‘If the law is not followed it makes this an illegitimate election’ — CHAIRMAN OF THE FEDERAL ELECTIONS COMMISSION

“Dominion” vote-counting whistleblower (not “anonymous,” not “an unnamed source”) exposes massive vote fraud in Detroit:

FEC Chairman: “I do believe there is fraud in these places — If the law is not followed it makes this an illegitimate election”:


Bettors know – this election was fixed:

Giuliani confirms: Dominion whistleblowers are coming forward:

. . . or see . . . :

Election fraud expert warned about Dominion voting machines – “It’s the optical scanners where the largest chance of cheating occurs”:

Current election update: Trump has the most states, the most Electoral College votes, and the most legitimate popular votes in history — Biden party to greatest fraud ever:

Federal thug who intimidated Pennsylvania Post Office whistleblower (not “anonymous,” not “an unnamed source”) is a Trump-hating Biden supporter (but partisan activist/saboteurs like Ciaramella and Vindman must receive “protection”?):

Project Veritas releases raw, unedited two-hour audio of coercive interrogation of USPS whistleblower Richard Hopkins by Deep State federal agents trying to get him to recant his report of backdated mail ballots:

BREAKING: Project Veritas Releases RAW and UNEDITED Audio of 2 Hour Coercive Interrogation of USPS Whistleblower Richard Hopkins by Federal Agents


Michigan witness (not “anonymous,” not “an unnamed source”) says she saw many fake ballots — poll workers would ASSIGN them the name of a randomly selected legitimate voter:


Dr, Shiva Ayyadurai, Ph.D MIT, offers Trump proof that computer algorithm transferred 69,000 voted from Trump to Biden in Michigan — “We are willing to subject our results to critical & transparent review with your representatives.”

Georgia Secretary of State announces a “full, by-hand recount in each county””


Michigan witness Barry Doherty (not “anonymous,” not “an unnamed source”) explains why it was illegal for Detroit tabulation machines to be connected to the Internet:


Milwaukee trying to cover its tracks after reporting seven wards had more votes than registered voters:

Adam Laxalt – Dems have admitted in open court that electronic signature verification setting for 200,000 Nevada mail-in ballots was “turned down” to 40 percent:

One Comment to “‘If the law is not followed it makes this an illegitimate election’ — CHAIRMAN OF THE FEDERAL ELECTIONS COMMISSION”

  1. Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger Says:

    The Georgia recount will be BS. No signature verification, one observer per TEN “audit” teams.