The most important thing you can do this Fall

Let’s face it, the most important thing you can do this Fall to preserve common decency in America and the reasonably civil, non-violent Constitutional republic we knew before the Far left turned into deranged, foam-at-the-mouth savages on Nov. 8, 2016, is to make sure Donald Trump has a stronger Republican Congress to back him up — one with some testicles, this time — leading through to his almost certain 2020 re-election landslide.

The alternative –- all of Washington looking like the stage-managed Democrat chaos of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, with endless attempts to cripple Trump’s America-first agenda with “impeachment hearings,” as well as hearings by the shrieking, completely disingenuous “feminist” harpies into whether every white male conservative in America somehow committed “sexual harassment and gang rape” while they were in nursery school — is unthinkable . . . and unsustainable.

But we should remain confident. Why would the Party of Satan run the risk of exposing their true nature by adopting such desperate, transparent measures? Because they’re losing, is why. Every dark and dire projection they made for an “impossible” Trump presidency has been turned on its head. What “magic wand” could an outsider like Trump have to bring back jobs and prosperity? Yet Trump moves with measured certainty; job growth and prosperity are now on display every day — along with the way you were betraying us on behalf of your Globalist bribe-masters, you lying losers.

They’ve finally come up against an opponent who calls their bluff, exposes them for the cynical, smarmy, manipulative liars they are, none of the old standby plays in their playbook are fooling anyone (except maybe Jeff Flake, Susan Collins, and Yertle the Turtle McConnell), and they’re panicking. Even the circulations and ratings of their captive newspapers and TV networks are in a death spiral.

The problem with these off-year elections, of course, is that it’s harder to get enthusiastic when you literally can’t pull a lever or push a button marked “Trump.” At the national level, you’re pretty much stuck voting for one U.S. Senate candidate and one candidate for the House of Representatives — and you’re lucky if at least one of those isn’t a wishy-washy former Never-Trumper who still doesn’t see “why we need to build an actual waaaalll.”

Nor can most of us directly vote against the worst of Satan’s Whores. Because senators face re-election only every six years, Chuck Schumer and Kamala Harris and Vermont’s Patrick Leahy — who actually wasted the time of the previously august U.S. Senate asking Judge Kavanaugh about high-school yearbook slang for teen-age flatulence, hoping to catch him in a lie about . . . farting? 36 years ago? . . . aren’t on anyone’s ballot, this year.

While radical, destructive, lying leftists like Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren, Adam Schiff, and Mazie Hirono — who was born in Japan and whose supposed “naturalized U.S. citizenship” is worth a closer investigation — hail from districts or states so heavily Democrat that their placeholder GOP opponents generally enjoy little local name recognition or credibility and lack the resources to make any progress against those disadvantages.

But in Washington, political power flows from numbers, and the difference we can make if we send six or eight wishy-washy, back-bench Republicans to replace six or eight clueless Democrats who can’t find the ladies’ room but who still follow orders and vote the Saul Alinsky-Chuck Schumer-Nancy Pelosi Marxist party line, is enormous.

So be sure to go vote, of course. Drag along the spouse and any other family members who you’ve managed to get registered; call and offer to drive friends or co-workers to the polls.

Why is this going to work? I believe it was going to work, anyway, because the pendulum is swinging, and picking up speed — the “Progressive era” had a good 100-year run, but Americans are sick of being pushed around and told they should feel guilty for being prosperous, or white, or male, or Christian, or whatever else you got. It’s over. Why do you think the “Walk Away” movement is booming? (See , . . . or .)

But for some millions of folks who hadn’t quite figured it all out yet, the catalyst was the attempted crucifixion of a fine man named Brett Kavanaugh.

Joe Hoft, who (along with me, I must say) predicted Trump’s victory in 2016, gets it right again, at .


“The Democrats’ entire platform was to attack Trump and anyone near him and attempt to prevent any policy that the President has to help the American people,” Hoft notes. “Democrats all voted against tax cuts for Americans. Democrats in the Senate nearly all voted against Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch. Only after it was clear that Gorsuch would win his nomination, did three Democrats vote for the Judge.”

(Note that until very recently, the standard used to be whether a judge was QUALIFIED, presuming a president was free to choose a QUALIFIED nominee of his own philosophical leanings. 25 years ago, for example, enough Republicans voted for the leftist Ruth Bader Ginsburg for her to be confirmed, 96-3.)

“Democrats complain, delay, obstruct and lie about what the President is doing to make America great again,” Hoft continues.

“But what the Democrats are doing to smear and bear false witness against Judge Brett Kavanaugh is possibly their worst attack to date.”

“Every American should watch Judge Kavanaugh’s opening statement from his testimony last week in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. In his speech he showed his disgust against Democrat smears. He wept for his family and his name while vowing never to give up.

“Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina made America proud when he stood up for the good Judge Kavanaugh whose integrity was being crucified by the Democrats and their MSM.

“When Judge Kavanaugh told the story about how his ten-year-old daughter had suggested that the family pray for his accusers, it was clear that the Kavanaughs are good people, the salt of the earth, Godly and good Americans.

“No one could walk away from that hearing and not know what a national treasure Judge Kavanaugh and his family are. The Judge was top in his class at Yale, a DC Circuit Court judge for a decade with a clean bill of health, and then suddenly the Democrats and the MSM promoted last-minute smears of him being a ‘gang-rapist,’ a drunk and sexual deviant related to unsubstantiated stories more than three decades ago.”

(More is already coming out about Kavanaugh’s accuser, who was carefully managed and coached by radical Saul-Alinsky activists Ricki Seidman and Debra Katz and former FBI agent Monica L. McLean, and her earlier history of lies, arrests, resume-manipulation, drug use, CIA connections, and radical, far-Left, “Pussy Hat” anti-Trump activism, all of which she and her handlers attempted to “scrub” from the Internet before she came forward — see . . . . . . , . . . and then more recently .)

“The accusations against Kavanaugh are as disgusting as they get,” Mr. Hoft continues. “Meanwhile, the Democrats continue to praise the unconstitutional Mueller Special Counsel while promoting the many false targeting leaks from the Deep State against the candidate and then President.

“Americans have had enough. If the MSM and Democrats believe that Americans are on their side regarding the Kavanaugh ‘scam’ and Mueller ‘witch hunt’ they are gravely mistaken.

“Americans see right through these scandals, smears, lies and criminal acts. The mid-terms will not be a ‘blue wave,’ not even close,” says Hoft.

“Responsible conservatives will vote in more Republicans nationally. There is nothing more that the Democrats and their liberal media can send at the President that we won’t see through. Any efforts on their part, like the Judge Kavanaugh crucifixion, will be seen for what it is. Democrat voter fraud is always a concern, but Americans are good and will side with the imperfect man and our great President, Donald J. Trump,” Hoft concludes.

“Democrats overplayed their hate. November will be a Red Wave.”


Mr. Hoft’s prediction is well-reasoned, and backed by evidence. GOP challengers are already surging against aging Democrat obstructionists like Heidi Heitcamp of North Dakota, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, and Bob Menendez of New Jersey. GOP fund-raising just took off. ( .)

And as in 2016, Trump’s rallies — during an off-year election season when most voters used to say “Ho-hum” — are turning out literally A HUNDRED TIMES the crowds that any other political figure could generate today, TENS OF THOUSANDS in cheering throngs in communities as small as Johnson City, Tennessee, with TENS OF THOUSANDS MORE standing patiently outside after the auditoriums are full, lending their support just by standing there in the cold.

The attempted Kavanaugh lynching is getting the job done, as we see not only more GOP registrations and participation in primaries, but also an accelerating movement for disgusted former Democrats to “walk away.” I agree with Mr. Hoft that Republicans will almost certainly hold the House of Representatives in five weeks, and gain at least six or seven seats in the Senate, possibly more.

Presuming no one gets complacent.

But in fact, showing up to vote ISN’T all you can do to help. What better Christmas present could you buy yourself this year than a Congress willing and able to help President Trump with his pro-America agenda, rather than a bunch of foot-dragging, slow-walking, “obstruct and resist,” scheming Democrat liars? Don’t spend money needed for food and the electric bill, of course. But could you really not spare $500, even $1,000, to help push a few more teetering Democrat losers into retirement?

Some can’t. Fine. But those of you who can should take what you can afford, and divide it among six or eight of the following dozen races:

(NOTE: Yes, you could make this easier with “one-stop shopping” by simply donating your entire sum to the Republican National Congressional Committee or the National Republican Senate Committee, which would then save you the trouble of deciding which specific candidates will get a share. So you would surely do that . . . IF YOU WERE A COMPLETE, CONGENITAL, DROOLING IDIOT. The people managing these funds are the same Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell Never-Trump RINOs who refused to back pro-Trump conservative Republican Congressman Mo Brooks in the race to fill Jeff Sessions’ Alabama Senate seat . . . with the result that said seat is now held by clueless single-term Democrat Doug Jones. McConnell’s PAC even backed Alaska turncoat Lisa Murkowski’s successful 2010 write-in campaign against the better Tea Party Republican Joe Miller in her GOP primary. Those bozos DON’T BACK TRUMPIANS.)

No, you need to review the races below, pick which ones you want to back, and seek out their INDIVIDUAL CANDIDATE WEB SITES. And do it before mid-October, by the way. Most budgeting and media buys are concluded by then; contributions in the final three weeks don’t “grow” the campaign, they just go to retire post-election debt.


1) As any good coach will tell you, first you shore up your defense. If your defense can’t hold, all your offense will accomplish is to help you lose some really high-scoring games. Because of all the non-English-speaking, illegal alien members of the “Culinary Union” registered and driven to “early voting” stations by the Harry Reid Democrat machine two years ago, ( ) GOP Senator Dean Heller of Nevada now finds himself campaigning for re-election in a “blue” state. Heller, formerly a solid and savvy conservative, foolishly joined the Never-Trumpers in 2016, but Donald Trump says they’ve made their peace. Trump has endorsed and even rallied for Heller: If you can, send Dean Heller some dough.

2) Meantime, Congresswoman and former Air Force A-10 warthog combat pilot Martha McSally attempts to hold the GOP seat abandoned by the retiring (Thank God) Jeff Flake in Arizona. Politically, I have my differences with McSally — she actively fought Trump’s border wall in 2017. But think of Washington being run — OFFICIALLY — by the cackling sadist Chuck Schumer and Dianne “Chinese Spy” Feinstein.

Then further consider that McSally’s opponent, social worker and former Green Party activist Kyrsten Sinema, is an outright pro-amnesty Marxist fruitbat, who in 2002 wrote a letter to the daily Arizona Republic asserting “Until the average American realizes that capitalism damages her livelihood while augmenting the livelihoods of the wealthy, the Almighty Dollar will continue to rule.” More? CNN reported on Sept. 15, 2018, that Sinema led a group of anti-war protesters after the 9/11 terror attacks who “distributed flyers depicting an American soldier as a skeleton inflicting ‘U.S. terror’ in Iraq and the Middle East.” Sinema also votes for job-killing “Green” regulations — including “Global Warming” nonsense — 97 PERCENT OF THE TIME!

McSally is down slightly both in fund-raising and in the polls (repeat after me, Martha: “Build. The. Wall”), but is within the margin or error, which means within striking range. Save Arizona: Help push Col. McSally over the top. Send what you can afford.

3) And Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, the Republican Deputy Whip, seeks to hold the GOP seat abandoned by Never-Trump RINO Little Bobby Corker in Tennessee. With considerable help from Donald Trump, Blackburn is coming from behind to take the lead in both polling and fund-raising against a high-profile Democrat opponent (75-year-old former Gov. Phil Bredesen.) This is our third case of “shoring up the defense.” It’s a first step that can’t be skipped. Contribute to Marsha Blackburn if you can.

And now we move on to the most likely GOP gains:

4) We all knew Trump would take Ohio in 2016 — the New York Times actually tried to explain that away BEFORE the election by running a sober-sounding report claiming “Ohio is no longer the significant bellwether it once was.” (Ha! See .) The Forces of Evil hated to lose Pennsylvania, too. But Trump’s victories in Michigan and Wisconsin were the blows that broke the back of the “Blue Wall,” casting the Democrats down into the snake pit of denial in which they’re still writhing. She’s shown a low profile this year (Gee, wonder why?) but Wisconsin sends one of the most extreme of the “Progressives” to Washington in the person of Senator Tammy Baldwin of Madison. Republican challenger Leah Vukmir is within a couple of points in the polls — send her money.

5) Few realize that this year there are TWO Senate races in Minnesota — a state Trump failed to take in 2016 by only 44,000 votes. Much as I wish incumbent Democrat Amy Klobuchar were facing a strong challenge, she’s not. Republican Jim Newberger is down 60-30 in the polls, and started out down about 100-to-1 (yes, really) in fund-raising. But that’s only the FIRST race. In the special election to complete disgraced Democrat comedian & groper Al Franken’s term, things look very different. Yes, Republican Karin Housley has been trailing Tina Smith (Democrat Farm Labor) about 44-37 in the (fake, MSM) polls, which always over-count Democrats. But she’s very close in cash-on-hand, with about $1 million to Smith’s $1.5 million, at last reliable report. This is a race where a little help for Karin Housley could make a big difference.


6) In Florida, Republican challenger Gov. Rick Scott shouldn’t be doing well against cadaverous Democrat incumbent Bill Nelson (at 76, Florida’s only statewide Democrat office-holder), who’s out-fundraised the twice-elected GOP governor by about $14 million to $3 million. Yet they’re tied in the polls. Can Nelson hang on with a costly, last-minute TV ad blitz in a state that went for Trump in 2016, running on the same ticket with the Marxist former Mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum, who’s proud to pose with Communist Cuban tyrants and had to fire an aide the other day for calling for the assassination of Donald Trump? ( ) I doubt it. But solid Rick Scott could still use some help.

7) As soon as 63-tear-old freshman Democrat Mary Kathryn “Heidi” Heitkamp announced she’d vote against the confirmation of fully qualified Brett Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court because Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, and Dianne Feinstein told her to, Republican challenger Congressman Kevin Cramer surged to a lead in the polls. Heitkamp would appear to be toast, but Cramer’s $2 million war chest is still considerably smaller than the $5 million available to the fast-aging incumbent. A few more dollars could help send Kevin Cramer to the upper house.

8) In Missouri, too, all it took was zombie Democrat foot soldier Claire McCaskill’s announcement that she would vote against Kavanaugh to push her Republican challenger, state Attorney General Josh Hawley, into the lead. McCaskill barely held on by her fingernails against a flawed challenger in 2012. If he doesn’t run out of cash, Hawley is another likely GOP gain.

9) Bob Menendez is a New Jersey Democrat. To add that he’s a known crook would thus be redundant. He’s hung on through all kinds of ethics investigations and prosecutions, but challenger Bob Hugin has now climbed from 7 points behind into a dead heat. Mr. Hugin’s Pillsbury Doughboy positions are such that he could be considered a conservative only in New York, New Jersey, or New England. But remember, numbers count. Grab this low-hanging fruit; take this New Jersey seat for the increasingly “Donald Trump GOP.” The RINOs can be educated or weeded out later.

10) In Indiana, Democrat incumbent Joe Donnelly, with a cash-on-hand advantage of some $6 million to $1 million over GOP challenger Mike Braun, ought to be winning easily. But he’s not. They’re essentially tied in the polls, in the very red home state of Republican Vice President Mike Pence. This is one of those races that will tell us what color the “wave” is in 2018. I say red. But it’s a race where even a few extra dollars for Braun could presumably help a good deal.

11) I’ll add a bonus Senate race. “Professionals” will say I’m nuts. In fact, I’m not actually predicting the upset can be pulled off, here. But the Democrats have grown so evil, so smug in their cynical character assassination of fine Americans (not to mention harassing cripples in airports, rioting in the streets, behaving like Hitler’s brownshirts generally) it bothers me that they feel untouchable in their “safe havens” of California, Hawaii, Washington state, Chicago, New York and New England. They need what Jimmy Doolittle’s B-25s gave Japan’s warlords in the spring of 1942 — a taste of things to come.

But where to get at them? You can’t donate to Dianne Feinstein’s Republican Senate opponent. California is so screwed up that her opponent isn’t a Republican, at all, but another Democrat — and a far more radical one, who brags that he’s brought “half his family” here as illegal aliens, and defends their use of forged documents! I’m happy to see Geoff Diehl working hard against repulsive Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren in Massachusetts. But the poor fellow is down 54-24 in the polls, and down $16 million to about $200,000 in fund-raising. Sorry.

OK, you can say the odds look almost as bad for “sacrificial lamb” Chele (Chiavacci) Farley, the financial manager running against gun-grabbing Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand in New York state — Farley is currently down 61-29 in the (fake) MSM polls, down $10 million to $500,000 in funds on hand. But here’s the thing: New York, like Nevada and Illinois, looks mostly red on the map, with only the dense populations clusters in New York City, Albany and Buffalo (like Las Vegas, like Chicago), pushing it blue. Chele (she pronounces it “Shell”) Farley, though she’s not exactly shouting her support for Donald Trump in the concrete canyons of downtown Manhattan, is a very interesting, hard-working candidate. She attends the Italian festivals, trumpeting her Italian heritage. She eats at the German-American dinners. Don’t get me started on the Irish.

Look at the coalition Democrats have taken for granted in New York since 1932. Jews are going to vote for the party of Barack Obama, who was registered for school as a Muslim, over the man who REALLY moved our embassy to Jerusalem, the president who’s described by the Israelis as the greatest friend they’ve ever had? (How has Gillbrand done by Israel? .)

The Trump Republicans aren’t going to make any inroads among blacks and Hispanics who are seeing their unemployment rates now plummeting to all-time lows? They really all prefer to stay mired in the Democrat welfare plantation? Many owners of small businesses in New York are ethnic minorities. They’re going to vote against Donald Trump’s tax cuts and regulation-slashing?

Chele Farley may not win — this time — but she’s going to make inroads, especially upstate. A candidate like this can put a scare into a smug, “I should be president,” hoplophobe prig like Kirsten Gillbrand, maybe making Gillbrand wonder if it’s really so wise to start sharing her wealth with other Democrat hopefuls. She’s a long shot. But imagine the kind of thoughts about the future that would cloud Chuck Schumer’s brow if he realized on the night of Nov. 6 that we’d taken out his bitch.

You have to try ONE long shot.

12) As to House races, there are 435, for heaven’s sake. Support your local Republican, whoever he or she is. Consider modest donations to a few truly useful House members. (I’ve donated to Devin Nunes of California and Jim Jordan of Ohio.) Of special note is the fact that Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who got off scot-free after allowing the Awad brothers to download essentially the entire computer database of the U.S. House of Representatives onto disc and send it to our fine friends in Pakistan (at one point actually hiding a computer so investigators couldn’t find it), and who ALSO claimed her DNC’s computers had been “hacked by Russians” (when in fact it’s increasingly likely Seth Rich merely downloaded them onto a thumb drive and sent it to Wikileaks, for which he was promptly Arkancided) . . . and then WOULDN’T LET THE FBI LOOK AT THEM TO SEE, is not enjoying her usual cake-walk in Florida’s 23rd District. Instead, she’s facing a tough challenge from Joe Kaufman, who’s nearly matched Schultz in cash-on-hand. I sent Mr. Kaufman a few bucks.


You may have noticed a few races missing here. I don’t mean to jinx anyone, but you’ve got to make some choices.

The fundraisers for Ted Cruz in Texas keep telling me he’s in trouble against that “Beto” punk and he needs more money. Sorry, but I’ve got to assume most Republican incumbents should be able to hold their seats in red states in what ought to be a “Red Wave” year.

Meantime, I’d love to be wrong (and a big enough red wave could prove me wrong), but I don’t think GOP challengers Rep. Lou Barletta in Pennsylvania and Rep. Jim Renacci in Ohio can take out incumbents Bob Casey and Sherrod Brown. Yes, those incumbents are Democrats in red states. I had hopes, too. And Republican registrations are surging. But these two challengers are still too short of money, and still too far down in the polls.

I actually did make a contribution to combat veteran John James in Michigan -– what a refreshing change he’d be from that geriatric sourpuss Debbie Stabenow. He’s got about $1 million to her $6 million, and trails in the polls 55-33, last time I checked. The state that finally gave up on Lying Hillary and helped put Trump over the top in 2016 OUGHT to elect John James -– just as the United Auto Workers (or what’s left of it) OUGHT to endorse Donald Trump. You can’t fund everyone, though I wish James well. You might give him a look.

The two other “missing” races that others call likely upsets are state Auditor Matt Rosendale challenging incumbent Democrat John Tester in Montana, and state Attorney General Patrick Morrissey challenging incumbent Democrat Joe Manchin in West Virginia.

Tester’s scripted lies about Admiral Ronny Jackson, the White House physician Donald Trump first put up to head the Veterans Administration, OUGHT to mark him for removal -– especially in a red state. But Montana is a thinly-populated landscape with too many wealthy Marxist Hollywood retirees apparently now buying “retirement rancheros” and beginning to outvote the native ranchers and miners. Tester also enjoys a 10-to-1 fundraising advantage over Rosendale, about $6 million to $600,000.

In West Virginia, Morrisey did better at the podium during Trump’s second West Virginia rally for him, this past weekend, compared to his somewhat more forced presentation the first time. He’s learning, but he’s still short. As in . . . short. Yes, yes, I know that SHOULDN’T matter, but this is the real world, where almost all presidents and U.S. senators are tall, alpha males. Morrisey was still down 47-41 in the polls, last time I checked, and he too suffers a woeful shortfall in fund-raising, maybe $1 million to incumbent Manchin’s $6 million.

Mind you, either Rosendale in Montana or Morrisey in West Virginia COULD be swept in by the red wave -– especially if Tester and Manchin piss off their constituents by really voting against the eminently qualified proverbial Boy Scout, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. (No final Kavanaugh vote has been taken as I write this.) Morrisey, particularly, is undoubtedly well qualified. Check “Ballotpedia” and draw your own conclusions. But unseating a well-funded Washington incumbent still ain’t easy -– people prefer “the horse they know.” I don’t bear any ill will toward these challengers. I’m just trying to help steer limited resources to where they’re likely to do the most good.

In case you think this is an important enough election to lend Donald Trump and his movement a hand.

2 Comments to “The most important thing you can do this Fall”

  1. Vin Says:

    p.s. — I’m advised sometimes quirky but nonetheless reliable libertarian/Republican Trump supporter Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, long-serving Republican of Southern California’s 48th District (Huntington Beach/Newport Beach) is in a tight race, as big Democrat donors pour in the cash to try and turn California “even more blue” — meaning even more of a “Sanctuary State” for law-breakers of every description. ( .)

    So I was going to recommend a modest donation.

    On the old theory that you try to access the Website yourself before recommending it to others, however, I did manage to find after a somewhat longer search than usual. It’s a modestly confusing site, inviting you to join “Dana Rohrabacher’s Congressional Club” with “gold patron memberships” at various price levels.

    Sorry, I wasn’t looking for “complimentary admission to all Congressional Club events VIP receptions & photo opportunities,” though I’m sure they’re very nice, if you can avoid dripping the barbecue sauce on your chinos.

    Skip through all that and it looks like a “straight credit card donation” is possible. Be WARNED, however: MY Web browser reports that site is “NOT SECURE.”

    I tried to follow up with an email to Congressman Rohrabacher’s office, asking if a secure credit-card donation method is available. The site demanded my 9-digit zip code, then informed me “Sorry, I can only respond to emails from people within my district.”

    Well, I’m sorry too, congressman. It does appear those with the energy can snail-mail a check to Rohrabacher for Congress, P.O. Box 3011, Newport Beach, CA 92659. If this comes to the attention of anyone on the congressman’s staff, who’d like to recommend other options, feel free to contact me. Including your 9-digit zip code, of course. — V.S.

  2. Vin Says:

    As of Oct. 11, only a few days remain to do anything useful (other than actually voting, of course. Don’t forget that part.)

    Some may want to consider modest, late contributions to two-term incumbent Republican Dave Brat (running against CIA operative and John Brennan gal pal Abigail Spanberger in Virginia’s 7th District — see . . .

    . . .and to Yvette Herrell, running for the open (but traditionally GOP) 2nd District seat in New Mexico — both tight races that have seen a lot of Democrat dollars flowing in — see,_2018_Republican_primary) , . . .

    and . . . .

    Jim Jordan and the House Freedom Caucus have recommended looking at 5 or 10 House races, most of which now “lean Republican.” Of that group, in contrast, these two remain winnable but very, very tight.

    — V.S.