Will ALL the Democrats follow Nancy and her incubi down the path to annihilation?

9:18 am October 22nd, 2019

We generally don’t “write our congresscritter” — wiser heads including Claire Wolfe and Neil Smith having warned us years ago “It only encourages them.”

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‘Not debates at all but rather commercialized reality television meant to entertain, not inform or enlighten’

9:23 pm October 11th, 2019

Let’s leave it to others, for now, to detail the progress of of the Nancy Pelosi/Adam Schiff “not-quite-a-real-impeachment-because-we-can’t-get-a-majority-vote” scam, their pathetic fallback attempt to use their new “no-due-process” rules to impeach Orange Man Bad after their three-year “muh-Russia” insurance-policy hoax crashed and burned.

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‘We’ve had free and fair elections and we’ve accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them and that is what must be expected’

6:01 pm October 3rd, 2019

On the Oct. 2 broadcast of ABC’s “The View,” former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential loser Hillary Clinton called President Donald Trump “an illegitimate president.”

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Traitors, Murderers, and Scum

7:00 pm August 17th, 2019

There apparently persists a dwindling cadre of sniveling twits who know little and care less about the real world — the kind of self-satisfied sucklings who still live in mom’s basement, wear pocket protectors, and attend Libertarian meetings on Friday evenings because they can’t get a date – who argue Open Borders are great, 10 or 20 of 50 million illegals practicing identity theft and rape and machete murder and homicide-by-drunk-driving are no problem (the victim dies, I run away to Mexico for a few weeks, come back with a new name, “No Problem”), and that ANY level of immigration-law enforcement is bad because it “empowers the fascist state” and “makes some Hispanic people nervous.”

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No, American families are not living in ‘fear and terror’

11:36 am August 11th, 2019

At several chicken processing plants in Mississippi, officers of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) last week rounded up some 600 illegal aliens who were working in this country illegally, having illegally stolen the identities and Social Security numbers of 600 U.S. citizens — half of which criminals were promptly released “for humanitarian reasons” — mostly meaning they’d left under-aged children at home unattended (Gosh, those ICE agents are sure heartless!)

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New gun laws would hurt “poor blacks who live in high crime neighborhoods” the most

10:07 am August 11th, 2019

I don’t believe I’ve done this, before. With the possible exception of Erich Pratt’s (formerly Larry Pratt’s) Gun Owners of America ( https://gunowners.org/about-goa/ ), John Lott, Ph.D. in economics from UCLA, author of “More Guns Less Crime” and “The Bias Against Guns,” seems to stand almost alone, these days, in offering calm, evidence-based rebuttals to the artificially driven panic for even more counterproductive, unconstitutional “gun control” (always promoted as “common-sense”, of course . . . while based on provable lies, without mentioning what a total failure their previous 20,000 “common-sense gun control” laws have been.)

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We’re the American public: We’ll fall for ANYTHING!

2:53 pm August 10th, 2019

Wow! Breaking news today that convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein — who could have testified to the sex crimes (with underage girls) of the heads of the Clinton Crime Family, members of the British royal family, several U.S. Senators, etc. — was found this morning shot twice in the back during what police are treating as a 4:20 a.m. botched robbery near his apartment in the Georgetown section of Washington, D.C., even though his murderer failed to take his wallet, cell phone, keys, watch or necklace. Oh, wait: Wrong Arkancide. Here, this is TODAY’S file:

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They’ll say it’s ‘time for some serious questions’ . . . and then ignore all of these:

8:44 am August 5th, 2019

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‘In all these cases . . . the government agents showed remarkable patience’

10:23 am August 1st, 2019

On July 30, the web site Conservative Treehouse posted a report headlined “Lous Dobbs Interviews Former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker” at . . . https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/07/30/lou-dobbs-interviews-former-acting-ag-matt-whitaker/#more-167215 .

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If ‘No one is above the law,’ why aren’t any of the coup plotters in jail?

8:38 am July 27th, 2019

Truly Donald Trump is blessed in his enemies. Successful politicians of any party used to be generally cheerful, gregarious types, relatively tall, perky and handsome, the kind of hail-fellows (or gals) well-met you’d generally welcome to liven up a backyard barbecue, folks at least able to PRETEND your problems are their problems and nothing is more important to them than making sure your streetlight and your potholes get fixed.

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