Trump brings in the ‘A’ team

The news may have quickly slipped past, a few days ago, but – pressured by colleagues who worry any association with Donald Trump may prevent them from being invited back to their regular Far-Left pedophile cocktail parties – a couple of lawyers from the supposed high-powered Ohio-based law firm of Porter Wright last week quit working for the Trump “straighten out this crooked election” campaign. (Do you suppose they returned all their fees and retainers?)

Lawyers will always firmly insist that none of their colleagues should be condemned for defending obviously guilty rapists or mass murders, since after all, “Everyone deserves competent legal representation” (so long as they can pay all those hefty retainers and fees, of course.)

But these brave souls are terrified they may be held up to ridicule by their colleagues and – most of all — by the corrupt judges in whose courtrooms they must practice, if they associate with a President of the United States who favors a strong military but opposes frittering away our solders’ lives and limbs in dead-end wars in foreign hellholes (over the objections of a corrupt Department of Defense, which finds dead-end hellholes extremely lucrative); who defends the First and Second Amendments; who opposes mass illegal immigration and insists on enforcing our established immigration laws as written; who opposes years-long, economically crippling “lockdowns” over a brand of the flu which at this point kills hardly anyone; who opposes turning the nation over to a bribed-up agent of Red China who wants to (again) ship all our manufacturing jobs to China, turning us into a nation of waitresses, busboys, and dispirited junkies (as favored by Mr. Donohue’s Chamber of Chinese Commerce); who opposes human trafficking and shooting up 8-year-olds with “transgender” hormones to render them permanently sterile, who opposes shutting down our ENTIRE ENERGY INDUSTRY.

Wouldn’t want to be associated with a kook like that!

I have no sources inside the White House. This is just my speculation. But what I SPECULATE is that these supposedly high-powered Big Law Firm attorneys have been trying to explain to the President that his appeals and protests must be finely targeted on a few areas where they can rely on strong precedents to make some limited vote gains without asking the judges or justices to step outside their comfort zones.

In other words, they want to make a SHOW of fighting for a win, but what they actually seek is a way to lose in a graceful and polite manner that will avoid subjecting them to ridicule for embracing some wild, “crackpot conspiracy theory” involving Red China, Venezuela, the CIA, and voting-machine software PURPOSELY DESIGNED to allow votes to be switched or deleted not only through advance programming, but also IN REAL TIME by anyone logging in to the machines over the Internet, or with a thumb drive.

And of COURSE they want to concede that trucks backing up to vote-counting centers in Democrat Machine cities at 3 in the morning to disgorge tens of thousands of fake “mail-in” ballots is very, very unfortunate – gosh, we might even go so far as to say “lamentable” . . . but there’s just nothing to be done about it, is there?

Good riddance to bad garbage.

Partially in response, President Trump over the past 48 hours has announced that former federal (lock up the Mafia) prosecutor Rudy Giuliani is now IN CHARGE of his assault on those who corrupted this election, and also that another former federal prosecutor, Sidney Powell, has joined his team.

Thanks heaven.

It’s taken awhile, but the greatest personnel shift since Andy Jackson fired his entire cabinet is now warming up in the wings, The Lamestream Press will try to convince you there’s something unusual, sinister and dangerous about a President appointing HIS people to carry out HIS policies.

Ask them “Do you consider John Fitzgerald Kennedy to have been sinister and dangerous? But didn’t he appoint HIS OWN BROTHER to be his attorney general — to prosecute lawbreakers and put them in jail?”

Mr. Giuliani and Ms. Powell will, at least, lay out the whole terrifying story, with evidence, with affidavits, with photos, with “Here’s how it was done” videos. Whether judges and state legislators will then find the courage to resist the sneering minority Leftist ridicule, will stand up to honor their oaths to protect and defend our nation and its Constitution, bravely facing their own appointments with history, and with destiny — issuing effective orders to REVERSE this travesty — we are about to see.

I believe enough very well may.

And if the media refuse to cover these revelations, how will they then explain the RESULTS to their viewers and readers?


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  1. Steve Says:

    I’m hopeful that some of this will get through, but will it be enough? The riots would (will?) be tremendous, but the truth is more important than the comfort of Marxist agitators. Non-Leftists are done with it, though, and aren’t going to put up with any of it in their areas.