Number of illegitimate votes identified in four swing states are enough to overturn election

Trump tells a skeptical Byron York — “We’re going to win”:

Alan Dershowitz – a liberal who’s frequently right – predicts Trump will win Pennsylvania lawsuit:

Number of illegitimate votes identified in four swing states are enough to overturn election:

Surprise! Pennsylvania’s Democrat Secretary of State opposes recount:
Milwaukee elections chief Claire Woodall-Vogg “lost” crucial flash drive during the early morning hours of Nov. 4. Then, she was FILMED feeding totals into a machine in the wee hours of the morning, without any observers present:

Dominion Voting systems officer of strategy and security Eric Coomer admitted in 2016 vendors and election officials have access to manipulate the vote:

Trump team abandons “Sharpie pen” lawsuit in Arizona, count renders it “partially moot.”

The fraud continues – Only one credentialed GOP monitor allowed for each TEN tables in supposed Georgia “hand recount”:

Trump campaign warns that – without bipartisan signature verification – Georgia’s announced “recount” will be bullshit:

And here we thought everyone deserved “competent representation”: Pressured by totalitarian colleagues who favor gun control; open borders; years-long lockdowns; shutting down America’s energy industry; crippling the U.S. economy by shipping our manufacturing jobs to Biden-paymaster Red China; stacking the Supreme Court with radical socialists, and shooting up “transsexual” 8-year-olds with hormones to sterilize them, some of Trump’s lawyers from the Ohio-based Porter Wright law firm abandon ship. (Wonder if they’ll refund all those fees and retainers?)

In Nevada, signature verification system was “basically turned off”:

“Boom! That’s Pennsylvania!” – Joe Hoft of the Gateway Pundit joins Steven Bannon and The War Room to discuss Dominion “glitches” (Video)

Biden claims 11,000-vote win in Arizona – will state defy demands for an audit?

Arizona GOP demands hand-count audit by precinct:

Adversarial questioning of USPS whistleblower by Trump-hating zealot “clearly” sought to weaken election fraud claim, FBI veteran says:

Recounts won’t catch all the fraud: We need new elections, with safeguards against fraud:

Trump attorney: “Communist China materially interfered with our election”:

High-ranking U.S. envoys admit they lied to Trump about Mideast troop strength:


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