question might be: Austin and Milley look a tad upset. I mean, they probably went to a lot of trouble to make sure all that stuff got left behind, when the first instinct of any second lieutenant on site would have been to fly it to a secure U.S. base in Saudi, the UAE, whatever, BEFORE the troops pulled out. So what would they be upset about, now? Like Hunter, did they have to turn over half their take for “losing” all this stuff to “The Big Guy”?

Unless you were duped by the “Nothing to see here; move along” lies of the Big Fake Media into ignoring everything we posted here, you knew BEFORE LAST NOVEMBER’S ELECTION that the Biden family had been bought off to the tune of millions by the Communist Chinese. In fact, it’s all STILL posted here. See:

We even had on-camera confirmation and corroboration by son Hunter’s ex-business partner, Tony Bobulinski:

Please explain to us how we could have spelled this stuff out any more clearly — with pictures. How much of this stuff did you think you could ignore, and not end up with a paid Red Chinese agent – a traitor – in the White House?

2 Comments to “What if it wasn’t incompetence? What if it was . . . treason?”

  1. K. Bill Hodges Says:

    It is the deliberate destruction of the United States. What’s happening at the border alone is clearly being “allowed” to happen with malice toward working class Americans.

  2. Henry Says:

    “Biden, or Whoever Is in Power, Please Help Us!”

    According to Justin Trudeau, that would be Hillary Clinton:


    And there are THREE “lost” Hunter laptops — the third almost certainly in the hands of Hunter’s Bratva party bros, lifted while he was passed out in their suite in Vegas.