It’s a coup. Just say it.

It’s a coup. Just say it:

Trump’s executive order set trap for those engaging in the “unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure”:

The curious raid to seize CIA computers in Germany:

Sidney Powell tells Mark Levin they have witness who was in at the creation of the Smartmatic system — designed to change election results:

. . . or see: . . :

Sidney Powell: The bravest, smartest, fiercest patriot in America:

Sidney Powell’s Web site (donations accepted for the Legal Defense Fund for the American Republic)

Michigan professor demonstrates how easy it is to hack voting machines in 2018 NEW YORK TIMES video:

Buffalo Chronicle – an Online publication sometimes branded as engaging in sensationalism — claims Philadelphia mob boss may be willing to flip on Democrat Party, explain how his boys helped create 300,000 fake Biden ballots, in exchange for immunity and expunging of his criminal record:

Project Veritas: Georgia vote “re-counters” brazenly call multiple ballots for Joe Biden that were actually marked for Donald Trump:

. . . or see . . . :

Why are Attorney General Bill Barr and his DOJ Missing In Action in the face of vast vote-fraud crime wave?:

20,000 votes also switched from Trump to Biden in Michigan’s Kent County:

Vote-switching can be shown in Virginia, as well, (Did it affect tight congressional races?):

If the “emerging Democrat majority” of women and minorities makes Democrat dominance inevitable . . . why do they need to engage in such massive cheating and fraud?

Courts will likely overturn election results in various jurisdictions – data can actually quantify or estimate scope of the fraud:

Wisconsin Elections Commission refuses to do recount unless Trump pays $7.9 million up front — but would Republican monitors be able to see every individual ballot?

More than 2,600 supposedly “lost” ballots found in Georgia’s Floyd County – break 1,600 Trump, 800 Biden – another Dominion “glitch”?:

When Biden gained his lead with massive vote dumps, the ratio of Biden to Trump votes created in Battleground states remained precisely the same everywhere – statistically inconceivable:

“Breaking the Code”: Exposing the 2020 election fraud with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, Joe and Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, Tuesday Nov. 17 at 3 p.m. ET, to be streamed live at :

Smartmatic director admitted in 2017 their system was able to create “at least a million” phantom votes in that year’s Venezuelan election:

Standing proud? Since election Day more than 100 of 243 Dominion employees on “Linkedin” have deleted their profiles:

Gateway Pundit asks DOJ to investigate Michigan attorney general’s attempt to suppress vote fraud news:

What is John Brennan so worried about?

Surprise – “Black Lives Matter” goon who viciously beat innocent Trump supporter unconscious in D.C. is . . . a child sex offender:

6 Comments to “It’s a coup. Just say it.”

  1. Henry Says:

    The one criticism I will level at Donald Trump is that the reason he got so expert at saying “You’re fired!” might well be that he does an incredibly suck job of hiring in the first place. Two of his biggest suck hires were useless, oppositional AGs. Gundamentalists knew from their histories that they were both swampers the minute their nominations were announced. But whoever had Trump’s ear, telling him these were the right guys for the job, carried more weight than all the rest of us.

  2. Steve Says:

    I’m as hopeful about all of this as I was about the Durham report. Any second now. Aaaaany second…..

  3. Nathan Barton Says:

    Is there enough courage in the GOP and fifty State capitals – especially the 37 legislatures not controlled by the Democrats and their filthy allies – to actually DO something with this information?

  4. Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger Says:

    “Courts will likely overturn election results in various jurisdictions…”

    The same courts that AUTHORIZED bureaucratic changes in state election laws to enable this in the first places? Someone has more confidence in the courts than I do.

    “More than 2,600 supposedly “lost” ballots found in Georgia’ Fulton County”

    That’s Floyd County, not Fulton. And that one might be relatively innocent since the Trump/Biden ratio — roughly 2:1 in Trump’s favor — matched the previously tallied ratio. But it does narrow Biden’s lead by a few hundred votes. Together with a similar situation in another GA county, Biden’s lead is down to about 13,200.

  5. James Bilyeu Says:

    Walter Williams had a column that we are a divided people, so why not separate? If the democrats steal this election, this is the opportunity. All the states that went overwhelmingly for Trump should declare independence and separate. They can form a confederation and invite Trump counties from surrounding areas to join the confederation. Western Virginia already wants to separate from the urban areas. And Jefferson in California would be welcome.

  6. Brett Middleton Says:


    Trump was in a rough position for getting good people who would truly go to work on his programs. He may have known that he was bringing in more swamp critters, but thought that they would at least be somewhat less swampy than those being replaced. Whether he knew or not, though, whoever he picked had to be able to get past the Establishment types — both Democrat and Republican — in the Senate. There was no chance he could get real populist unknowns through the confirmation process. The slim Republican majority includes neocons and others who are not exactly Trump-friendly, so Trump didn’t have a completely free hand to set up a full “America First” executive team.