Even the rigged machines were swamped by the Trump landslide

Elections security expert Russ Ramsland tells Lou Dobbs the machines in place in Michigan couldn’t physically have processed all those alleged late votes for Biden as fast as they were reported:

Sidney Powell reads whistleblower’s affidavit to Lou Dobbs: “SmartMatic agreed to create such a system and produce the software and hardware to accomplish the goals of” (Venezuelan Communist dictator) “President Chavez.”


Moment of impossible switch from Trump to Biden in Michigan and Wisconsin WAS RECORDED:


Trump attorney Lin Wood tells Mark Levin that Trump likely won a 70 percent landslide – probably won 400 Electoral votes (AUDIO):

Mark Steyn interviews Sidney Powell on the Rush Limbaugh show re. the Dominion Software vote steal (AUDIO):

Sidney Powell figures Trump got 80 million votes – so many that even the rigged Dominion machines couldn’t steal enough, which is why they had to stop counting at 1 a.m. in order to to reset (VIDEO):

Trump sues in Nevada: More than 15,000 “Nevada” voters also voted in another state (and Biden also did well among embalmed corpses):

Republicans cave in Wayne County, Michigan – vote to “certify” fraudulent election results:

Democrat thug threatens children of member of GOP Wayne County Board of Canvassers in diatribe over vote certification:

Meet the Benedict Arnolds who changed their votes and “certified” Detroit’s fraudulent election results:

Michigan GOP behaving strangely – and very badly:


Pennsylvania state Supreme Court rules GOP vote-count monitors don’t actually have to be allowed close enough to SEE any individual ballots, merely have to be allowed to “remain in the room” (Is that “fixed” enough for you?):


Conservative Treehouse being kicked offline by WordPress for “calls to violence”? (We’ve visited daily for years & can’t recall any):

Tucker Carlson: Our corporate masters have “rushed to consolidate their control over information and dissent”:


Biden stands accused of Class A felony bribery in Ukraine: Can he be extradited?

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  1. Leslie Fish Says:

    Are all these “irregularities” being investigated? By whom?