‘Soviet-style suppression of information’

Tucker Carlson brands media suppression of Bobulinski-Hunter Biden bribery revelations “Soviet-style suppression of information.” He says “What is Joe Biden’s answer to that question? We wish we knew” — because the press won’t ask him. So you still thought you could settle for watching the evening news and still be “fully informed”? See:


Senate committee successfully verifies all Bobulinski materials reviewed to date, See:


White House spokesman: New York Times will run “anonymous smears by a 20-something staffer, but they won’t publish on-the-record evidence from Tony Bobulinski with contemporaneous documents and devices proving that the Biden family may be compromised by Communist China.” See:


(The NY Times’ “anonymous high-ranking White House staffer” calling for other Deep State traitors to join him in blocking the Trump agenda turns out to have been a low-level, 20-something staffer over at Homeland Security, who has since moved on to . . . CNN!):


Stephanie Ruhle (Hubbard) of MSNBC says the conclusion that information on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop shows Biden family (including “Pop – the chairman”) has sold out to Red China has been “debunked.” Who “debunked” it, Mrs. Ruhle Hubbard? Please tell us what mainstream media outlet (including MSNBC) has REPORTED the details found on the Hunter Biden laptop (which the FBI has had in its possession for 10 months), LAID THEM OUT in public, ANALYZED them in public view, and showed that they DO NOT demonstrate the Biden family has been bought out, for tens of millions of dollars, by the Red Chinese. Who is “the big guy” who got 10 percent of the big $1.5 BILLION China deal — and the first key to the office — if it WASN’T Joe Biden?

Please, Mrs. Ruhle Hubbard, the word “debunked” does not mean “something we choose to ignore.” Please provide details on who has “debunked” all this evidence (the validity of which which has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate) — and how they accomplished that — NOW. The (admittedly modest) remaining credibility of you and your network hangs on this. The election is five days away. See:


Nolte: Twelve reasons the Biden corruption reports are credible:


Carlson says “damning” Hunter Biden documents were stolen from overnight package – though they kept copies:


Most likely culprit? Chris Wray’s corrupt Deep State FBI

Historic: 31 percent of black voters now say they’ll vote for President Trump. (In the last 10 presidential election cycles the highest black vote share for a Republican was 12 percent for Bob Dole in 1996. . . . If Donald Trump captured 25 percent of the African American vote he would win in a landslide”:

Meantime, “FiveThirtyEight” says that with five days to go till the election, Joe Biden has an 89 percent chance of winning the presidency:


And finally (for this morning) — This wonderful Democrat campaign ad from Allie Beth Stuckey is the only one you need to see this year:

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  1. Henry Says:

    Thanks for that video ad! I’ve sent it to my entire family. (Was missing “or else” at the end.)

  2. Michael F Garcia Says:


    You are back with a vengeance. Insightful and humorous as always!