Vote fraud court cases are like dominos . . . first one falls for Trump

Even as Lamestream Media dismisses election fraud evidence (which they refuse to seek out or examine) as “garbage,” Trump team wins its first significant court case in Pennsylvania — Judge says late ballots must be excluded:

. . . or see . . .

Examining the code, Internet geeks conclude “Trump’s win was yuuuge”:

James DeLong – Trump’s Pennsylvania complaint is brilliant:

Statistician Dr. Shiva outlines algorithmic fingerprint within vote data: . . .

Rudy Guiliani updates on status of ballot challenges:

Lin Wood on Howie Carr – “Joe Biden and the people like him who have been trying to steal this election will all go to jail”

Witness: GOP poll watchers were physically assaulted at TCF Center while trying to protect the vote:

Lawsuit – in Detroit, 40,000 fraudulent ballots for Sleepy Joe came in the back door in the middle of the night:

Michigan GOP state senators request full audit of 2020 election before results are certified:

Outsiders with USBs and Vcards were allowed in Pennsylvania counting areas with no observers present:

When computers cheat, they inevitably leave evidence behind:

CodeMonkey says Dominion software ripe for fraud:

Read the Trump campaign’s full Michigan lawsuit:

There is no “president elect”:

2 Comments to “Vote fraud court cases are like dominos . . . first one falls for Trump”

  1. K. Bill Hodges Says:

    For four years the Dems claimed Trump won because of Russian interference. I hope we can avoid claiming “China” did this. It was the Democrats, plain and simple.

  2. olde reb Says:

    it appears a lower PA court overruled the PA supreme court holding that has been grant review in the US supreme court. WHAT ?????


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