Is the lamestream media keeping its audience up-to-date on ANY of the massive evidence Trump team is compiling for the courts?

There’s one basic issue in the 2020 election: Votes may not be counted in secret, Period.

The way Biden overcame President Trump’s 2-to-1 Pennsylvania lede, with the “mail-in ballots that just kept on coming,” is statistically impossible:

The Federalist: Pennsylvania mail-in ballot scam is ripe for Supreme Court intervention:

Remember the name “Hammer & Scorecard”: Sidney Powell and retired USAF Gen. Thomas McInerney can demonstrate how the Democrats used CIA program to commit the biggest piece of election fraud in American history:

Sidney Powell talks to Lou Dobbs about the Dominion Vote Counting equipment:

In 2019, Democrat Senators Warren, Klobuchar and Wyden complained that the way Dominion Voting Systems “switched their votes . . . threaten the integrity of our elections”:

Computer science professor warned about voting machine security flaws in 2017 – demonstrated he could install new software to rig a machine in seven minutes with a screwdriver. (Video):

Michigan election observer Shane Trejo witnessed drivers bringing 50 boxes of “absentee ballots” into Detroit’s TCF Center at 3:30 p.m. – well after midnight deadline:

The Electoral College meets data pattern science:

President of the U.S. is chosen not be popular vote, but by the state Legislatures:

Despite ongoing Democrat chicanery, Orange County flips another seat red — Republican Young Kim defeats unethical, open-borders, Trump-hating incumbent Gil Cisneros:

And another – former NFL champion Burgess Owens knocks off Pelosi Democrat, wins House seat in Utah. (Will recounts flip more? Is anyone looking at election software used in Virginia? How slim is Pelosi’s dwindling majority, now?):

Democrats’ own court filings admit they violated Pennsylvania law, contacting voters to “cure” their mail-in ballots!

Yet Circuit Court judge in crooked Wayne, County, Michigan ignores horror stories from bullied GOP poll-watchers, refuses to stop certification of election results:

(Is there a higher court?)


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