DOJ official tells reporter the FBI is investigating Hunter Biden for money-laundering (meantime, fast-working FBI now expected to arrest McCabe, Rodentstein, Hillary in early 2029 . . . or maybe 2033)

Report: DOJ official confirms FBI investigating Hunter Biden for money-laundering:

But, but . . . Joe said “There is no controversy about my son. That’s a hell of a lie. . . . “

. . . and “Nothing was unethical” about Hunter’s business dealings! . . . :

Left-leaning Glenn Greenwald resigns from “The Intercept” after editors refused to run his article critiical of Joe Biden’s ethics:

or see . . .:

Tony Bobulinkski says he was interview by FBI agents for five hours as a “material witness” in FBI investigation focused on Hunter Biden and his associates:

(though any indictments will be delayed until 2029, of course, to avoid “any appearance of interfering” wirth the 2028 elections.)


Peter Schweizer offers detailed analysis of the Biden Bribery Cartel:

(We’re sure that Ruhle (Hubbard) dame over at MSNBC will explain to us real soon which crack team of forensic cybernetic analysts her network hired to examine every email, every text message, every pornographic photo and video on Hunter Biden’s laptop, in order to officially declare that laptop “debunked” – even though its validity has been confirmed by outstanding former U.S. attorneys and several of the Bidens’ former partners, who confirm RECEIVING some of those emails — to include Tony Bobulinksi, a DEMOCRAT and retired U.S. Navy lieutenant. Still waiting, Stephanie . . . waiting . . . . )

Appeals court throws out Minnesota Democrat Secretary of State Steve Simon’s “count absentee votes received up to a week late” bullshit; rules the election will be over in Minnesota ON ELECTION NIGHT:


Lil Wayne endorses Trump:

Herschel Walker says black voters switching to GOP because Trump is delivering on his promises:

Flint City Council’s Maurice Davis: Democrats not helping black folks, Trump’s the “man for the job”:

Political scientist Helmut Norpoth of Stony Brook, who had accurately called 25 of the past 27 elections, now says there’s a 91 percent chance this year’s presidential election will be won by, um . . . that guy, you know . . . Donald Trump.

Gingrich calls it for Trump, 326-212.

Ho-hum – Hunter Biden has a Porn Hub account to which he’s uploaded pornography including his 14-year-old niece. What a lovely family!

(The obvious response to all this tawdry sex stuff will be “What’s that have to do with the candidate? He’s not responsible for the drug and sex addictions and fetishes of his 50-year-old son.” In fact, though, the care a man has taken to give his siblings and children the best, most upstanding life he can IS relevant to the question of whether he will put the good of the people of the country ahead of his own avarice. Even a lot of Mafia guys worked like hell to PREVENT their kids from ending up in the rackets. Yet Joe Biden DREW his family into the rackets. As Rudy Giuliani has pointed out, Joe PUT Hunter into a position where he’s regularly dealing with the kind of criminals who chain their associates’ feet to cinder blocks and throw them in the river if they don’t deliver as promised. You think it makes it easier for a man under that kind of pressure to stop seeking escape through drugs, whores, incest, whatever?)

Mark Levin’s closing argument:

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